🥉 How to become a Distributor Become a Distributor! What is it? Advantages and Tips

How to become a Distributor Become a Distributor! What is it? Advantages and Tips

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All the information to know how to become a distributor. Find your perfect job as an independent distributor, an exciting profession that will help you develop professionally.

If you are passionate about buying and selling products, learning how to become a distributor will help you become a professional who performs the tasks you are passionate about. In this article I give you a complete overview about how to become a distributor.

What is a distributor?

The distributors are professionals who take the product from the supplier to the final customer. Distributors work independently so they are self-employed or in charge of companies.

The final customer who buys the product can be a company or an individual. They can sell in the country of acquisition of the product or outside it. They are the ones who must develop their sales strategies.

Independent distributors are also called intermediaries.

There are products that must be authorized by the supplier to be legally distributed by the intermediaries. This is the case of Nike, Apple or Coca Cola among others.

Types of distributors

There are four types of distributors you should meet if you are interested in becoming a distributor and making it your job:

  1. Distributor with stock

    This is the traditional distributor. This distributor with stock buys the merchandise from a supplier and is responsible for selling it either in large or small quantities.

  2. Distributor without stock

    The out-of-stock distributor is the typical catalog distributor, who does not have stock but orders from the product catalog of his wholesale supplier. He can sell in large or small quantities. Currently the out-of-stock distributor is referred to as a dropshipper performing its dropshipping activity.

  3. Wholesale distributor

    Wholesale distributors are those who import large quantities of product into a country to sell to retail distributors packs of products at an economical price so that retailers can profit from these products by selling them one by one.

  4. Retail Distributor

    It is the type of intermediary that can act as a distributor with stock or without stock and sell one by one the products you have at your disposal.

  5. Export Distributor

    The exporting distributor is a type of intermediary that will be in charge of moving the merchandise from the supplier to a foreign country where the merchandise was purchased.

Advantages of being a distributor

Being a distributor is a great and exciting job whose advantages:

- Profession that will develop your vocation.
- Freedom and flexibility of working hours.
- Scale your earnings as you wish.
- On many occasions you will sell a well-known branded product that will boost your sales.
- You avoid having to create and manufacture the product.

On the contrary, you should know that the work of a distributor with stock has a disadvantage in addition to the paperwork and sale, and is that it is necessary availability of money to invest in the purchase of the product to distribute. Action in which we find risk if we do not have the sale of the product insured.

Become a distributor Find Options!

If you are wondering what products looking for distributor you should know that there are infinite brands that allow their products to be distributed. And that's why in the case of each person who wants to be a distributor, their product will be different, as well as their authorizations and the way they set up their distribution business.

However, if you want to search for companies to distribute products you can do so by searching for the following words in Google:

- Become a distributor.
- Brands to become a distributor.
- Become a distributor.
- Suppliers of [+ the type of product you want to sell].
- Distribute [+ the brand of the product you want to distribute].

You will see that the listings are infinite. And you only have to register on each website so that they can contact you physically or by phone to become a distributor of that type of product or that particular brand.

Steps to become a distributor

Take note because in addition to the tips I will give you below to be a super distributor with many sales, because you know how to start your task and become a distributor, which is what I'm sure you want to know more if you have not started yet:

  1. The first thing is for you to think about which products you know the most about so that you know how to defend them when you sell them.

  2. You should also know how much budget you have, because even if you know about a product, if you don't have the budget to buy it, it will be complex to get it with this kind of stock.

  3. Determine what kind of supplier you will be: wholesaler, retailer, with or without stock, exporter and who will be your customer to have clear what supplier to look for and to whom we will sell knowing what sales strategies we will make.

  4. On the hunt for the supplier! Go online and ask people you know. Make a list of providers and start registering on their pages or collect their numbers to call them.

  5. Once the suppliers have informed you of the details: contracts to be made, areas in which you can sell, minimums for purchase, and others for legal minors, it is time for you to choose a supplier.

  6. Buy the product. Start with small quantities that don't put pressure on you and keep buying more as you sell more.

  7. Start implementing your strategies to sell and sell!

Tips for becoming a distributor and sell more

When it comes to selling products, not everything is fair. It is necessary to follow some guidelines to achieve success and not to stay with an accumulated product in stock and only with taxes to pay without any profit. These tips or guides are going to open your eyes, since they will guide you towards being a successful distributor:

  1. Focus on finding the successful product: is not worth any product for distribution. Buy the product you know best and have the best chance of selling because you already have an audience or customers detected to whom you are going to sell.

  2. Have a reliable supplier: trust between your supplier and you as a distributor is necessary. This will help you to obtain the products with comfort and to solve the problems that you have when buying them.

  3. Learn about online sales or advertising: Selling your product is all about sales knowledge. Before starting to buy the material you need to train your sales skills focused on the type of distribution you want to do and the type of customers your product is aimed at.

  4. Learn about your product: When you put your product in the eyes of customers you must be clear about its advantages and what kind of customers would want to have it. Learn continuously about your product to sell it better and faster.

  5. Search for sales channels: Keep in mind the different sales channels that you can use and select the best ones for you. You can sell through the Internet, perhaps by attracting customers through a phone call, on social networks, at events, or even at your business location.

  6. Determine your customers: Do you sell to private users or to companies? Be very clear about who your customers are and you will make money faster as a middleman.

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