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can you resell shein clothes

Can you Resell SHEIN clothes? [Is it legal?]

Can I start reselling SHEIN clothing? If you want to know if you could resell SHEIN clothing and what SHEIN says about reselling, this article will help you to clarify your doubts.

Author of the article: Olalla Mellado Editor and manager of trending digital content.

This article I want you to know that it is written from the point of view of a person who, like you, loves resale, but I am really cautious and this makes me be restrained, so I invite you to read this article and take it as an opinion that can make you choose under your own criteria. However, I will refer to objective data from the SHEIN website and other references.

I would also love to give you my personal opinion about if can you resell SHEIN clothes and what I think you can do and what you can not do in the eyes of society, because on the one hand there is the law and on the other what society is doing and that is reflected in websites, blogs and Youtube channels where they express that they are doing SHEIN clothes reselling.

Can you resell SHEIN clothes?

We come to the interesting part about if can you resell SHEIN clothes. As we can read in the same SHEIN website (information you'll find here) here's what it tells us about whether or not Can you resell SHEIN clothes:

2.2 Limitations on Use. Except as permitted in the preceding paragraph, you may not reproduce, distribute, display, sell, lease, transmit, create derivative works from, translate, modify, reverse engineer, disassemble, decompile or exploit the Services or any part thereof unless expressly permitted by SHEIN in writing. You may not make any commercial use of the information provided in the Services or make any use of the Services for the benefit of another company, unless explicitly permitted by SHEIN in advance. SHEIN reserves the right to refuse Service, terminate accounts and/or cancel orders at its discretion, including, without limitation, if we believe that customer conduct violates applicable law or is harmful to our interests.

EWe therefore understand, with this information provided by SHEIN, that we cannot sell or distribute its products without the express authorization of the brand itself. Only those companies that sign an agreement with SHEIN will be able to resell their products. In addition, SHEIN may cancel accounts of users that it suspects are performing this type of tasks or take legal action. It is noted that it is also forbidden to modify SHEIN products to create derivative products from them or seek to "mangle" them in order to know how they are made and copy them.

That said, the reality sounds harsh, complicated and not very hopeful for those of us who wish to make money from reselling clothes and wonder if "can you resell SHEIN clothes?"

But before you give you a picture of what can really be done about resell SHEIN clothes I want to give you some more information.

It is because of this feature that portals like Amazon are beginning to prohibit the resale of products with other people's trademarks on their portals. This is because they do not want to incur legal problems and because it is difficult to detect whether these products are true brand or are imitations, since it would be Amazon who would run with these complaints by the owners of the brands of the products.

So the question you need an answer to is, can we sell branded products without the consent of its owner or distributor? The answer is no, and is that brands have full and exclusive right to resell their products and to exploit their brand and distinctive marks.

That is why you can not unpick the label of SHEIN clothing and put your own, nor can you take SHEIN garments and start selling them by putting a name of any brand invented in social networks, this would be like attracting SHEIN to a complaint to you.

So why are so many people reselling SHEIN clothing?

I must tell you that the large number of people who are talking about this topic of reselling SHEIN clothing are people who want to buy clothes at low cost to resell them, and that they are nice clothes. There is currently no one selling SHEIN clothing as someone else's brand without SHEIN's consent.

What DOES exist, and if you can do is resell SHEIN clothing in online thrift stores discreetly and subtly. When I say in thrift stores is because if you put SHEIN clothing for sale in stores such as EBAY you can attract SHEIN to confuse that you are selling in a commercial way, while what you want is to make it look like you are doing second hand sales between individuals.

Therefore, the solution to resell SHEIN clothes is to sell as second hand in online stores and mobile Apps those clothes. Selling few clothes like for example 2 or 3 garments per week without being all this very obvious towards SHEIN.

You can intersperse the sale of SHEIN clothing with the sale of clothes from other lowcost online stores that are similar to SHEIN, however, you must remember that other stores like SHEIN as ROMWE or Zaful have the same ban, so you can sell clothes of all brands in a very subtle way in online thrift stores.

What you can sell under the brand name of your choice and make a career in resale clothing is with Aliexpress clothing sales, as these are manufacturers and many of them are on Alibaba which is the wholesale website for resale.

With Aliexpress, whose clothing is of the same origin as SHEIN clothing, we will have great resale options although the prices are somewhat higher than SHEIN, but you can always look for interesting discounts at times of promotions and dive inside the web to reach the biggest bargains it is possible to find.

Finally tell you that when doing resale in SHEIN you should focus on not making exaggeratedly large purchases in SHEIN each month to not uncover illegally, in addition to taking into account the economic limits to have to pay taxes to perform your task as an entrepreneur in the face of the legal entity. Also do not use social networks, if it is not to make a social network where you use your name and create the type "my second hand closet" and that does not appear very professional, plus you mix with other clothes, which can also be purchased at flea markets being these white label garments.

You must choose which is your path to follow but under no option to make this resale as a business. There are limited opportunities for people to resell clothes online, but you should know that in a smart and responsible way you can start your resale profession always remembering these limits.

If this article has not been clear to you and you want more information, I recommend you read this article about buy SHEIN in wholesale for other ideas about selling SHEIN.

I hope this article has been helpful. Remember that you still have more interesting articles in the blog that may interest you related to this topic.