How SHEIN Gift Cards Work - Discount Trick Explained [2022]

Do you want to know how to use SHEIN gift cards but don't know how to do it? In this article I explain how to buy SHEIN gift cards and how to use them in your purchase.

Author of the article: Olalla Mellado Editor and manager of trending digital content.
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There are different ways to save when shopping at the SHEIN online store and among the methods are the use of gift cards, which we can use in addition to saving, to give away.

Gift cards as a means of saving at SHEIN are the least known after points, coupons and cashback, which is why today I am sharing with you how gift cards work and my experience with them. Here you will find all the ways to save at SHEIN.

How SHEIN Gift Cards work

The SHEIN gift cards are equivalent to the traditional cards that we can buy in physical stores that are paid and then recharged with money to pay, give it to someone who will go to the store and with that card will buy what you want for the value of the recharge inside the card.

At SHEIN the gift cards work in a similar way but they are digital and have no cost, we only pay the recharge money and also the chosen card will always have extra money in the recharge that SHEIN gives us at no cost.

Trick to use SHEIN gift cards

The trick of the SHEIN gift cards is how people actually use these cards, which is for their own use, to get a greater discount on their purchases.

This trick is based on the fact that you can buy cards of different prices but they will always give you extra money, for example if your gift card is worth 40 euros (which is the recharge of the card) you will only have to pay 35 euros for it, then you will have 5 euros more to spend, which is a discount on your purchase.

The more expensive the recharge of the SHEIN gift card, the more free money we will obtain, that is, they will give us a greater gift of balance within the card to spend in the store.

The great thing about SHEIN gift cards is that they are cumulative and can be used by applying to your purchase before paying discount points and also applying discount coupons.

Then by accumulating the money that gift cards, coupon discounts, free shipping, points and discounted items give you, we can obtain a significant discount. Here I teach you how to get SHEIN points and here to how to get SHEIN coupons.

Yes, it is true that gift cards have a minimum value, so it is only worth using them if you are going to make an order for the value of the card, otherwise it will not be as useful, so gather what you need buying until you can make a larger purchase is very useful to have greater discounts.

Although it is true that you can use the gift cards little by little in several purchases.

Using the SHEIN gift cards trick is something totally legitimate, since SHEIN itself mentions on its website that with these cards we can save, they also encourage us to buy more because in this way we can use the discount cards.

Steps to buy SHEIN gift cards

You can buy SHEIN gift cards and give them to someone or yourself by following these steps:

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  1. The first thing is to access the SHEIN website or mobile APP in your country and look for the "Gift card" option in the main menu and click on it.

  2. Once on the indicated page, select the design of the card and the money recharge that the card will have inside.

  3. Add your email or that of the person you are going to give it to, remembering not to make a mistake.

  4. Add your name that will appear in the email received as the person who gave the card.

  5. Write a message that will appear in the email that the person with the gift card code will receive.

  6. Wait for the email to arrive at the indicated email with the gift card code and that's it. The email can take between 1 and 7 working days to arrive, but it normally arrives in a few seconds.

How to use SHEIN gift cards

Once you have bought the gift card, the process to use it, whether it is for yourself or if the card is for another person, is very simple.

Fill your shopping basket with everything you want to buy, and then access your shopping basket and before paying you will see a section where you have to paste the code of the gift card that you received by email.

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You will see how the discount on the price of your order is automatically applied and you only have to pay the remaining money if it exceeds the recharge contained in the gift card.

My experience with SHEIN gift cards

I have used the SHEIN gift cards trick once, I have not used it more times because I have made smaller orders, or because of laziness.

I have to say that when you bought the card, it didn't take even 10 minutes for the card code to arrive in my email, so don't be afraid to buy your gift card.

You can always contact SHEIN to get the gift card code if the email does not reach your email, it is very safe.

How to get free gift cards

If you already want a gift card to apply to your SHEIN purchases and you are already wondering if you can get free gift cards from SHEIN at no cost, you should know that as happens with SHEIN coupons when we look for them on websites outside the SHEIN store that are not effective, with the SHEIN gift cards it happens in the same way.

Many people can offer you to get free SHEIN gift cards on their website but free gift cards do not exist, that is, these websites are not reliable and you should never give your data so as not to run no danger.

It is also true that the fact of buying our own gift cards to redeem in our purchases later is a way of not losing money getting a gift card, so I recommend you follow the traditional method explained above.

If you want to combine your discounts provided by SHEIN gift cards with your points, I recommend you continue reading the articles below where I explain how to do it.