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Recycle Clothes at H&M How to do it? Used Clothing Discount Coupon]

Help H&M Recycle and get cash back with a great discount voucher to renew your wardrobe at H&M at a lower price and help the environment for the good of all.

Author of the article: Olalla Mellado Editor and manager of trending digital content.

Together with ZARA, Mango and other multinational shops H&M joins the recycling of clothes to turn old clothes into new clothes or other products in order to use their raw materials and make use of them without having to obtain new ones to manufacture them.

In this article I want to tell you all the details you need to know about how to get vouchers for recycling clothes at H&M and how you can redeem your vouchers, as well as whether or not they are cumulative.

How clothing recycling works at H&M?

The H&M Clothing Recycling programme keeps all H&M shops around the world participating in the programme and at the same time people all over the world participating by handing in their clothes to H&M shops to be recycled in exchange for great discounts that encourage fashion shoppers to buy again at a lower price.

What is the purpose of recycling clothes at H&M?

It is a reality recycling clothes at H&M, and on the H&M website we can already find garments that have been created and manufactured through the recycling of used clothes that people have delivered to their physical shop contributing to the recycling of clothes.

In addition, garments that can be reused will be marketed as second-hand items at a low price.

Normally these garments would be burnt after reaching landfill sites, which would make it necessary to re-manufacture garments from new materials. This is eliminated thanks to recycling, contributing to protecting the environment and limiting the emission of gases that are harmful to our health.

Steps to recycle your clothes at H&M

Despite what many people think, H&M does not collect clothes, but has these methods to collect and recycle them.

What you should know is that in order to recycle your used clothes at h&m and get a discount voucher you should follow the steps below:

  1. Find a bag: First you need a medium-sized bag that is not torn. This can be a medium-sized rubbish bag or even a shopping bag.

  2. Choose clothes: Select clothes from your wardrobe that you no longer wear. The clothes can be anything from t-shirts to socks and even sheets, but it doesn't matter if they are torn or worn out, there is no problem.

  3. Fill your bag: The idea is that you start putting clothes in the bag until it is completely full and if you have any left over clothes you can fill another bag, so the more bags you fill the more discount vouchers you will get, although these have a daily limit.

  4. Take them to H&M: Ask their staff and hand them your bags. Normally the recycling box will be near the checkout counter. When you have handed in your bags if they will give you your discount vouchers, you will have recycled clothes at H&M.

What is the value of H&M vouchers in exchange for used clothes?

For every bag of used clothes you return to H&M you will receive a voucher for a 5 euro discount. These discounts can be used as follows:

Each purchase of 30 euros you will get 5 euros discount, therefore, if you make a purchase of 60 euros and you have two coupons you will get a discount of 10 euros on that purchase. These coupons are cumulative with the discounts or discounts that are in the shop, so if you buy when there are sales you can buy even more discount.

Also these vouchers can be accumulated if you are a member of H&M, for being a member of H&M on their website. Remember that when you become an H&M member you get 10 euros off your first purchase either online or offline.

You can redeem your 5 euro discount voucher for your recycling on the H&M website thanks to the numerical code you will be given on the voucher, so you can shop online and enjoy this discount at the same time.

How many bags of clothes can I bring to H&M??

There is only one limitation to recycling used clothing at H&M and that is that you can only receive vouchers for two bags of clothing per day delivered to the shop.

I hope this article has been of interest to you and I encourage you to get your coupons to make your purchases at H&M with a bigger discount while recycling and taking care of the environment.