How to get free shipping in SHEIN [TRICKS and Keys to pay less]

Save with your SHEIN order! Forget about paying shipping in SHEIN because this clothing store for women, men, children and home, gives us the possibility of buying without shipping in a simple way.

Author of the article: Olalla Mellado Editor and manager of trending digital content.
free shein shipping

SHEIN's free shipping will help you save on your order in an easy and simple way, in this way you can buy more quantity of garments for the same price.

The minimum order from SHEIN to get Free Shipping is 29 euros although it will depend on the country in which you live since each country has a different currency, being 29 euros in the case of countries belonging to the European Union.

SHEIN coupons to get free shipping can make us achieve a free shipping with no minimum purchase, or a free shipping where the minimum order price is lowered below 29 euros.

You should periodically check that each of your coupons is still active as they have an expiration date and you may forget to use them. To do this, visit your profile from the APP and click on coupons to see those that you have available.

Discover in this article all the ways that exist to get free shipping in SHEIN from today in this article.

How to get free shipping at SHEIN

When does shein have free shipping? This is the million-dollar question for regular SHEIN customers. There are not many ways that exist in which you can get free shipping coupons from SHEIN , but you will find all the most common in the following list:

  1. SHEIN free shipping coupons outside the APP

    The SHEIN free shipping coupons will not appear in the SHEIN APP or on the website, but you will find them online on different websites. You must visit page by page and download each coupon to get free shipping.

    Apply these coupons by entering the code that you have found online since it will not appear in your coupon list.

  2. SHEIN free shipping coupons within the APP

    On some occasions SHEIN can give you free shipping coupons with a price less than 20 euros of your order. These coupons can be sent to you via email when you subscribe to their newsletter or appear in the same app.

    You will see these coupons in your coupon list when you go to place your order.

  3. Buy more than € 29 to get the SHEIN free shipping

    If your order is worth 29 euros (equivalent figure in currency in your country) you will get free shipping.

    It is said that in some countries such as Mexico the minimum order to get free shipping is lower if we use the APP than if we use the website to buy in SHEIN.

    For this reason, check the cost of the minimum order in your country as it varies in each country.

    Combine your free shipping with your SHEIN points to get even more discount on your order. Find out how to earn SHEIN points here.

  4. Buy on a Sunday to get SHEIN free shipping

    If you are wondering does shein have free shipping on sundays? you should know that yes, on Sundays you will randomly get free shipping on SHEIN. During Sundays and in skipped hours that are usually surprise, SHEIN will give free shipping to all people who place an order on its APP.

    When free shipping is active in SHEIN, a countdown counter will appear on the home page that indicates the time remaining to be able to make this purchase with shipping at 0 cost, very attentive!

  5. Free shipping for new SHEIN customers

    SHEIN may occasionally offer free shipping for new customers. You can know if this offer is active if you see a message on its home page to qualify for a first order without shipping costs.

  6. Use SHEIN games to achieve free shipping

    Within SHEIN you have different games such as roulette that can make you get free coupons easily.

    Play these games daily to have more chances to get these coupons.

    In addition to free shipping at SHEIN you can also get free clothes as I explain here.

  7. Connect to the Lives to have free shipping on SHEIN

    SHEIN broadcasts through the APP live on Wednesday afternoons / nights depending on the country you are in to show its new trends.

    During these direct offers coupons with free shipping for orders with a minimum price below 29 euros.

    Therefore, connect to these direct to get free shipping more easily. And use it two hours later as this coupon will expire quickly.

Have you already chosen how to get your free SHEIN shipping? Well, I also invite you to continue reading all the articles on this blog related to SHEIN that will help you save more when buying clothes and get a really cheap purchase.