How to Create and Share a Wish List on SHEIN [Easy]

Do you want to create and share your wish list on SHEIN? Sharing your SHEIN list will help you show other people what products you are interested in or what products may interest you from someone else.

Author of the article: Olalla Mellado Editor and manager of trending digital content.
how to create and share shein wishlist

In this article you will learn that What is the SHEIN Wish List as well as how to distinguish it from the SHEIN shopping cart and how to create a SHEIN wish list , how to manage multiple SHEIN wishlists , plus how to share a SHEIN wishlist .

What is the SHEIN Wish List ?

In most online stores there are two types of lists: the shopping cart (or basket or bag) and the favorites list.

Both are really useful and differ a lot, in addition to giving the user the possibility of managing the articles that interest him much better within his online store.

This is the case of SHEIN, where we find meaning in these two listings:

- Shopping list : this is the cart, also called a basket or bag. When users click on "Add to bag" it means that they want to buy that item. In the bag or basket we can process the purchase, it is the only objective of this list.

- Favorites list : also known as wishlist , it is identified by a heart in the navigation bar. This is a list that includes all the products that we have clicked on the heart during our visit to the online store.

These wishlist products are those in which we are interested but we do not know if we are going to buy.

What are SHEIN Wish Lists for ?

A SHEIN wish list serves to gather the products that we like and evaluate them later to add to the shopping cart if we finally want to buy them. Its real advantage is that we do not forget about these products since we have them listed and controlled.

How many SHEIN Wish Lists can I create ?

We can create as many SHEIN wish lists as we want, we can also add as many items as we want, both to the main SHEIN wish list and to the sublists created by us.

How do SHEIN Wish Lists work ?

When we click on the heart of any SHEIN item, it will automatically be added to our SHEIN Wish List , this is your main wish list and you can access to it through the heart of the web menu or the APP.

When you visit your SHEIN wish list through the heart of the navigation bar, we will see all the items that we have added, and if we hover over the items, the "Add to basket " to put this article in the basket and buy it, and the " Similar " button to find similar products.

How to create a new SHEIN Wish List ?

To create a new SHEIN Wish List (or sub-list) you must follow these steps:

  1. Visit your SHEIN wish list (Click in the heart of the navigation bar).

  2. Click on "Select"

  3. Select the products you want to move to the new list.

  4. Click on Add to list .

  5. Create your new wish list by giving it whatever name you want.

  6. Click Add and you're done!

  7. Access your new list where it says "Lists". You will see all the wish lists that you have created.

  8. how to create a shein wish list

    How to share a SHEIN Wish List ?

    To know how to share a SHEIN Wish List you must have created a sub-wish list as we have seen in the previous step. Follow these steps to share a SHEIN Wish List :

    1. Access your wish list by clicking on the heart of the menu).

    2. Click on "Lists" .

    3. By hovering over the list you want to share, the logo to share will appear on the right.

    4. Click on the social network where you want to share the wish list.

    5. If you only want to obtain the url you can simply click on share in a social network and before publishing copy the url and for example paste it on WhatsApp to another person.

    how to create a shein wish list

    Right next to the share icon you will find the pencil icon to edit the list, both its name and to be able to delete it.

    As you can see creating and sharing SHEIN lists is very easy. I invite you to continue reading the other super useful SHEIN articles that you will see in this blog.