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Make Money reselling Clothes! Discover the best Apps to sell thrifted clothes, apps, shops, companies to find out where to sell your second hand thrifted clothes online quickly and successfully to earn extra money from your wardrobe. You will also know where to sell your thrifted clothes near me and find places near you in your city or autonomous community.

What if you can earn around 50 euros a month just by selling your clothes? You can also sell your thrifted clothes or clothes that you have never worn and still have the label on.

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In this article we analyse the sale of thrifted clothes that is so fashionable and where to sell thrifted clothes online.

A very attractive way to save on the next purchase of clothes and thus earn some extra money leaving space in the wardrobe for new clothes. The way how to sell thrifted clothes fast is by using apps, online marketplaces and shops where we can sell our thrifted clothes ourselves or have these companies buy them from us.

Selling thrifted clothes is a very lucrative activity for individuals. This is because the fast fashion sector, the fast fashion in recent years has become very fashionable. This activity is a side business within the fashion industry that is based on selling fast for low prices.

However, clothes sold at low prices often do not have all the design and quality features that we would like, and therefore buying thrifted branded clothes is an option to combine the low prices of fast fashion and the quality of even the most luxurious fashion brands.

What thrifted clothes can you sell?

With all the apps, websites, platforms, marketplaces, shops and companies where you can buy and sell your thrifted clothes, we have a great chance of selling all our thrifted clothes and quickly get rid of what's left over in your wardrobe. Here are some ideas of thrifted clothes in good condition that you can sell second hand:

- Selling thrifted shoes.
- Selling second hand hand handbags.
- Selling thrifted dresses and skirts.
- Sell second hand bracelets, necklaces, earrings, scarves and glasses.
- Sell second hand trousers, leggings and shorts.
- Selling thrifted tops, jumpers and T-shirts.
- Selling sportswear.
- Selling children's and baby clothes.
- Selling thrifted make-up.
- Selling second hand make-up.

You can also sell luxury brands and brands of clothing, but it is best to do so in a controlled and careful manner, as these items are quite expensive.

Advantages of selling thrifted clothes

Selling your thrifted clothes and giving them a second chance, besides being lucrative and earning money, is good for everyone. Here are the advantages of selling thrifted clothes:

- Clear out your wardrobe to make room for new clothes.
- You help other people with low purchasing power to have clothes at a lower price.
- You help the environment by reducing manufacturing by extending the life of your garments.
- You collaborate with collaborative and more responsible consumption.

Where to sell thrifted clothes online


There are a variety of apps to sell thrifted clothes that we can quickly download directly to our mobile and start in simple steps to sell second hand clothes.

The advantages of apps to sell thrifted clothes is that we always carry them with us on our mobile and any sale that happens we can control it quickly. These applications also have a web version with which we can also speed up the uploading of products.

On the other hand, there are webs or marketplaces to sell thrifted clothes, which are companies to which we send our clothes and they take care of selling them. We will see them all later.

Especially if you want to know how to sell thrifted clothes online. There are many different thrifted clothes selling apps that will help you to know where to sell thrifted clothes online. These are usually distinguished by the products that we can sell, by their commissions which is the profit that the platform keeps and most importantly, the shipping costs with which our client will be more or less interested in buying the product from us:

  • Vinted (Europe and the United States)

    The most used and successful app where to sell thrifted clothes is undoubtedly Vinted. This is a very convenient app that you can download to your phone and use on the web. It does not put commissions on your sales and sells internationally. This APP is active in 12 countries such as: Spain, Austria, Czech Republic, France, Belgium, Germany, Poland, Lithuania, Netherlands, Luxembourg, UK and USA. Shipping costs are around three euros. Other alternatives to Vinted in Spain are Wallapop, Pinkiz, Atuendi, Glamy and Siichic.

  • Poshmark (EEUU y Canada)

    Poshmark is the most famous and most used thrifted clothes selling application in the United States. In this application that you can install on your mobile phone you will be able to sell thrifted fashion as well as home decoration or beauty. You only need to open your ad with photos of the garment you want to sell and wait for them to buy it. The only thing you should know is that the commission is 2.95 dollars for everything sold for less than 15 dollars and 20% for higher prices.

  • Depop (Europe and the United States)

    Depop is the equivalent of Instagram but for users who want to sell thrifted fashion, where we can interact with our customers. As for the commission, it is 10% for each sale we make. It is active in different European Union countries such as the United Kingdom, Italy, France, Australia, Germany and the United States.

  • Mercado Libre (South America)

    To sell thrifted clothes if you are in Latin America, go for Mercado Libre, the platform to buy and sell thrifted products between individuals. Born in 1999 in Argentina, this website allows you to post free ads of your products and process your payment through its website.

    Mercado Libre is active in many countries in South America: Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Salvador, Uruguay, Venezuela.

  • Facebook

    The Facebook platform and social network may seem to be a place for social interaction only. However, there are many thrifted buying and selling groups where you can also post your ads for thrifted products you want to sell, including clothes.

  • Mercari (USA and Colombia)

    Mercari is established as one of the best-known applications for buying and selling thrifted products between individuals. This application works throughout the United States and the district of Colombia. Its operation is simple and is simply based on each user must upload the ad with the garment or accessory you want to sell when it is sold Mercari will take a commission of 10% of the sale price of that product.

  • Thredup (EEUU)

    This is an online shop which sells exclusively second hand clothes and is known to be the largest online second hand clothes shop. In it we can sell maternity clothes, children's clothing, accessories and in general almost all types of clothing except intimate apparel. But to sell your clothes you need to request a bag from their website by filling in their form and putting in it clothes of the brands that they allow us to send. When your clothes arrive they will be checked to determine which will be sold on their website and which will be donated.

  • Ebay (International)

    Ebay was born for the sale of thrifted clothes. It is a marketplace like Amazon and operates internationally. You can upload your items for free. You decide whether you pay the shipping costs (including them in the final price) or the customer pays them. In the end Ebay will keep 10% of your final sale.

  • Biwiwi (Europe)

    Biwiwi is also one of the very promising alternative applications to Vinted, which currently allows us to sell from Spain to France, Luxembourg and Belgium without commission. Its problem is that the current shipping costs, paid by the customer, are still very high. So we know that Biwiwi is still in its infancy, but why not give it a try and give it a boost?

  • Vestiaire Collective

    Website focused on selling second hand luxury fashion internationally, you can register yourself and upload your items just like on Vinted. Shipping costs are in dollars and by price range at which you sell your product. Commissions are also available by price range at which you sell.

  • Rebag (EEUU)

    Rebag, physically located in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, Miami and Manhattan, is a shop dedicated to the resale of second hand luxury handbags. Add photos of your bag on their form so they can validate their interest and authenticity and if everything is correct they will send you a pre-paid label for you to send your bag.

  • Tradesy

    At Tradesy you can also send your items such as accessories, shoes and even wedding dresses. Their top seller is handbags. Their commission is $7.50 if you sell under $50 and 19.8% for items over $50. You can install the app on your mobile and start selling today.

  • Material World

    In Material World only luxury clothing from big brands is allowed. To sell on this website you must first pass through the hands of their team, as they will be the ones who will sell your garments on their website. Request your kit through their website and send them your garments.

  • Micolet or Percentil (Spain)

    Both Percentil and MiColet in Spain collect the clothes you want to sell at home for only €4.99 per box. The downside is that they only let us sell certain well-known brands. You have the list on their website. When they arrive at their centre they will value your clothes and give you your share of the money to start selling them in their online shop.

  • Buyers of thrifted clothes at home

    This option for selling thrifted clothes is more unknown. There are people who come to your home to buy your thrifted clothes. These buyers of thrifted clothes at home are found by searching the Internet for advertisements from people on portals. Normally these clothes are then used for resale.

    Where to Sell Used Clothing near me

    In addition to the options we have seen above for selling thrifted clothes online, you may also be interested to know that there are physical clothes shops where you can sell your clothes "near me":

    1. Exchange your clothes for money

      There are shops in your city that buy thrifted clothes from individuals like you and then sell these clothes in their shop after improving them by washing or mending them, or even transforming them to make a profit from them. You can physically go to these shops to sell your clothes to them, but it is advisable to make an appointment by phone beforehand so that you don't have to carry your clothes there for nothing. In addition, you should be aware of the clothing purchase requirements of these shops, as there may be clothes that these shops do not buy.

    2. Put your clothes on deposit

      Another variety of shops similar to the above, are those where you take your thrifted clothes and put them on deposit, that is, you will not get your money until a garment is sold. Many of them have a platform available on their website to keep track of the garments that are sold or not sold of those that are yours and are on display in their physical shop.

    3. thrifted markets

      I'm sure that at some point someone has told you that there was a flea market in your town just for people to sell their thrifted goods. Although in some countries it is not so common, in others thrifted flea markets are very common and are held regularly. You can join these thrifted markets and sell your clothes, or at themed markets that are not thrifted but let you rent a stall to sell your clothes.

    4. Clothes for cash or discount vouchers


      Another alternative solution to selling your clothes, but one that will still make you money, is to give your bags of clothes to large multinational shops that give you discount coupons for your next purchases. Some of these multinational shops are C&A, H&M, Mango, Zalando, Intimissimi or Zara.

    In this article I've done a general sweep of all the mobile apps, websites and local shops where you can sell your thrifted clothes and give them a second life. If you want to earn money in other ways I invite you to visit the rest of my blog where I give you many more tips on how to do it. I'll see you in the next article!

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