+3 Easy Ways get a FREE Bump on Vinted Products to sell more [2023]

Do you need your Vinted ads to be displayed again by users of the platform and you don't know how to do it? In this article I will analyze all the possibilities that exist to enhance the display of your ads.

Author of the article: Olalla Mellado Editor and manager of trending digital content.
how to get a free bump on vinted

Selling on Vinted is a task that can be assimilated to having a business. When we don't sell we are not very happy and we have to think about what methods we can use to sell within the platform with the ads we already have.

Although what I am going to tell you in this article is something that is becoming more and more widespread on how to bump your products on Vinted for Free, it is important to take into account the orderly steps to repeat them each time and achieve by end your sale.

Why feature your products on Vinted Free

The need to bump a product on Vinted is increasingly latent in any user who uses the platform to sell used clothing and products on Vinted.

This great need arises from the fact that when we publish an ad for a product on Vinted, that ad has a grace period in which it is shown on the home page of some users on the first page of categories and subcategories. from Vinted, and therefore, we receive more views and likes.

That is why in this period the ad can be viewed by more people and we have more chances that they will buy it from us. After this time of approximately one day we will not have as many chances of getting views and likes as when we published for the first time, this means that we will have to make more effort to make the product visible more frequently to users.

That is why you are surely interested in bumping your products on Vinted Free to extend as much as possible the time that the ad is exposed in more visible places within the Vinted website such as the home page and being on the first page of Vinted categories, in subcategories and when the user uses the search engine.

Alternative to bump your products on Vinted Free

Before I tell you about the ways to bump your products on Vinted Free, I want you to know that the most normal thing is that we usually promote our ad by paying to reach more people.

If when you publish your ad on Vinted, a day goes by, you promote it, the promotion passes (I always recommend doing the cheapest unit ad promotion) and then you see that it doesn't sell, then it's time to try bump your products on Vinted Free because it's probably not a product that has much chance of being sold.

When you bump your product by paying on Vinted, I recommend that you be very sure that the photos, description and price are correct and that it is a product that has the possibility of being sold. Also, no promotions on weekends or holiday periods where people are more on the street than looking at Vinted and you will spend your paid days with hardly any activity.

How to bump your products on Vinted Free

To bump your products on Vinted Free you need more likes and more views to be considered by Vinted as a profitable ad that should be shown to more people so that they buy it . But we must also achieve different milestones with your Vinted ad, which, named in order, would be the following:

  1. Push the first publication: so that your product, when published, spends more time on the home page and is shown to more people, your photographs must be striking, playing with contrast and brightness of the image but not in excess so that Vinted does not detect you as if it were a catalog photo and delete it.

    It also works to do streetstyle and combine your clothes using colorful default backgrounds which are colors that call people to look at them. But if in the case that all the ads you see for the category are very bright or of certain colors, always try to do the opposite to stand out in the gallery.

    If this tactic works you will begin to receive visits and likes, so wait between 1 and 3 days to see the success of your ad in your statistics. If it is not met, you can go to the next step.

  2. Lower the price of the ad: if you modify the price of your ad, users will be notified about the price drop of your product, so you will call them to attention so that they look at your product again.

    If this doesn't work, it's time to move on to the next step to feature your products on Vinted for Free.

  3. Exchange likes: It is not fully tested if getting more likes on your Vinted ad will make you sell more. I am of the opinion that the likes do not matter, if not what matters are the visits. Therefore, you can exchange likes on your clothes with other people and in this way you will know that they have visited you and you can return the like. This way your ad will be revitalized because there are people interested in it and it will rise in the rankings.

    There are groups on Facebook where people create WhatsApp groups to start exchanging likes, I recommend you search for these groups there. However, likes are also being exchanged on the Vinted forums.

  4. Reupload the ad: Reuploading your product will make Vinted treat it as new and give you the grace period again in which users will see it again. Always remember to remove the old ad.

    In this case you can upload it the same, although it is recommended to use other different photographs so that the photos are not detected as a copy and the article is deleted. At the same time you can add other garments in the batch to encourage users to 2 x 1 if they buy the product from you.

If you still want to know more about Vinted, I recommend you continue reading everything that I share with you on the blog, which is very interesting and will surely encourage you to continue selling on Vinted.