Compensation on Vinted, how does buyer protection work on Vinted?

Shop safely with Vinted! Thanks to Vinted buyer protection and Compensation, buying is much safer and with guarantees of obtaining the product without damage in your home.

Author of the article: Olalla Mellado Editor and manager of trending digital content.
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When we make a purchase on Vinted, not because they are second-hand items, we stop wanting guarantees that the product will arrive in correct condition.

That is why Vinted created the Compensation to the buyer to guarantee Compensation to the buyers of those orders that do not arrive correctly due to an error in the chosen shipping company, but this has a very nuance important for sellers that we will see next.

How Vinted Buyer Compensation works

Buyer Compensation is the money that Vinted gives to the buyer if their order suffers a problem during shipping. To get the Vinted Compensation you must have paid the Buyer Compensation when making your purchase.

The Compensation to the buyer is paid by the buyer when making the purchase and is different from the shipping costs, it has a cost of 0.70 euros plus 5% on the price of each item plus VAT applied to the price of the item if the seller is not a PRO, that is, he is a normal private seller.

If the seller is PRO, that is, a company, then this 5% is not on the product without applying the VAT that the seller must declare on his own.

In the online stores where we are used to buying, such as Amazon or Zara, this Compensation to the buyer is included in the price, they do not indicate it separately as Vinted does and this is because in Vinted each user sets a price for their product and Vinted must also indicate this cost.

If you are wondering how to remove buyer protection on Vinted it cannot be removed as it is required by Vinted for the proper functioning of the shipping companies.

Be careful! If you are a buyer, I recommend you to remain calm because sometimes buyers may think that it is the seller who is doing it wrong when it is the shipping company that lost the order.< br/>
Be patient and talk to the seller at all times to update you on the order information. In my case, as a seller, I have always called the shipping companies to check for possible problems, informing the customer.

Everything has a solution and Vinted is a very reliable platform!

When do you get Vinted Compensation?

There are several typical cases that Vinted buyers and sellers should be aware of:

  1. The seller poorly packs the order: in the case of sellers, they should know that they will not be compensated with their product back or with their money if they have poorly wrapped the package and it arrives broken. This is the case of vases, glasses or ceramic or glass objects that can be easily broken by the transport company but they will normally attribute it to the fact that the order is not well wrapped. In this case, if you do not have bubble wrap as a seller, and a box, it is better not to send the order so as not to lose the money, which the customer returned by Vinted will keep.

  2. The shipping company loses the order: in the event that the shipping company loses the money, characterized by the typical message that notifies us that the order is taking longer than it should, the The client will receive his money back and the seller will obtain the Compensation, its amount will depend on the shipping company that processed the order.

    If the shipping company loses the package, it will indemnify the customer with a maximum limit of money. For each shipping company the money limits are: UPS: 85 euros, Mondial Relay: 25 euros, Chronopost: 33 euros, Correos: 20 euros, DPD: 520 euros, DHL Parcel: 20 euros, Homer: 20 euros, and Relais Colis: 25 euros.

    In the case of other companies such as Colissimo, Correos International or PostNL the price of the complete package will be refunded to the seller.

    If the seller sends the product through another shipping company that is not one of those that Vinted (that is, it makes a personalized shipment) it will be the seller who will be responsible for the loss of the order and will not receive money if You have not contracted insurance when sending the product, being Vinted in this case who reimburses the customer.

  3. You don't like the item: if you don't like the item, you can only cancel your order if you bought it from a PRO seller who is not an individual. If the seller is PRO (professional) you can cancel the order and ask for a refund.

  4. Does not match the description: if the product reaches you and any of the characteristics do not match the product description, the customer will cancel the order and then the money will return to the customer but the seller you will not get your money. This is a measure created specifically for fraud, when sellers are not truthful with their product advertisements.

The buyer must make the return

In the event that the product does not match the description or you do not like it (when the seller is PRO) you should always proceed with the return, reaching an agreement with the seller about the way to make this return.

However, in this blog you have an article about how to make returns on Vinted that works for both buyers and sellers.

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