How to pack in Vinted ? 5 Materials for packaging Ideas

Learn how to pack in Vinted in a strong and stable way. Learn about materials to wrap your orders from the app for selling clothes and other second-hand items that will leave your customers really happy and make them repeat purchases.

Author of the article: Olalla Mellado Editor and manager of trending digital content.
how to pack in vinted

Have you had your first order at Vinted and would you like to know how to pack your products so that they arrive totally safe at their destination? In this case, as well as in the case that you want to find ways to pack because up to now you have not found a solution that suits your tastes, or you have had a scare with broken packages that have made you suffer returns from your customers, or you are spending a lot on the packaging of your orders, it is time to get to work.

Vinted is the app for selling second-hand clothes that in recent years has begun to revolutionize the fashion world by giving our clothes a second life. Although Vinted also allows the sale of other products such as books or household products that are also a great help to the pockets of thousands of users who are sold these products in various countries of the European Union, including Spain.

In this article you will find 5 interesting ideas of materials that will help you. It is really necessary that when you make your orders in Vinted you are economic with the materials that you use to wrap them since in most of the occasions the prices of the products to which we sell our garments are quite low and the price of the materials of packing plus the prices of transport to move us to the place where the point pack or post office is located to deliver our order so that they send it to the client, already it can surpass even the benefit that we gain with the sale. We must be quite careful with this.

It is recommended that to know if you are spending more money on packaging than on selling the product you calculate how many average size packages you can wrap with the material you buy. Add the price of the packaging to the price of your product, including up to the price of printing the shipping label to avoid overspending.

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Tips for packing in Vinted

It is very important to pack well is Vinted, remember that if you do not wrap your packages well and the product arrives broken or damaged Vinted will cancel your sale and compensate the buyer with your money. Here are some tips to keep in mind when packaging your shipments in Vinted:

- The product must not be loose in the package. It must be tight so that it does not move.

- Do not use materials such as paper to wrap the product, as it is safe for the product to arrive broken.

- For fragile products use bubble wrap and boxes.

- The label should never be wrinkled.

- The packaging must be tightly closed.

How to pack in Vinted, the best materials

These 5 materials I am going to show you are very interesting. Currently each Vinted salesman is using various materials to package them. So it's up to you which material you choose. However, in each material you will find its advantages and disadvantages of use. Remember that above all it is better to choose an economical material, which is more resistant and in greater quantity, as well as depending on the product you are going to send, it is better to use materials such as the thinnest for resistant products and harder and firmer for non-resistant products:

  • Black Film

    The star material is film noir. It is strong, non-transparent and is used in warehouses to cover pallets. The good thing about this material is that although it is expensive for each package, we use very little material and a single roll can be used to package around 500 orders. Remember not to put it directly on the garment as it is plastic and does not let the clothes breathe. Cover the clothes first with a bag or paper. You can compare this film in Amazon or in your Chinese of confidence.

  • Cardboard boxes

    Buying cardboard boxes is not profitable. They are expensive. A cardboard box can cost you around one and a half euros or more. Use recycled boxes from other stores or boxes that come with your shoes. However, remember that cardboard boxes increase the weight of the product, which is why in many cases more bubble wrap is used than boxes, and it is also cheaper.

  • Bubble wrap

    Bubble wrap is a great ally. For fragile products that we package in Vinted it is ideal. Wrap glasses and cups with this material. In the case of clothes or shoes it is not so necessary, as with one blow they would not be broken. Bubble wrap is economical compared to the amount of material it contains.

  • Adhesive tape

    The adhesive tape you need to pack any kind of product we are going to send in Vinted. It is perfect for closing boxes or sealing packages sealed with film. It uses transparent adhesive tape so that the marks on the packaging are not visible. It is a material that ensures that the product does not come out and is resistant to shocks.

  • Black plastic bags

    In contrast to typical plastic shipping bags with a price of approximately one euro per bag, there are large black plastic rubbish bags. The colour of these bags is more elegant than the typical grey rubbish bags. Cutting them to size will help us to pack any garment in a protected way. Even after they have been secured with film on top.

Did you find these packaging materials useful? Remember that the more materials you can use to pack your orders at Vinted, the better. Besides saving, you will recycle./p>

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