How to Get FREE Clothes on SHEIN [Without Being an Influencer] the SECRET!

Want to know the secret? Here's how to get free SHEIN clothes without being an influencer, without making hardly any effort and in the easiest possible way.

Author of the article: Olalla Mellado Editor and manager of trending digital content.
how to get free clothes in shein

Nowadays it is a cliché that to get free stuff you have to be an influencer, that is to say, you have to be a recognised person on social networks or in real life. This is a handicap when we don't have money and we want to get free stuff to save money or out of necessity but you can really get free stuff in different ways and one of those ways is with SHEIN.

That's why I wanted to write about how to get free clothes from SHEIN as it is one of the few online shops that allows us to get free products from them.

Getting free clothes from SHEIN is really easy so I invite you to read this article and start getting free products from this Chinese clothing shop.

Why get free clothes from SHEIN?

You should know that getting free clothes from SHEIN is a great opportunity to try out new fashion and find out what new clothes might suit you or also to fill your wardrobe at a lower cost.

SHEIN is a very big shop where they sell clothes for men and women, boys and girls and homewear. Its Chinese origin makes the clothes have a very low cost so if you want to buy clothes you will not spend a lot of money also if you combine it with the coupons but the points you will have very cheap purchases even so you can always get free clothes.

What do you need to get free SHEIN clothing?

Before we start explaining the different ways to get free clothes at SHEIN, you must take into account that you must complete the following steps:

- Register a user on the SHEIN website or the SHEIN APP.
- Download and install the free SHEIN mobile APP.
- Fill in your SHEIN profile with all your details so that the garments can be sent to you.

Ways to get free SHEIN clothing

There are three different ways in which you can get free clothes from SHEIN which you can do via the online shop or the SHEIN website as we will see below:

  1. Accessing the Free Trial Centre

    The SHEIN Free Trials Centre is the section of the SHEIN website where we can find clothes, accessories and shoes that are raffled daily to be sent free of charge, with no cost for the garment and no shipping costs, to users who have participated in the draw for these garments.

    Therefore, you must apply to participate in the draw for these garments by simply clicking on the participate button. But you should know that when you register for the first time in the SHEIN online shop, you will not have a link to the Free Trial Centre in your profile.

    To get access to the SHEIN Free Trial Centre if you are new you will have to search SHEIN Free Trial Centre in Google and access the official SHEIN website, login with your password and user name and then go to your profile and click on "Free Trial" to enter this section.

    How to Get FREE Clothes at SHEIN How to Get FREE Clothes at SHEIN

    You can only take part in the SHEIN test centre's prize draw for 3 items of clothing per week. So you must choose the garments you are most interested in. If you win any of the garments you have entered you will be contacted via email to notify you.

    When you receive the garment you will have to review it on the SHEIN website by filling in a form with details of your measurements and photographs of how the garment looks on you and what you thought of it.

  2. Using gift cards

    Another interesting option to get free clothes at SHEIN is to participate in the SHEIN gift card draws.

    SHEIN gift cards are redeemable cards, which you can use to shop for free and which you can only get if you install the SHEIN app and pay attention to the notifications you receive from the app to use these gift cards for a limited time.

  3. Participate in SHEIN's live shows

    The SHEIN live shows take place every week, usually on Wednesdays, and are broadcasted through the website and mobile app where they comment on the new garments and accessories that have arrived at the online shop, talk about their features and give you ideas on how to combine them to make them look perfect.

    Well, if you want to get free clothes at SHEIN you should know that during these live shows they raffle gift cards and you can get them for watching the live show and then do your shopping for free.

  4. Partnering with SHEIN

    There are ways to partner with SHEIN to get free clothing from this brand. All these original and creative ways and ideas can be read at this article .

  5. Saving money on your purchases

    Another way to get free or almost free clothing is by saving on your SHEIN purchases. You can use coupons and points to apply to your purchases and save, such as I'll explain you in this article .

    But there are also many other ways to save in SHEIN that you can apply in addition to using points and coupons which you will find in this post on how to save in SHEIN .

  6. Other ways to get free clothes

    There are other ways to get free clothes that can be your alternative to SHEIN's free clothes.

    I tell you all the secrets in this article on how to get free clothes in different ways.

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