Chinese Online Shopping Website [11 Options to buy CHEAP]

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The best sites to buy in China. Discover your options to buy cheaply, economically and safely in the Asian country.

Hello and super welcome to this new article! I'm Olalla and you are in a blog where I like to talk about topics that make our lives easier. Today I want to talk about the many websites to buy in China that exist today. If you buy in bulk you can even enjoy even bigger discounts.

There are two main reasons why people like to shop on these pages from China. One of them is for economy, saving money is always good at the end of the month, because if we look carefully at what we buy we can always get real bargains. In other words, to buy stock to sell at a low price, and in the low price caused by hyperproduction Chinese stores are expecialists.

Tips for buying in china pages

Before you start shopping in China, remember these tips:

- The sizes: in China the sizes differ slightly from the Europe as they are usually smaller in China. Opting to choose a size or two extra sizes.

- Look at the opinions and photos: about all if you're going to place large orders. Look at the users' opinions and the photographs because you will get an idea of how the product is in reality. Attend to their assessments to know if it is worth buy them

- Opt to claim: in case you don't receive anything or if there are delays always contact the seller to find out on your order and many of these platforms will re-subscribe you on money.

Don't use private delivery companies: the companies private shipping will encourage the chances of your order being held up in customs. Opt for standard shipping.

9 pages to buy in China

  • Alibaba

    Alibaba is the biggest web china that there is with the objective of of acquiring the majority modality of articles. The size of their sales is incredible. It was the pioneer page of sale of Chinese articles. Among the variety of products they sell there are from all categories such as fashion, technology, decoration or appliances. It is a website focused on wholesale so it is recommended for companies, so if you want to start a business is your ideal website because you will find packs of items from units to thousands.

  • Aliexpress

    It is the most popular website selling products made in China where customers can buy one by one their products. It is focused on the customer in particular, unlike Alibaba group to which it belongs. On this site you can find almost anything because its catalog is very broad, and its photographs of very good quality. In this web you can pay with your credit card, debit card, transfer or by alipay.

    Their catalogue is infinite. They enjoy frequent discounts and even the photographs are of good quality and usually correspond to this safe product.

    You could pay your orders by debit card or also credit card, bank transfer, western union, and even other digital methods like alipay.

  • Dealextreme

    Another Chinese site to buy, this time technology is Dealextreme. Among the products you can buy are tablets, computers, cell phones or cameras. The shipping costs are always free regardless of the country. The products will take approximately 25 days to arrive.

  • Lightinthebox

    A Chinese website mainly about clothes, electronics, decoration, and lighting. Standard shipping is free and slightly more expensive express shipping will get your product to your home in 3-5 days. This website allows payment with Paypal.

  • Miniinthebox

    Mininthebox is the online version of Lightinthebox with stores located in Europe and America. Shipments are therefore accelerated and will be around 10 days with free shipping while with fast shipping you will get it in a maximum of five days.

  • Modlilyy

    If you don't mind wearing Chinese clothes, this is your website. A totally Chinese fashion website, that is, at a good affordable price, and with free shipping. Perhaps the most different web. The logistic services of Modlily will send you your garments within twenty days taking into account the country of reception. Among its virtues is its dropshipping service so you can sell your fashion without buying stock.

  • Milanoo

    If you are looking for a dress, a garment or any other women's product and do not know where to go Milanoo is a good choice because you will find fashion with shipping even 24 Hours. Their specialty is lowcost party or wedding dresses. On the other hand, the bad news is that the shipping cost is a bit expensive as they are around 4.50 euros while the 9-day express is 15 euros. However, the clothes are original and have modern designs, so it is worth using this website.

  • Gearbest y Bangood

    Like Gearbest, Bangood is a technology, fashion and decoration website whose variety is very wide and its shipping costs are individual for each product and are around two or three euros. Delivery periods are from 15 to 20 days.

  • Dhgate

    This platform as well known as Dhgate has a variety of products from the categories of shoes, fashion, technology or accessories.

  • Chinabrands

    Chinabrands is an Aliexpress style shipping platform. Its website has products of multiple categories with stock that is updated daily. Their products can be purchased in bulk or by unit. Its platform provides us with a detailed tracking of each order to know where it is at any time. So prices are also small and their shipping costs are usually set as free.


  • The shop that takes the crown on the pyramid of success in the sale of Chinese clothing is undoubtedly SHEIN. It has very modern designer clothes for women, men, boys, girls and homewear. There is even room for large sizes. They always have an active section with flash offers where they reduce clothes even more, and you can get points to get percentages of discount when making a purchase. Other options similar to SHEIN to buy fashion at low prices in China are Yoins, Joom or Zaful.

Did you find this article interesting? I hope it is and that you can do your shopping in China in the safest and most promising way. Continue reading more articles in this blog as you will find more content in the same style.

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