How to add a Link to TikTok BIO [Web + Whatsapp + Instagram + Youtube]

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If you don't see the Website field in TikTok in this article I will quickly explain how to put a TikTok link in your description or bio so that you can redirect visitors to your profile to a website or for example to a Whatsapp link.

I have come across many websites that tell us about how to put a link on TikTok and none has been useful or has solved my doubt because no website appears on TikTok and finally I had to find a way to make this link on my TikTok profile because really what good is TikTok if we can not be able to bring users to our website and turn them into money?

Because unless you use the TikTok social network simply as a hobby you will always want to take advantage of those visits to get them interested in your work or what you offer, especially if you are a professional, freelancer or an influencer who wants to make promotions.

I also want to explain how to put the Instagram link on TikTok as well as how to put a link on TikTok, because both are simple, and because attracting users to our Instagram profile will make our followers are everywhere. As well as how to put a Youtube link on TikTok, which in case you are a Youtuber will come in handy.

How to put a link on TikTok (Any link)

Let's get down to it. And it is not difficult to put a link in TikTok but when you choose to do this the only thing they explain is how to enter the url in the box, but what if there is no box?

Simply follow these steps:

- Sign in to the TikTok app with your logged in user and go to your profile.
- Click on the three dots in the top right hand corner.
- Click on Manage Account.
- Click on Switch to Pro.
- Click on Switch to business account (does not work if you enter your personal account).
- Follow the process and you're done.
- Now in your profile, go to Edit Profile, and you will see in the website field.
- Enter your website or Whatsapp link and you will have successfully linked your link to TikTok.

Now, move on to the next step to find out how to put your Instagram link on Tik Tok in an easy and simple way.

How to put Instagram link on Tik Tok

This step is even simpler than putting any link in our TikTok account and the Instagram link is the default one, whether we have a business account or not.

- Install the Instagram app on your mobile phone.
- Log in to Instagram.
- Open the TikTok app.
- Go to your profile.
- Click on the Instagram box.
- Accept cookies.
- Enter your Instagram username and password.
- Accept the permissions.
- Done!

How to put the Youtube link on Tik Tok

In the case of Youtube, we need to have a Google account with an open Youtube channel. But it is also very easy:

- Log in to your TikTok profile
- Click on Edit Profile.
- Select the Youtube box.
- It will take you to Google and you will need to sign in with your gmail email address where you have the Youtube account linked.
- Choose the Youtube channel to be linked.
- You're done.

Everything ready for you to start monetizing your TikTok social network. remember that it is necessary if you want to make money with TikTokthat you derive the traffic to some Url of a page where you can make purchases or monetize in some way, even giving more visibility to these other pages.

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