How to Cancel a SHEIN Order [AND Get a REFUND] - Step by Step

I want to cancel my SHEIN order! If you have placed an order from SHEIN but want to cancel it because you have regretted placing your order or made a mistake when ordering, find out how to cancel an order from SHEIN.

Author of the article: Olalla Mellado Editor and manager of trending digital content.
how to cancel shein order

Can cancel an order in SHEIN ? Sure you do!

In each online store that we find on the Internet, cancellations of purchased orders and returns are made in different ways due to the nature of their system.

In the case of SHEIN, the mechanism for canceling an order is very similar to that of other stores.

You should know ... that if you have not paid your order yet, it will be automatically canceled 12 hours after you have ordered it if you do not make the payment.

How to cancel your order in SHEIN

To get your SHEIN money back when you want to cancel your order in SHEIN you must follow these simple steps:

  1. Access the SHEIN APP or website with your username and password.

  2. Visit your profile.

  3. Click on My orders .

  4. See if the order you want to cancel is sent or has not been sent yet.

Now that you know if your order has been sent or not, you should follow through the steps that you will read below in case your order has been sent or not.

Cancel a SHEIN order NOT shipped

If you want to Cancel a SHEIN order and it has not yet been shipped, you are in luck because it is the fastest and easiest process to do.

In this case, click on "Cancel" on the exact order you want to cancel, which will appear in your order list.

Cancel a SHEIN order already shipped

If your order has already been sent and you want to cancel it, you must enter the return process. This means that you have to wait for the order to arrive and then make the return.

You must bear in mind that some garments such as lingerie and intimate clothing, as well as bikinis, swimsuits, costume jewelery, bodysuits or accessories cannot be returned.

The steps that you must take then without taking more than 45 days to get your money back are the following:

- Perfect products : Make sure that all products are in perfect condition.

- Possibility of return : Check the products that can be returned.

- Request a refund : Access your order in the SHEIN APP, request a refund.

- Get the label : Download the return label and paste it on top of the closed package to be returned.

- Send the package : Deliver the package to the office of the company that brought it to you so that the return is free.

- Get your money : Get your money back within a period of approximately one month.

Is it easy to cancel your order in SHEIN

How you could read cancel your order in SHEIN is really simple. But the key to being able to cancel your order in SHEIN is that you know whether or not your order has been sent from SHEIN's warehouses in order to proceed correctly.

If you carry out the process correctly, you can be sure that your order will be refunded correctly and you will get your money. SHEIN is a reliable company that seeks to provide the best service to its customers.

If you found this article useful, remember to keep reading all the others that will help you understand how SHEIN works step by step knowing all the ins and outs.