How to choose your clothing size at SHEIN easily [2023]

Learn how to easily choose your size in the SHEIN online store for both clothes and shoes and always make the right choice with your purchase.

Author of the article: Olalla Mellado Editor and manager of trending digital content.
how do shein sizes work

If you would like to know your SHEIN size, you can forget about the size charts of the traditional online stores where we usually buy, such as Zara or Stradivarius, because these stores start from clothes manufactured by the same manufacturer, and also, specifically for the West where the sizes are larger than in the East.

In the case of SHEIN with the sizes it happens the same as with Aliexpress or Boohoo and all the stores whose clothes are of oriental origin, and the one that there the sizes are smaller because the women and men of the east have a smaller construction .

Already in traditional online stores we have difficulties when choosing our size, because at SHEIN we must learn how to do this in a simple way as you will learn below.

You have to be careful because sometimes the Size Guide of the item and the measurements that appear when you click on each measurement do not match. For this reason, always pay attention to the measurements that appear when you click on each size, since the Size Guide is generic for the entire web.

How to choose my shoe size at SHEIN

The shoe size at SHEIN is one of the easiest to choose. Just put your bare foot on a sheet of paper and make a mark on the forefoot that sticks out the most at the heel. Lift your foot and measure the distance between these two points. This will be the "Foot Length".

Repeat the same task marking the widest sides of the foot and measure this distance that SHEIN calls "Foot Contour".

You just have to click on each shoe size to see the measurements and choose the one that matches your foot. For winter shoes you can always choose one size less to include thicker socks.

choose size shoes SHEIN

How to choose my bra size at SHEIN

The size of a bra at SHEIN, as with the top of a bikini, is complex to choose if we do not know how to do it. But it's very simple, once you understand how to take your measurements, the rest is just looking at the sizes in the table of each garment.

First measure the contour of your bust in the widest part with a textile meter loosely, then just below the bust. For example: if the bust measurement is 95 centimeters and the underbust part is 80 centimeters, the underbust number, that is 80, will be our bra size and the cup will be the difference between the bust and the underbust (95). -80=15). We take those 15 centimeters and see which letter corresponds to the cup:

  • Cup A -> 7.5 to 10 centimeters

  • Cup B -> 10 to 12.5 centimeters

  • Cup C -> 12.5 to 15 centimeters

  • Cup D -> 15 to 17.5 centimeters

  • Cup E -> 17.5 to 20 centimeters

  • Cup F -> 20 to 22.5 centimeters

  • G cup -> 22.5 to 25 centimeters

Therefore, since the difference between butto and underbust is 15, the cup will be C. Another example. If the bust measures 120 centimeters and the underbust measures 100. The difference between the two is 20 centimeters. The bra number is 100 (the underbust) and the letter F which corresponds to the difference between bust and underbust.

In the same way we can do the calculation for bikinis and swimsuits.

How to choose my clothing size at SHEIN

Follow the following steps to find out the size of any SHEIN product:

  1. Choose the garment you want to know the size of: you should know that each SHEIN garment has different measurements, a size with different measurements, and each garment will give you different categories of measurements, for example: in some garments it will give you the length, in others the width of the thigh, but almost all SHEIN clothing products will specify the waist and hips. That is why you must choose garment by garment to choose your SHEIN size.

    This is great, because the individual customization of each garment with its own measurements makes it easier for you not to make mistakes when choosing the garment and the number of returns is reduced, this means that: if the garment is too small for you or too large, you will know.

  2. Access the Size Guide: under the size section there is a link that indicates "Size Guide", click and the size table will appear.

    how to know my size in shein

    But it will also help you to know the measurements of the different garments faster if you click on each size.

  3. Choose the measurement unit: SHEIN gives you the possibility to show the measurement table of each product in centimeters or inches. Choose the one you normally use so as not to make mistakes with the measurements.

    how to know my size in shein
  4. Measure your body: you will see that in the table of measurements of that SHEIN product you have several columns, all of them must be measured on your body. But to facilitate this work, display the section below the table that says "How to measure the size of the product" and you will see a drawing that tells you where to measure yourself.

    Take a measuring tape and start measuring your body at the heights where the drawing indicates.

    how to know my size in shein

    When it comes to knowing your SHEIN shoe size and not making mistakes, I recommend that to measure your foot, place your foot without socks on a sheet of paper on the floor and mark the entire size with a pen. contour of your foot and then with a meter take that sheet and measure length and contour.

    Because if you measure your foot with a meter without doing this previous step, the measurement will be different since your foot will be shrunk, because when you step, the foot is crushed by the pressure and takes a few millimeters more in width and length .

    Remember that in the table of measurements of the shoes it gives you the internal length, so, if the shoe is for winter and you must include a sock, ask for that length of your foot plus 0.5 centimeters to give space to the sock.

    como saber mi talla en shein

    With the pants you should know that SHEIN's pants are usually elastic and these can create a bag in the stomach area when you sit down, so you can always take one size less, but first check the comments and opinions of other buyers in case these pants you are interested in were not so elastic.

    In the "Description" part of the product you will see the composition, and in fabric it will tell you if these pants are very elastic or not.

    how to know my size in shein
  5. Check the opinions: if the product you would like to buy has opinions from other buyers, you are in luck. This means that after determining your size you can check if other people who have certain measures that each comment indicates and have chosen a specific size fits them well or adjusted, if it fits them and you have the measurements of that person you can always take a size more.

    Furthermore, if the comments have a photograph, even better because you will get an idea closer to reality of how it looks on a buyer.

    how to know my size in shein

    In the global evaluations of the clients you will see what score the clients give to that product and if the size corresponds to the details of the size guide or not, this is another very interesting factor to know your size of SHEIN.

    how to know my size in shein

    In case the product does not have comments, you will have to take a risk, or perhaps wait for another person to buy and comment on it with their opinion, although in this case you could be left without a product.

  6. Use FitFinder: You can also use the SHEIN Fitfinder tool to find out your size. You just have to click on "Find your size" and this tool will ask you weight, age and height questions to determine your size.

    However, this tool is not available in all products and it is interesting that you still measure yourself and determine your SHEIN size as we have seen before so that you do not make mistakes and do not regret it with your order.

  7. Check your size: after everything I've explained, I want you to know that there is a way to choose the SHEIN size and not make a mistake. This way of checking the size is the one I use and that I have designed so as not to make mistakes and not go crazy choosing the size.

    For you to have more security and know that you don't get the wrong size, there is a way to know how the garment will fit you. This works really well to know if very elastic garments are going to stay, whose measurements SHEIN gives you without stretching.

    First write down a measurement of the garment, if it is a dress or top write down the bust in centimeters, if it is pants or skirt the hip. Also write down the composition of the garment.

    Calculate the elasticity of the garment. If for example we have 30% Viscose, 3% Elastane and the bust of the garment is 79 centimeters in the L (we have chosen this as a reference) we calculate the percentages on this measure as follows:

    - Viscose: 79 x (30/100) = 23.7 centimeters
    - Elastane: 79 x (3/100) = 2.37 centimeters

    We then multiply each result by the garment's stretch percentage. If it is elastane multiply by 5, if it is cotton multiply by 0.15, if it is viscose or viscose rayon multiply by 0.05:

    - Viscose: = 23.7 * 0.05 = 1.185
    - Elastane: 2.37 * 5 = 11.85 centimeters

    We add both values ​​11.85 + 1.185 and we obtain that the garment stretches 13.035 centimeters. We add this measurement to the width of the bust that of our garment 79 + 13,035 gives us 92,035 centimeters of bust. Therefore, 92 centimeters rounding up is the chest measurement that you must have (or less) to be able to wear the L of this garment.

    Taking into account that the stretched garment measures 92 (rounding) and for example your bust measurement is 90, the difference is 2 centimeters. This difference is classified as follows to know how the garment will fit you:

    - Difference less than -5: excessively tight garment.
    - Difference between -5 and 0 centimeters: garment in tight.
    - Difference between 0 to 2 centimeters: perfect garment, neither big nor small.
    - Difference between 3 of 5 centimeters: it will be a bit loose.
    - Difference between 6 and 10 centimeters: it will be very loose.
    - Difference of more than 10 centimeters: it will be excessively loose oversize style.

The more purchases you make at SHEIN, the easier it will be for you to know what your size is and how you can buy better. However, the measurements you make of yourself will always be a really good and easy guide to follow when shopping at SHEIN.