How to be FAMOUS on Tik Tok? 15 MEGA TRICKS!

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Do you want to be famous in Tik Tok? Prepare to be a cool TIK TOKER. Achieve fame in just a few steps that nobody realizes but successful people are already doing.

Wanting to be famous on Tik Tok? The Tik Tok social network is on fire. Every time there are more users using it and it is a very good opportunity since the social network is in its beginnings and you can open yourself up and start being famous as many influencers did in the beginning of other social networks.

What is Tik Tok?

Tik Tok is an international mobile application whose purpose is to be a visual social network whose style is based on the stories that we already know from Instagram, Facebook or Whatsapp. The platform is increasing in users every day and is already a leader in Asia, the United States and other parts of the world.

What is a Tik Toker?

Just like we know the term instagramer or blogger, a Tik Toker is someone who is dedicated to this visual platform such as Tik Tok uploading content on a regular basis (between two and three videos a week).

How does Tik Tok work and how to be famous?

The Tik Tok operation is simple. You just have to register, put a profile picture and start uploading videos. Each user has a profile where the videos that each user uploads in the form of a grid are displayed.

The Tik Tok app allows users to create videos to which they can add music and effects for a minimum of 3 seconds and a maximum of one minute.

The Famous Tik Tok

Due to the success of Tik Tok, there are already celebrities in this app that are characterized by the number of users who follow them and the interaction they have with its content.

You can take an example of some of the most famous famous Tik Toks in Spain to know how to get followers on Tik Tok. Some of the most famous tik tokers are:

@twinmelody, @juliamenugarcial, @Lolaloliitaaa, @skyandtami, @benjikrol, @martinadant, @jeyjeygardi, @martineztwins, @monismurf, @its.bellido

Tik Tok money How to earn money with Tik Tok?

Surely you wonder: can you make money with Tiktok? I will explain to you in a simple way how to do it.

The best thing about this social network is that it allows us to earn money compared to others such as Instagram, where today we cannot make money with the content we upload, although there is already talk that they will be launched in the future so that this is possible and not leave content creators without any incentive for their efforts.

To get Tik Tok to pay us, we only have to reach 1500 followers and making direct calls in which your minutes will be converted into coins redeemable for money. At Tik Tok you can get to earn some extra euros a month and get paid through Paypal.

For more information on how to make money on Tik Tok I invite you to read this more extensive article that I have written about it. Click here to read it.

If you want to know how to be famous on Tik Tok and especially how to get followers on Tik Tok and how to get likes, you are in the right place, this is not one more article.

How to be famous in Tik tok? The steps

These are the 9 tricks you have to do if you want to be famous on Tik Tok:

  • Do not think

    It seems a bit strange advice. But if you want to be famous in Tik Tok and you need to know how to gain followers in tik tok you don't have to think.

    That is, you must invest time in giving many likes and commenting a lot. Like and comment and don't stop. Follow people without stopping to get back to follow them and continue.

    You can use FreeTiktok to get 50 free fans at once in your Tik Tok account. What do you think? You just have to access their website on your mobile and add your username to get them Access the Freetiktok page here

    After you have followed users who have returned your follow you can stop following them to get followers on Tik Tok.

  • Share content

    The more content you share the better, and the funnier they are the better. Do not take long to create them, it must be a machine that mixes interacting with people and uploading content. Also try to talk about what is in fashion at the time.

  • Pleases

    Becoming famous on Tik Tok has some implications like pleasing. Be nice or sympathetic, respond to everything. You have to please to be followed and you can reach the 1500 followers you need to start earning money with Tik Tok. Showing yourself handsome / pretty is also a bonus, users also win by sight, so don't be shy.

  • Empathize

    Share from time to time a reflection that makes people connect with you. If you have any concerns, share it with them that will make you note your weaknesses so that more people will identify with you and put you in a position of appreciation. You will be closer to being famous on Tik Tok!

  • Follow the trends

    The best thing you can do if you like the type of Tik Tok videos and its challenges is to do them all to follow the trend of the content created on this network. This way you will hook the public since you will be part of the herd.

  • Follow and unfollow

    I have found this trick to get free followers on Tik Tok online: it is that you access the Tik Tok user profile with many followers and in a minute you follow and stop following their account a minimum of 10 times and a maximum of 15. Without exceeding this limit so that Tik Tok does not block your account. This is done in this way since when we follow a user we appear at the top of the list of his followers and possible people who see this list will follow us because we have similar tastes.

  • Buy followers

    Really if you start with 0 followers in your account it is difficult for someone else to follow you. But for this problem there is the solution to buy followers. The good news is that they are really cheap for the large amount you get. In addition, the more followers you get your content will be shown to many more users and you will naturally get more followers. In this article I explain how to buy followers and the different websites that exist to do so (I leave the link also at the end of the article.

  • Good quality

    As on other platforms, your content must have visual quality, good lighting. I recommend this set of tripod and lighting ring perfect for recording with your mobile at Tik Tok.

  • What to upload in Tik Tok

    You will wonder what content to upload to Tik Tok. Your success on this platform will depend on the content you upload. Tik Tok is basically a video platform similar to Instagram stories, so you should rely on relatively spontaneous videos.

    LThe duration of the Tik Tok videos is approximately 10 seconds.

    I want to give you some ideas to get inspired and never run out of ideas on what to upload to Tik Tok in video format:

    - Videos singing with the real music of the singer, without you having to sing.

    - Videos making weird faces. They are funny and always attract a lot.

    - Videos making a joke to a friend.

    - Videos that engage with a text that appeals. For example "It's over, I'll leave everything" and you start to tell a real case of something that happened to you, such as: "This is the conclusion I came to after having lived through many experiences ..." Give emotion to your videos!

    - Videos in which you interview a friend.

    - Videos dancing to some song.

  • Hashtags to have likes on tik tok

    Use the hashtags to get likes on the Tik Tok. If you use them, the system will include your video in the main ones to show. Hashtags can make your videos viral and thus become famous on TikTok.

    Discover which hashtags are the ones you should use by observing the hashtags that appear in the main feed to use them at your convenience.

  • Respect the best time to post on Tik Tok

    If you publish your content it is better to do it at the key times of the day when more people are online. These hours are generally after lunch and after dinner, between 15 and 16 Spanish hours and 22 and 23 hours at night.

  • Get direct

    The videos that you broadcast live from your mobile always have a greater impact than a recorded video edited and uploaded. To do direct you must reach 1000 followers. And if you want to earn money on Tik Tok you will have to get coins. You may wonder how to get coins at Tik Tok. Well, live shows are the solution. The more direct you make in Tik Tok the more coins you will accumulate that later you will be able to exchange for money in Paypal.

  • Challenge the rest

    Creating a dance of your own and inviting others to do it and imitating you to see if they succeed will make you very likely to chain many likes.

    Challenge your name so that they mention you and in this way more people reach your profile and get more followers on Tik Tok .

  • "Tik Tok Dances"

    Like you, there are a lot of people who are looking for dance inspiration to go up to Tik Tok and go viral. On YouTube if you search for "Tik Tok Dances" you will find compilations of dances. You can also collect your dances for these other users to follow you on your Tik Tok and get followers.

  • Give gifts at live shows

    LUsers who make live videos on the Tik Tok social network often praise the people who give them gifts in the live chat and this will give you prominence and the other users will start to follow you so you will get more fame.

    You can buy these coins with which to make gifts in the live shows through the "Wallet" section of your profile, they are really cheap.


All these tricks are already being done by successful people but almost nobody realizes it and they don't know how to promote them. Keep reading the article on how to make money on Tik Tok, or discover all the pages that exist to buy followers on Tik Tok.

I hope you liked these tricks and they are very useful for you. Keep visiting my blog to read the other articles with which you will achieve economic success.

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