How to sell more on Vinted: How to make your products more VISIBLE?

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Get more customers to see your products with these Vinted algorithm tricks to learn how to sell more on Vinted.

Hello everybody! We are back in yet another installment of my articles on Vinted and as a good seller of Vinted you will have noticed that selling at Vinted without fading and without pulling your hair momentarily is almost impossible.

We have those "special" moments of the month where we want to write a hate letter to Vinted so I keep writing new articles about this second-hand clothing sale app. Why?

Because it is already clear to us that we are "in love" with Vinted and we have nothing more to learn . How does the Vinted algorithm work?

And for those of you who do not know what an algorithm is, I will tell you that it is very necessary to know that it is in these very digital times that they are running.

And it is that the algorithms we live in all social networks and digital applications, and these govern since they judge which publications will come out ahead of others, and which will end up exiled in the darkest part of the digital world.

As well! The desperation to sell is over! Because today I am going to predict which witch Lola with my crystal ball, and trying to remember everything I have experienced with my sales in Vinted, what rules the Vinted algorithm has so that you start to be calmer for your sales, and I also I remember these tips to myself!

And it is that we come from a period of pandemic where we waiting a looooong time to reopen vinted , and that if we wanted to sell more than before, now we want to sell the triple to recover this time. Although in the fact of selling more, we can only influence doing what is in our hands , the rest is in the hands of the universe.

And if you have not read my other article with almost 30 tips to sell in Vinted that I wrote quite a few months ago when I was a young girl and I did not have these two gray hairs that just came out, I leave it at the foot of this article so that when you finish go and read it because it has no waste.

How to sell more thanks to the Vinted algorithm

Well, as the Vinted algorithm said, it is the one that decides if our wonderful products that we have uploaded to our closet are going to be seen or not by the rest of the Vintie community.

If these are going to appear as soon as possible in three places:

- On the home page.
- In the categories.
- In the searches that users make.

This way of appearing in the different sections of Vinted I want to clarify that it is a way of appearing that is organic , this means that we do not pay for it, but rather that it is the Vinted algorithm that judges whether we should appear or not, and when We will and this will make us sell more on Vinted.

Why do you need to know how the Vinted algorithm works

I have worked on this mega drawing for you to understand why it is necessary to know how the Vinted algorithm works:

como vender mas en vinted

This is a simplified design of a sales funnel and it tells us that the more users see our product announcements, the more users will interact with them either by liking or writing to us for questions, and therefore we will get a few buyers from all those views.

So, the more views we have we will be able to sell more in Vinted , so it is clear to us that knowing Vinted's algorithm we can appear more times before users and have more sales?

How to Trick the Vinted Algorithm

It is time to become computer magicians to sneak into Vinted's mind, learn the ins and outs of his algorithm and become the salesperson that every second-hand clothing sales application would like to have.

Vinted algorithm features

  • Virality

    This Vinted algorithm key is related to the home page of the Vinted website or app, where the newly loaded products are shown, and the individually promoted ones that are mixed with the new products. And in strips that cover the entire width of the web we find users who have promoted their entire wardrobe.

    como vender mas en vinted

    The Vinted algorithm rewards those products that just like being uploaded and displayed at the beginning of the web have likes more quickly. If so, it will continue showing the product longer, if not it will go down in history. You only have one minute of glory, because there are many users who do not stop uploading products and that makes it impossible for everyone to be shown on the Vinted home page.

    Solution: I told you about it in the other article, but the solution is for you to take good photos, of the type that when you scroll through a website you stop to see it, otherwise you will not go unnoticed.

  • Coincidence

    This point has a lot to do with the searches that a user does in the "Search" box.

    como vender mas en vinted

    A user can search for a pair of clogs, but if he puts sandals and not clogs in your description, Vinted's algorithm will show the other girls' clogs first. So you lose visualizations and you lose sales.

    Solution:you need to write the titles and descriptions as your buyer would. You have to be very attentive to the details.

  • Price

    Regarding the categories that Vinted shows under the "Dresses", "Shoes", "Pants" sections, ... you have to know a few things.

    como vender mas en vinted

    A user can search for a pair of shoes and the results show that the first products have cheaper prices and mix some more expensive products.

    This means that Vinted does not show in its categories the products ordered with respect to the popularity of the seller, the likes of the product, or the time it has been published. If not regarding the price.

    Solution: for this the only solution is that you put a price neither too low nor too high. Look at the prices of these products that appear first in the categories and imitate them to Sell ​​more in Vinted ..

Well I hope this article has been very very helpful. I will continue to update it as I conduct further research on the Vinted platform so that we can continue to sell more.

I recommend you continue reading the article how to sell on Vinted where you will find more tips for selling on Vinted, or an analysis of the best Vinted profiles . See you in the next article!

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