How to comment on SHEIN, upload photos and rate orders [To Earn Points]

Just 2 steps to find out how to comment on SHEIN and quickly upload photos of your products purchased in the SHEIN fashion and accessories shop.

Author of the article: Olalla Mellado Editor and manager of trending digital content.
how to comment on shein

Knowing How to comment on SHEIN and uploading photos is necessary if you want to earn points and get discounts for your next SHEIN purchases and to level up. The more we comment on the orders we have placed on SHEIN, the more points we will get for discounts.

For every review that SHEIN reviews and resolves within 72 hours to be of good quality you will get an extra 50 points max which you can redeem for a discount on your next purchases. If your review has an image you will get more points.

Recommendations for commenting on SHEIN

Remember that in order to comment on SHEIN correctly you must:

- Be objective. Objectively describe the product, what you think of its materials and how you feel about it so that other users see it as useful information to make their purchase.

- Enriched content. Also add a photo of the product. SHEIN recommends that this photo be taken with the same product so that other users can get an idea of what it looks like.

- Be respectful. Use correct and non-offensive wording in text and images.

- Medium length. The length of the comment should be between 80 and 400 words approximately, i.e. not too short and not too long.

How to comment on SHEIN and upload photos

To comment on SHEIN you must have purchased a product and received it previously, otherwise you will not be able to comment on SHEIN. You must also have the SHEIN APP installed, as many of the options are not accessible via the web on SHEIN.

The large number of options that SHEIN has on its platforms makes it difficult to find the option to comment on SHEIN. Also, depending on whether your mobile device is Android or iOS, there are two ways to access the SHEIN comment option.

Comment on SHEIN with an Android mobile

To Comment on SHEIN from your Android phone, please follow the steps below:

- Go to your user profile.
- Click on the orders you have sent.
- Click on the three dots that appear below the submitted block and click on comments.
- You will be presented with a list of text boxes for comments you can make on the products you have purchased.
- In each text box you have the option to upload photos.
- You're done!

how to comment on shein and upload photos

Comment on SHEIN With an IPhone mobile phone

On the other hand, with the option of having an IPhone mobile phone you can achieve this in a very similar way, you can even access the comments section even faster:

- Log in to your user profile.
- Then click on "Submitted".
- On the "Submitted" screen you will see a "Comments" button.
- You will find the list where you can add your comments, rate your SHEIN purchases and upload SHEIN photos.
- You got it!

how to comment on shein and upload photos

As you can see it is really simple to comment and rate purchases at SHEIN and get in this way many discounts to be able to buy clothes even cheaper.

I invite you to continue reading more articles about SHEIN that will surely help you to buy cheaper and make your experience in this online shop more enriching.