Mango Likes You: how does the Mango Club work to get points?

If you want to make your Mango purchase even cheaper then you need to join the Mango Club to be able to have exclusive discounts and get clothes at a lower price.

Author of the article: Olalla Mellado Editor and manager of trending digital content.
how club mango works

Whether you have not yet bought from Mango or if you bought it a long time ago, it is likely that you are missing out on many Club benefits that you can start using right now because I am going to explain to you how Mango Likes You works and stop losing money on your fashion shopping.

What is Mango Likes You:?

The Mango Club is called Mango Likes You: and it is the community that Mango has to reward the people who buy in its store, its most loyal customers.

Being part of the Mango Club you will get discounts and leisure and cultural experiences, only by accumulating "Likes" which is what they call the Club points. You will accumulate "Likes" to have rewards. You can also donate your "Likes" to charities.

How to get Like on Mango

First you must register in the Mango APP or on its website with your data and then you will be part of the Mango Club and you will be able to earn and use your points/Likes.

You will get the Points or Likes in Mango in different ways:

  • Download the Mango APP on your mobile and get 10 points.

  • Get 10 Mango Likes just by picking up your Mango order at your store instead of home delivery.

  • Visit Mango stores and use the APP to Check-in in the APP and get 10 points.

  • Get 200 points if you recycle your clothes in Mango's Second Chances clothing bins.

  • Earn 1000 points at Mango just for being your birthday.

  • For every euro you buy at Mango, get 10 likes.

How much is a Like on Mango worth?

Each Like you get on Mango will be added to the rest of the Likes you have in your wallet. Every 200 Likes you will get 1 euro of purchase so it is very easy to get up to 5 euros discount on your purchase that you will redeem before paying.

What are Mango Likes for

Mango Likes not only serve to obtain discounts on your next purchases, they also have another series of advantages that I will tell you below:

  • Get your Mango Card to finance your purchases without interest.

  • Receive your purchase invoices directly in your email.

  • Donate your Likes to different associations such as Vicente Ferrer, Fundación Feo, World Health Organization, Fundación Elena Barranquer, Doctors Without Borders, or Vellmari.

  • Share your Likes with the person you want.

  • Get 3 months of the DailyYoga APP for free to practice yoga and meditate.

  • Enjoy Spotify Premium for 3 months.

  • Get a free digital reading at the Kobo Rakuten Library.

  • Get a free movie ticket valid for one year.

  • Enjoy the premieres of RAKUTEN TV on one of your devices.

  • Get a 3-month subscription to the DAZN sports platform.

  • Download content on the PlayStation platform.

  • Redeem your Likes for discounts on your purchases.

Trick to gain Like on Mango

The coolest trick to earn points in Likes in Mango is to register in the program on a date close to your birthday to enjoy the 1000 likes that they give you.

I'm close to my birthday and that's why I've chosen to register to get my points. You still have time to do the same.

The birthday likes are 1000 and for as much as every 200 likes are 1 euro we will obtain a 5 euro discount coupon.

Is there MANGO Likes You in the Mango Outlet?

Mango makes it very clear on its website when you read the conditions of the Mango Likes You program, and that is that even if you buy at Mango Outlet you will not be able to get Likes with your purchase. Which means that the program is not available at Mango Outlet.

When do Mango Likes expire?

Mango Likes do expire. All those you get differently from the Likes you get for your birthday have a maximum duration of 1 year.

Birthday Likes only have an active period of 15 days before they expire.

How to redeem Mango Likes?

To redeem the Likes of Mango Club you just have to click on use likes at the moment you are going to process your payment just before paying.

But remember that you can also use any of the aforementioned benefits instead of redeeming them as discounts on your orders.

How to know how many Likes I have of the Mango Club

Remember that you can see your total number of Likes achieved by logging into your user account, clicking on your profile and you will see the option "Mango Likes You".

Then click on your "History" and you will see all the Likes you have achieved and all those that have been collected.

As you can see, the operation of Club Mango and Mango Likes is really simple. And although Likes are not a very big discount, you can always get that little discount to make your purchase cheaper.

If you want to know more information about Mango or about all fashion stores then keep reading the articles in this blog.