How to return SHEIN clothes [UPDATED 2023] Return steps

Don't like or don't fit SHEIN clothes? Here's how to return SHEIN clothing. Learn about the process and requirements to get your money back from SHEIN.

Author of the article: Olalla Mellado Editor and manager of trending digital content.
how to return shein clothes

Before buying clothes online or any other product you should be aware of what the return policies are because the difficulty of returning these products may invite you not to buy them. The case of SHEIN is great because we can buy and return clothes and other products in a few easy steps.

How to return SHEIN clothing?

To return SHEIN clothing it must be in perfect condition, in the same state in which the clothes were sent to you, even with the same packaging. The packaging will be torn from opening the package but you must still send it back in the same package and close it properly. Follow these steps to return SHEIN clothing:

  1. Make sure that not too much time has passed: you can only return your SHEIN order within a maximum period of 45 days after your purchase.

  2. Damaged products: if you wish to return the product because it is damaged, you must first speak to SHEIN customer service so that they can tell you how to proceed. If you send your order with a broken item without indicating this beforehand, they will not be able to return it to you.

    You can contact SHEIN via the web chat active from Monday to Sunday.

  3. Check that your item can be returned: not all products can be returned at SHEIN. Some of the items that cannot be returned at SHEIN are bodysuits, underwear, beauty products, diys, party products, pet products, costume jewellery or accessories. Swimwear items that are not in perfect hygienic condition cannot be returned.

    If you return a garment in these categories or that is not in perfect condition, or that corresponds to gifts or promotions specified by SHEIN as non-returnable, even if it arrives at SHEIN's head office, you cannot be reimbursed.

  4. Print the return label: the way you can print the return label is by logging into your SHEIN account and going to the orders section, clicking on the order you want to return and requesting the return by clicking on the "Make return" button, selecting the return method.

  5. Depositing SHEIN returns: SHEIN orders must be delivered to the office of the company that delivered your SHEIN order to be free of charge. If you decide to send the return via another shipping company, you will have to pay the shipping costs and provide the tracking number to SHEIN via the website.

  6. Hand in your order for return: go to the nearest collection point of your choice and hand in your order. It will be scanned for its barcode and SHEIN will automatically be notified.

  7. Get your money back: your money will be refunded within 10 days after SHEIN receives your order if everything is in accordance with your requirements to your SHEIN wallet or to your bank account depending on the method of payment.

    Please also remember that shipping costs for the original order and shipping insurance will not be refunded.

Is it FREE to return to SHEIN?

Returns at SHEIN are free of charge only for the first return of an order. If you return an order for the first time, i.e. some items within that order, it will be free of charge. If you want to return more items from that order afterwards, you will have to pay 4,50 Euro for each time you print a return label.

The return will also be free of charge if you take the package to be returned to the company that SHEIN indicates as the return point. For Europe this will be Mondial Relay's Punto Pack.

It is easy to give back at SHEIN?

Returning your SHEIN order is very easy. Because you only have to go through a few simple steps to return your clothes. Many other companies have complicated return processes whereas at SHEIN the return is quick, simple and the money is returned to you shortly after.

Many users confirm that SHEIN is good with returns. They have never had any problems with them. It can be likened to the performance of Aliexpress regarding returns, you always get an answer. It is therefore worth ordering from SHEIN in complete safety.

What is the SHEIN returns address?

The SHEIN returns address is the one marked on the returns label that you print out when you request a return on your orders, not the one you will find on the label when you receive your order from SHEIN.

If you return to the address indicated on the label when you receive your order, the return will not be valid.