How to buy on Vinted [Tips for buying on Vinted] GUIDE 2021

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Buy cheaper at Vinted! Get second-hand clothes and accessories the easy way. Find out how to shop at Vinted and the best tips for shopping at Vinted.

Hi Vinties! I'm Olalla, and you're on a blog where I like to write about those tricks that make our day-to-day life easier. Today we're going to talk about how to buy at Vinted and the best tricks for buying at Vinted.

I have been a seller on Vinted since the summer of 2019 and although lately I am a little distant from selling second hand because I am immersed in other issues I have always admired the application to sell second hand clothes Vinted and is that we can discover that despite its disadvantages that are few, it is perfect, really the best that has existed so far.

With so much positivity, who has never thought about how to buy at Vinted? Especially when it comes to buying a garment that in clothing shops are very expensive and we can not cope with that purchase because our economy is scarce, certainly today there are not many people with a pocket enough to cope with the repeated purchase of garments because of the degradation that the garments suffer from use and because they have been created en masse without really good materials in order to reduce their price and increase the margin that large clothing chains are left for the sale of a garment.

Haven't you ever bought a garment in a shop and had it break soon after? Well, it has happened to me, so what's the point of buying these clothes second hand? at a lower price and even from someone else who has hardly worn it and the garment is in the same condition as new.

Why should you read this article?

This article will help you with your doubts if you want to know:

- how to buy Vinted with a more realistic vision.
- you'll discover buying tips on Vinted that no one tells you about.
- How to shop at Vinted quickly and easily.

💗 Advantages of buying at Vinted

After this reflection it is clear that we want to like Vinted. But what are the advantages of shopping at Vinted?

- You shop on a platform with integrated secure payment.
- You receive your order at home or at a free pick-up point.
- Quick delivery of orders.
- The security of knowing that if the order does not match the description we can complain and we will get our money back.
- Shopping at reduced prices.
- Possibility of finding many bargains.
- No commission, you only pay the shipping and the price of the garment.

❌ Disadvantages of buying on Vinted

It's not all advantages and you may also have bad experiences, although there are actually more disadvantages for sellers than for buyers:

- There are shipping costs.
- The sellers can send you another garment that is not the correct one.
- Few photos of the garments on, more photos of garments not on which makes it difficult to buy.

How to shop at Vinted

We're going to start talking about how to buy at Vinted but stay until the end because we're going to talk about shopping tips for buying at Vinted, a series of tips that will help you a lot in your choice of which garment and which buyer to choose:

Remember that you can click on the heart 💗 of each garment to add it to your favourites list and have them at hand to shop between garments prices and features and not forget them.

Steps on how to buy at Vinted

  • Create your account

    The first and necessary part of how to buy through Vinted. Add your username, which you will not be able to change later, your email address and your password. Verify your account with an email that will be sent to your email address.

    how to buy on vinted
  • Set up your payment details

    In Settings in your profile add your card if you wish, as this is one of the ways to pay on Vinted when you buy on the platform. You will also be able to pay with PayPal or using your balance from what you have previously sold on Vinted.

    how to buy on vinted

    In profile details also add your address in case you make a purchase that you want to be delivered to your home address.

    how to buy on vinted
  • Buy the item

    Search for the item you want to buy, click on buy and select your shipping method which can be Mondial Relay or Correos and simply pay for it. As you can see, shopping at Vinted is very easy.

  • You should know that all the information about the tracking of your order and incident options can be found in the conversation with the buyer that opens automatically when you make the purchase.

  • Pick up your order

    Lastly in this guide on how to buy through Vinted you need to pick up your order if you have chosen to have it delivered to a Mondial Relay Pack Point or the post office. Check the garment quickly because two days after you pick it up the money will automatically go to the seller. When you see that the garment is OK you can confirm receipt of the garment, if it is wrong you will have to open a complaint in the same conversation with the buyer.

Tips and tricks for shopping at Vinted

Watch out for these super interesting tricks for shopping at Vinted that will always come in handy when you make a purchase:

  • Revisa la conexión del vendedor

    Como trucos para comprar en Vinted debes saber que si el vendedor no se ha conectado en la última semana es probable que aunque le hagas una compra no se de cuenta de ello y tengas que cancelar tu venta por ello es interesante que te fijes en este dato para no perder tu tiempo.

  • Look at the quality of the seller's photos

    The product photos are an x-ray of what the garment will actually look like. Look at what these photos look like. If they have good lighting, because if they don't, it is possible that the seller is hiding any flaws. Also value photographs of the product when it is worn, as it will be easier for you to make the right purchase because you will already know how it will look on you.

  • Make the seller an offer

    The best trick to buying on Vinted is to make the seller an offer of around two or three euros less than the price of the garment. This is based on the basic haggling that often happens in second-hand markets. Click on "write to seller" on the product page and then click on "Make offer" to suggest the price you want.

  • Pay attention to the product description


    In the description the seller should have described the measurements and distances on the garment, so if for example you are going to buy a dress, the length measurement is really important because you will be able to measure yourself and know if this garment suits you.

  • Look for flaws

    Damages are what can cause you to regret your purchase later on. So that you don't waste your time in the tricks for buying at Vinted I wanted to tell you that you should look for any imperfections in the garments that you will normally see in the photos or in the description of the product to find out if you still want to continue buying it with these imperfections.

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