How to contact SHEIN in an easy way [All TRUE ways] 2022

Problems? Get in touch with SHEIN quickly to solve any problem with your purchases thanks to the quick and effective customer service of SHEIN.

Author of the article: Olalla Mellado Editor and manager of trending digital content.
how to contact shein

SHEIN has a very good customer service that will answer any of your questions about any aspect of its platform. This service is active and accessible through different means so that you can choose the one that best suits your needs.

You can contact SHEIN easily you are located in any country in the world such as Spain, France, Italy, any country of the European Union in short, Peru, Colombia, Mexico and all Latin American countries, and also , of course North America.

How to contact SHEIN

If you want to know how to contact SHEIN here you have all the information to contact SHEIN by chat , contact SHEIN by email , contact SHEIN by phone or also through social media.

SHEIN has its chat service active from 9 am to 10 pm from Monday to Sunday.

In which cases can you contact SHEIN ?

When it comes to contacting SHEIN you can always do it in different situations:

- If you have a problem canceling an order.
- With problems with the shipment of the order, such as delays or not receiving the package.
- If you cannot download your return label.
- If you have problems with your account.
- Problems derived from money refunds.
- With the aim of solving doubts not specified in their purchase conditions.
- To give suggestions.

How to contact SHEIN by chat

Another way to contact SHEIN is to do it from the chat on the SHEIN website, which will speed up the response to our questions rather than contacting SHEIN by email or social networks.

how to contact shein

To know How to contact SHEIN by chat go to this page and within the chat that appears on the web you must write your message to start the chat and have a SHEIN customer service person attend you and you can solve your question in a personalized and direct way.

You can also select any of the standard questions or frequently asked questions that you will find in the chat to know if your question is resolved within the SHEIN information.

Remember that the SHEIN chat can also be accessed from the SHEIN main page by clicking on the headphones that you will find in the upper right corner when you are connected as a user.

How to contact SHEIN by email

Contacting SHEIN by email can also be equivalent to contacting them by chat since you will receive a copy in your email and you can respond to them through your email.

However, SHEIN has an email you can write to: [email protected] . Another option that is easy and simple to solve your urgent doubts and problems with SHEIN.

How to contact SHEIN through social networks

Social networks are not a widely used method to contact SHEIN but it is another possibility that we should also know, especially if we are very active users making purchases in SHEIN in case we need to use it at any time.

You can contact SHEIN through social networks only through Facebook , just go to Facebook and type SHEIN in the search engine to access SHEIN in your language or SHEIN in your country and click on write a message to contact them.

How to contact SHEIN by phone

Currently SHEIN does not offer the possibility to contact them by phone. However, the SHEIN Chat service is really useful and fast to solve any problem and it is certain that for this reason they have dispensed with telephone customer service.

Contacting SHEIN is easy and there are many different alternatives to be able to contact customer service and solve your doubts really quickly.

Remember that many other articles to learn more about SHEIN await you in this blog, so you can continue reading to learn many facts and curious information about this clothing giant of oriental origin.