How to save money in SHEIN (-50% on your purchases with these 7 TRICKS)

Buy cheaper at SHEIN! Save money at SHEIN by following all these tricks that will make you get everything you want from SHEIN at affordable prices.

Author of the article: Olalla Mellado Editor and manager of trending digital content.
how to save money on shein

SHEIN is a very cheap clothing store on the Internet, but it is true that sometimes we want to buy cheaper, because who is bitter about a discount?

The way of How to save money at SHEIN is based on the sum of the use of different tricks that will achieve a much cheaper shopping basket, and therefore obtain more clothes and accessories in our stores. purchases at lower prices using that money saved for other needs we have.

The saving in SHEIN is something that you can also get in the clothes of Aliexpress using their coupons and points that you can easily accumulate as it happens in SHEIN, it is up to you to choose where it is more worth it buy depending on the products you want to buy.

Steps to save at SHEIN up to 50%

The steps you must follow to save at SHEIN and that you must do all together if you want to obtain a great discount are the following:

  1. Shop in the SHEIN sales section

    In the SHEIN sales section you will be able to find clothes for 3, 5 and 10 euros. You will even find some for as little as two euros. Other garments with discounts of 65 and 70%.

    how to save money on shein
  2. Get SHEIN coupons

    You can get coupons within the SHEIN APP that are equivalent to large discounts in the form of a percentage to apply when making your purchase before payment.

  3. Get SHEIN points

    In another article on this blog I explain how to get SHEIN points. Points can be earned with different actions on the SHEIN app that are really easy and quick to do. These points are equivalent to dollars that will be applied as a discount on your purchase.

    Every 100 points you will have a discount of $1 currently.

  4. Buy SHEIN gift cards

    By buying SHEIN gift cards you will also get discounts on your purchase. SHEIN gift cards are physical cards that you can give to a person as a gift to make purchases and that have a balance inside.

    You can also buy them for yourself, and the discount lies in the fact that each card top-up is worth between 10 euros or 20 euros less, so we will save that money on our next purchase.

    SHEIN gift cards are valid for 120 months from the date of purchase.

    how to save money on shein
  5. Use cashback apps to shop at SHEIN

    Cashback apps are mobile apps through which we can buy in various stores and when we finish making our purchases they will return us a certain percentage of money from them that ranges between 2% and 20% as it currently is the case of SHEIN.

    The great discount that we can obtain with the cashback apps is very striking. One of the interesting applications to obtain money thanks to your purchases is Letyshops.

    how to save money on shein
  6. Avoid shipping costs

    Shipping costs for orders over 29 euros are free at SHEIN. It is best to place orders at this price or higher to avoid paying shipping costs and therefore pay less money saving on your SHEIN purchase.

  7. Avoid customs

    Your order may be stopped at customs and in this case you will only have to pay this tax or ask SHEIN to pay it for you. But you should keep in mind to save at SHEIN and buy cheaper than this possibility exists.

    Normally orders are randomly stopped at customs and a tax will be imposed if the content of the order does not correspond to its invoice or the price of the order is higher than the customs limit.

    If you buy an order higher than the customs limit of your country, you should trust SHEIN with closed eyes because they divide your order into other smaller packages that one by one will not exceed the customs limit of your country.

  8. Get together with other people

    To avoid shipping costs you must place a larger order, and if you are only interested in two things you may not reach the minimum to get free shipping. Therefore, ask family and friends if they want to buy something on this page so you don't buy alone.

You have read all the current ways to save at SHEIN in this article, but you should know that all the necessary information is available in all the articles in this blog.