How to buy wholesale at SHEIN easy [Updated 2023]

Find out how you can buy from SHEIN in bulk to open your SHEIN store and how this consequently affects the legality of SHEIN.

Author of the article: Olalla Mellado Editor and manager of trending digital content.
how to buy shein wholesale

Many people ask me "How can I open a SHEIN store?" . So while doing research, I discovered some things, and many others, that I would like to better explain myself in order to open up possibilities for you.

I know you are very excited, since SHEIN is a successful brand that in 2020 got its biggest boost, becoming known worldwide.

But what does SHEIN have that all people want his clothes?

- Price : a low price and accessible to all audiences makes it very attractive to customers.

- Originality : SHEIN products are very original and above all different from what is sold in the West.

- Avant-garde : SHEIN always seeks to have the most avant-garde clothing models so it is never out of date, if not it really knows the trends.

But another drawback of SHEIN is that it is not environmentally responsible clothing, this means that its factories are located in the most polluting countries in the world, but in the end, people really have to make a living with something, although it is true that certain mechanisms could be adapted to be more respectful.

I do not position myself in any extreme, I only write this article because I know you have doubts. SHEIN's clothes are really very beautiful, and we can do little to change the world if we don't do it all at once and that's complicated.

So I'm going to explain and clarify everything that is in my power and you want to sell SHEIN wholesale , set up your SHEIN store or whatever dream that passes through your head.

How to buy SHEIN wholesale

First and foremost, if you are reading this article it is because you have already read my article on theSHEIN legality I leave youhere for you to read .

But in summary, what he means is that if you want to set up your SHEIN store you have to ask their permission.

And that will happen? Well, I really don't know, I just know that they have strict policies for the use of their brand, and except for the fact that I see people from Latin America selling SHEIN clothes by catalog on Facebook with the SHEIN name in their personal accounts, I have not seen any company that sells SHEIN, and this is because SHEIN ships internationally, and anyone selling in cities would take away from them the ability to sell more.

So if I can't be a SHEIN franchise , what do I have? Well, really, if you can't use the SHEIN name or have them sell you their clothes (in theory, now we will see), you only have one option left:

Welcome to catalog resale

That is, show people the SHEIN catalog and make collective orders yourself, applying points and discount coupons to obtain your profit margin and therefore sell at the catalog price.

Regarding the brand, if you open users on social networks, open a personal user on Facebook or one on Instagram, it should always appear that you are not a company because otherwise you would fall into illegal activity.

However, this option is risky, and it depends on how much risk you are willing to take.

It also depends on the legality of your country, for example in Spain, selling at the catalog price would be almost impossible, since the margin is small (if we sign up for half, we would pay it in taxes) and people from Spain normally prefers to buy their clothes online.

But in other countries it is a possibility that you should shuffle depending on how you see people adapted to online shopping.

You can also do this with SHEIN, than with Romwe, Aliexpress, Yesstyle, ... as long as you have enough points and coupons to have the discount that gives you your profit margin.

Buy SHEIN wholesale

I am more of this option, that is to say buy SHEIN wholesale as I will explain now, however you cannot put the name of your store on social networks such as SHEIN (referring to the regulations of SHEIN).

Well, researching about buying SHEIN wholesale I realized that if SHEIN sold on Aliexpress, SHEIN would also sell on Alibaba (SHEIN's wholesale website) or something similar could exist, then I saw that if you search for "SHEIN" in Alibaba there are people selling wholesale clothing packs that do not specify that they are from SHEIN but the bags in the image are from SHEIN:

buy SHEIN wholesale

There are also individual models that you can buy in large quantities. You can always make sure they are sold on SHEIN and are successful in comments to know whether to buy or not:

buy SHEIN wholesale

Therefore, reselling these clothes would be possible as long as they do not have the SHEIN label. You can be on Alibaba, register and talk to these manufacturers to see if they can not put the SHEIN label and put yours (in theory they are manufacturers doing imitations of SHEIN, which are not SHEIN).

But what interests you, are you going to be able to use the SHEIN name as a commercial impulse (that is, in your social media or fashion store names)? Well, the rules tell us no, so what you can do is say that these garments are imitation of SHEIN, although people can go to SHEIN.

Finally, it is advisable to choose successful SHEIN models on Alibaba, without the SHEIN label always and sell them, since people will like them beforehand, you will not have difficulty selling them.

I hope I have helped you, the truth is that this issue is difficult, and it is difficult to do it being legal. However, this article is a way of looking at it that can make you see the light.

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