Conceal a thinning hair? Disguise Shorthaired fringes hair for women [My REAL tricks]

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I'll tell you how I disguise my fringes with little hair! This is how I manage to disguise the baldness of the fringe of alopecia areata. Also valid for the crown of the head.

Self-confidence is often based on taking care of those parts that make us feel less attractive. At least that's what I've felt all this time, since my story with androgenic alopecia or what we commonly call baldness began.

If you want to know how to disguise little hair in your bangs, localized baldness in your hair like disguise crown baldness that happens so much in men read this article where I show you how I do it.

What is androgenic alopecia?

Androgenic alopecia is something that affects many people today. It is the common alopecia that commonly occurs in men, but also affects women.

fringes with thinning hair to conceal baldness

When I started with this problem I went to the dermatologist and he recommended Minoxidil as a solution to my baldness. A spray that is sold in pharmacies to keep hair loss at bay and to prevent more hair from falling out.

How do I know if I have female alopecia?

If you can see areas of thinning hair on your head where the skin of the scalp is visible, it is very likely that you have alopecia.

I am not an expert or a dermatologist but I have this problem and I can describe how to tell if you too have female alopecia.

I recommend that you see a dermatologist to confirm your problem. However, in this article I would like to propose a visual solution to this problem, which is the one I have taken and which will help you to feel more confident about yourself.

My history with baldness starts at a very young age. Already in my baccalaureate studies my hair started to lighten in the front areas, the fringe areas. This was mainly due to nerves. I am a very nervous person, but I only notice them on the inside. That's why over the years I have learned to try to externalise more, as being an introvert, not an unsociable person, has not helped me. As an introvert I have always enjoyed my inner world and therefore got used to keeping my thoughts and feelings to myself.

I also have a very fine quality of hair, and its most quantity is concentrated on the crown and back while the front is limp. My sister also has a similar situation with her hair.

In this photo I show you the state of my hair at the moment.

fringes with thinning hair to conceal baldness

Over the years I have learnt how to disguise my baldness to hide a short baldness. It's not really something to worry about, as there are many women these days, including celebrities, who suffer from this problem.

Still, women like to look beautiful and have attractive and healthy hair. If you have occasional bald patches, I'm going to give you the tricks and products that will literally help you to visually end your problem and in a very economical way. Today I'm going to talk about: corrective products, dyes and hairstyles for people with thinning hair.

Disguise the baldness of the fringe and crown with little hair

Grafts can be a solution to disguise our areas with little hair. But these operations are expensive. And undergoing an operation when our problem may be a one-off problem with our hair, makes the importance of having an operation relative.

Then I'm going to give you some cheaper and more effective solutions.

Baldness in blonde, light brown and reddish brown hairs

Alopecia on blond and light brown hair is difficult to conceal. On light hair you can easily see where the root is, and even if you paint the root the same colour as the hair, you will not confuse the beginning of the hair with the skin.

I recommend you to go for a dark brown or black shade. This is my case. When I decided to bleach my hair lighter, the roots were too noticeable, and so was the alopecia. When I was photographed with a lot of light and flash, the outline of my head was totally noticeable. It was practically as if I had no hair in the area above the camera's eyes.

Baldness in dark brown or black hair

In my case I have dark brown hair, but for my own taste I dye it black, which also makes it easier to disguise this.

Let's get down to the secrets. There are two key products for concealment, one is hair dye and the other is the root touch-up spray that has become commercially available in the last few years, all very cheap!

Use hair dye to conceal thinning hair.

The fact of dyeing your hair makes the root, the skin, also take on the colour of the dye. For example, dyeing your skin black makes it take on the colour black. And because dark dyes take time to fall out, the dyed skin area will last for a while whether it's on the crown of your head or your fringes.

In addition, thanks to the fact that the dyes are standard, dyeing our hair ensures that later (in the next step) choosing the colour of the spray is easy. In other words, there is a spray colour for our hair.

fringes with thinning hair to conceal baldness

Llongueras hair dye. Although you can use any dye you want, I'll mention the one I've been using for a long time and it has worked very well. Choose the tone you want like black or dark brown.

Just mix the components and apply with a brush on your hair from roots to ends. Always wear plastic gloves.

Use root touch-up spray to hide thinning hair

This root touch-up spray has the job of covering up the growth of hair of a different colour to the colour we've dyed when we have an emergency.

However, for people with thinning hair, it has saved us. It's a really good option when you want to paint your scalp to hide this problem.

fringes with thinning hair to conceal baldness

Schwarzkopf Root Retouching Spray. And although you can also find it from L'Oreal, I use this one from Schwarzkopf because it's cheaper and just as effective, plus there's more of it. I apply it to the roots, or where the hair is missing, when it's dry.

As a word of warning, the spray is cold when you apply it, and causes you to feel like you're eating an ice cream too fast and your brain freezes. But that only happens if you apply it too much and too fast. Apply it calmly and you won't have a problem.

On the other hand it may splash some spots on your face, so put an old towel on your face when applying it. It will only take a minute to apply, it's really quick.

This is what my hair looks like after applying the above hair colour and root touch-up spray.

fringes with thinning hair to conceal baldness

Peinados para personas con poco pelo

Con los trucos que os he dado antes, la verdad es que podéis hacer cualquier peinado. Yo no conseguía llevar la raya en medio, pero cuando empecé a usar tinte y laca puedo hacerlo sin problemas.

I still give you some tips on what hairstyle to wear if you have thinning hair or baldness. They are also useful because in the sunlight you can see a bit of the hairspray, or a taller person can see it if they look closely.

Let's do the tricks!

- The parting: part your hair on the opposite side to where your bald spot is. If your baldness is on the right side, do it on the left and put a fringe on top of the less populated area.

- Cutting the hair: how necessary it is for a person with little hair not to have excessively long hair, nor excessively short! I think that a hair cut in layers, but with a minimum length of 5 centimetres for each layer is essential, it gives volume to the hair and in this way you appear to have more. If you wear it long and with hair you'll get baldness faster because of the root crushing that opens up the hair.

But also if you wear your hair too short, it will stand up and reveal hair gaps.

- Soaps with volume: use good brand shampoos that moisturise the hair to give it thickness and volume.

- Backcombing: I don't think it's something you should overdo to avoid damaging your hair, but you can backcomb your hair a bit to maintain volume.

The truth is that baldness is a problem, but it can be solved. Remember that everyone has flaws, and this is just one more that characterises us. Many people share your problem!