Accelerate your sales. These are the efect most effective tricks that nobody tells you about Vinted! Making money selling your second-hand clothes on the Internet is possible!

Author of the article: Olalla Mellado Editor and manager of trending digital content.
how to sell on vinted

Vinted is the perfect platform if you want to sell your clothes as a second hand on the Internet, because they do not take commission from your sales !, and you can also sell in other countries such as France or Belgium. Shipping costs will be paid by your customers!

If you also want to know how Vinted works to sell I have written this guide with tricks since in specific and finite periods of time many of us Vinted sellers have a drop in sales, and it's time to re-analyze what is happening in our closets.

Known for its ads, Vinted recently took first place in the ranking of most used fashion sales applications, buying the famous platform Chicfy and Pequefy, which until the growth of Vinted were the best in the sector.

Of course you can also access through the. Vinted web that will facilitate the use of this platform on a computer.

You have nothing to envy of Wallapop for its high specialization in fashion, since everyone at Vinted knows that they will sell and buy fashion when they enter the web, contrary to the generalization of Wallapop.

However, I want to detail that despite the fact that the platform is focused exclusively on second-hand sales, some brands and resellers who start on the Internet also use this platform to start gaining confidence, although originally Vinted was not created for this type of sale . The result of sales on this website is completely true.

Earnings on these platforms may vary. However, buyers do not usually invest more than 20 euros in their purchases, and from these prices they prefer to make their purchases in first-hand stores. This means that even if you resell first hand, your prices can never exceed this amount.

In this article I am going to give you the tips and tricks to get you selling fast on Vinted. However, if you are a beginner and still do not have a configured profile or have doubts about packaging in Vinted, you can read my comprehensive guide "How Vinted works" to clear all doubts.

Tricks to know how to sell more in Vinted

Not everything is as simple as it appears. And after a while using the platform you can start to know how to sell more on Vinted, and what not to do to avoid blocking your sales, let's go with these tricks on how to sell Vinted much more professionally!

  • Use the labels

  • This advice is exceptional. When you see that your sales decline and those of other users say no, that's when you know this trick. Many customers use the search engine to find the item they are looking for, for example “pleated skirt”. But the Vinted categories are general, the search engine results will be guided by the words of your product description. Tags are used to give clues to the search engine. Include in your description words related to your article such as: #skirt #midi , for example, this will make you rise in the results compared to other products. Make it easy on the search engine.

  • Be careful with the language of your descriptions

  • France is the country that buys the most at Vinted. By culture, the Spanish public is not so used to making second-hand purchases. For this reason, within your description you can include your description in French using the translator, in this way when French customers do searches they will find your articles and boost your sales number.

  • Enhance your ad photos

    It seems like a very hackneyed and unimportant example. But most of the time if your photos are not good, users will skip your products in the list when they do their searches, since it will not highlight them on the wall. In addition, they will ask you many questions about the parts of the article that are not seen in the photo.

    I myself have tried to decipher if a black coat had cuffs or not because the photo had been taken without lighting and the cuff was completely unnoticed.

    Therefore, take photos of the garment with light, with a medium-quality camera so as not to lose definition. Take photos of him from the front, from the profile and from the back, also some of detail. Avoid using the camera flash to avoid reflections.

    In this article you have more detailed information on how to take pictures for Vinted in a simple and cheap way.

  • Reduce returns

    To prevent users from making so many returns, you must not make mistakes in the information of the article or not leave it incomplete so that they cannot claim.

    If you do not want to make mistakes in the information you write in your Vinted ads, it is important that you make an inventory with all the details of each product. (Ok, But How do I make a return on Vinted?)

    That is, take note of the details of each garment to ensure that the information is accurate.

  • Beware of user questions

    You'll save a lot of time by being careful with customer questions. By trial and error it has been discovered that customers who ask a lot are for being too lazy and usually do not buy. Some questions may be totally reasonable, such as questions about garment measurements, fabric or color. Other clients will ask you for more photos if the photos you have uploaded to the garment are not well appreciated. Despite the continuous questions, around more than five may be because the user is hesitating too much in their purchase decision and therefore it is probable that they will not buy from us.

    On the other hand, from the community of vendors in Vinted they recommend us to be careful with “clients” who ask for more or explicit photos since they can be male users on deck who do not come to buy anything.

  • Promote your products

    Standing out on Vinted is easy . Also standing out for the rest will give us more possibilities to sell.

    To accelerate the sale of your articles, there is the possibility of promoting your articles. This promotion can be done individually in each product in the "Highlight" option, for 3 days or for 7. You can also highlight the entire wardrobe for a week. This means that you will occupy a line in the results of the users inserted in their searches.

    I recommend you to promote a product for three days and with good photos. Within days, repeat the action with another article.

  • Take care of your presence

    A professional and well-cared profile picture of you, along with a detailed, friendly and kind description of yourself. In addition to a loving customer service via messages, and a delicate and beautiful packaging of the products, they will add points for customers to trust you, leave you good opinions and also help you stand out in Vinted as a seller.

  • Sell non-prohibited items

    In order not to waste your time uploading products that Vinted will later eliminate, I propose to sell only what is not prohibited.

    What can NOT be sold at Vinted?

    You cannot sell counterfeits or imitations, medicines or contact lenses or liquid, samples of products, girdles, beauty products such as eye line, mask, lipstick, moisturizers, eyeshadow or blush, underwear, piercing for intimate areas. Everything that is not clothing: phones, cameras, books, etc.

    What YES can be sold at Vinted?

    You can sell everything and only what is clothing. You can sell used shoes, t-shirts, sweaters, pants, dresses, shoes, sweatshirts, vests, foulards, caps and other clothes that can be put on except for the intimate.

    Then, when someone likes your product you can make them an offer , and you offer it for € 5.99 or 6.99, as you like. The customer will be praised for your offers and will have more desire to buy it since they will think that for that price someone else could take it out of their hands.

  • Open an Instagram profile

    Instagram is the social network par excellence of fashion companies to extract the largest number of customers. Open a profile with the name of your vinted account and the link to your vinted in the biography and start publishing what you sell with the hashtags #fashion #cheap #buy #lookoftheday #secondhand #vinted and the same in French since we have french clients.

    As a reinforcement you can open a facebook profile also with your name and link to your vinted store and add users who like publications of famous fashion stores: zara, h & m, c&a, primark, ... then publish your clothes in this profile. Try to generate conversation with these users to give confidence.

  • Learn how to get followers on Vinted

    Having followers on your Vinted profile is a signal to your future buyers that you are a reliable seller and therefore you will sell more on Vinted.

    So I want to explain how to get followers on Vinted.

    Your followers should always be people already registered with Vinted. They usually follow you naturally when you promote your wardrobe or product, which is when you appear to other Vinted sellers on the front wall.

    Therefore, promoting your wardrobe or products is one way to get followers on Vinted.

    Another way is to start following other accounts, and wait for this follow-up to be returned to you. This way of getting followers is very common, since it is done in most of the remaining social networks .

    Your photographs are also an essential key to follow you. And it is that fashion is sold visually, and in general we are attracted by the beautiful photos that emanate from us that we can buy an incredible garment at a low price. So take adorable pictures wearing your clothes. This means, a well-groomed, well-groomed skin, a smile and a pleasant pose with good lighting that evokes fashion, will make users attract you to follow you.

    Finally, users you attract from social networks who like your clothes can register with Vinted and start following you. So keep fostering these relationships on social media.

  • Offer a discount

    Inside your package, add a paper or cardboard card (as simple as printing from Microsoft Word), a little sheet, it can be half a page or smaller where you put the following message (in the language that suits you):

    LOGO OR IMAGE (YOUR SIGN OF IDENTITY) Thank you very much for buying me!
    I want to give you a 15% discount on your next purchase in my store Just open a private conversation with me and ask me to give you the discount.

  • Includes a gift in the package

    A small gift always inexpensive so as not to decrease your sale such as a lollipop, a bauble, a bonbon, a cheap pendant, a keychain, a bracelet, ... it is a detail that will show your client that you care about them and make sales with love. This will make them come back to you on next occasions to buy from you. (How can I send cheaper by Vinted?)

  • Invite them to follow you on Instagram

    They will not only see your products on Vinted, but on Instagram. I recommend that with a card inside the package you add your url to your Instagram profile and invite them to follow you. Not all your buyers will follow you but the followers you receive will be welcome. Give them back too, and start giving daily likes to their posts and comment while you upload your articles, this will always remind you of your existence.

  • Get products to sell

    If you are fond of selling and you don't have any more clothes left, you can get family clothes. There are many people who do not have time to sell and have clothes that occupy their closet and do not let you order it as they would like.

    Ask friends, friends, neighbors, your mother, your partner, your brother-in-law or your sister-in-law, everyone! (Is it better that I sold my used clothes on Zalando and not on Vinted?)

  • Increase prices by season

    The different pieces of clothing that you can put on sale in your Vinted wardrobe usually correspond to a specific station, and will be those requested by users. By having more demand we can make a price increase. This way you will earn more money by increasing the price of these garments by a few euros if you reach the original price and always be fair.

  • Package your Vinted orders like a pro here

  • Promote only potential products

    Promoting the products or your wardrobe is mandatory to reach more customers since Vinted places us on the main wall and in suggestions. But promoting any garment is not optimal if you do not want to lose money. Save money promoting only those clothes that correspond to the season or that are very fashionable.

  • Take care of your merchandise

    I recommend that you keep all the clothes you are going to sell in a cardboard box, well folded and with an air freshener. As for example the Mercadona talc freshener for clothes, since it is cheap and leaves a very strong clean smell.

    Ideally, you should not use those garments that you have in your wardrobe, since they will deteriorate with use and will not correspond to the description you gave at the beginning.

  • Increase the maximum number of products

    The more products you upload to your profile, the easier it will be for users to buy something from you since they will have a choice. Although they have seen a garment of yours that does not convince them in the gallery if they end up in your closet and you have more garments, you can boost future sales.

  • Increase prices of what sells most in Vinted

    And it is that you upload garments and garments and more garments to your wardrobe and you can continue to upload garments night and day but then they buy you some and others do not, and that all of us who sell at Vinted know this ...

    So I want to share with you what I have sold several times, not just once, not two, not three, maybe even four, because I had it repeated in the closet. In this way you can ask for more money for these clothes than for the others when it comes to selling at Vinted.

    I also give you in this list the most sold colors, although in reality we can summarize them in those colors that are the most basic since they are more combinable, but let's see it!

    Winter clothing

    • Almost heeled ankle boots: black and brown.

    • Gray and black sweaters

    • Beige, gray and black trench coats

    • Parka coats with fur inside, neutral colors

    Light clothing

    • Blazers: white, black, blue, and brown colors

    • Long-sleeved shirts: blue, neutral colors, traditional cuts

    • Black pleated skirts

    • Denim-style long-sleeved jumpsuits

    • Moccasin shoes / shoe with brown coordinators and traditional white sneakers

    • Low-sleeved bodysuits that make a good figure

    • Summer garments

    • Denim shorts

    • Flowy ruffle dresses

    • Jumpsuits shorts


    • Watches and bags: elegant, dressy, neutral colors.

  • Adjust prices

    The key is prices. Users will filter their products by price. Each client has a pocket and preferences. The best thing to get the price you want for your garment is to set a profit that you want to get and add 4. For example, you want to win with a jersey 6 euros, and you add 4, you have a final price of 10 euros, which You will end up in decimals like 9.99 euros because this way your client will have the perception of paying less.

  • Decrease prices of what sells the least in Vinted

    DAfter seeing what sells the most in Vinted we have to name those garments that we can have in our wardrobe days, weeks, years, ... and we are not so lucky to sell them.

    And it is that like in real fashion stores, not all garments are successful to sell, we may like at that time that we buy them but they are not to the liking of other people.

    Or that they are very temporary or specific garments and it is difficult for someone else to do it or they will not have the opportunity to put it on.

    However sometimes these garments are not sold because you have not given details in the description or the photographs are not well done and they look very dark.

    These are some of the items that cost the most to sell on Vinted:

    • Long pants (more baggy ones will be sold)

    • High-heeled shoes or stilettos

    • Long garments

    • Very large sizes of clothing or shoes

    • Very bright party wear

    • Wedding dresses or suits

    If you have clothes that are difficult to sell and you want to get rid of them, what I recommend you do with the clothes that are difficult to sell is to lower them in price or go to other stores where they buy clothes and sell them for you.

  • Re-upload your products

    Another trick to sell more on Vinted is to re-upload your product. In other words, if some days go by and with promotions that product is not sold, you can upload it periodically so that other users see it on the main panel. A way of promoting without paying although somewhat laborious.

  • Respect the best time to post on Vinted

    As in social networks, there are hours when if we publish our articles it will give us a higher performance, that is, we will get more likes, and some purchase.

    During the day the best hours to post are between 10 am and 1 pm. Between people getting 100% day, and the 13 that is when people start making food, picking up children and so on.

  • Respect the periods for promotions

    Normally the central weeks of the month are those in which the most sells, since people usually charge either the last week or the first week of the month, with the two weeks in between being the second and third where you can get more sales because users they already have money. So if you promote the products in this range you will have a greater return on the money invested and sell more in Vinted.

    On the other hand, the best days to sell are Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Sundays. Here I do not have a reason, but they are the days where I like and buy the most movement I have obtained since I started selling in July 2019.

  • Put your clothes on

    Another trick to selling faster at Vinted is to put your clothes on. It is easier for potential customers to imagine what the garment will look like if the photos you upload are of the garment worn by a person. You can take pictures of yourself or convince a friend and take all the pictures of all your clothes in one fell swoop (Ok, But How do I take photos for Vinted?).

    If you choose to take pictures of yourself with the clothes you can use a selfie stick to hold the mobile. In my case I had a SLR camera before Vinted arrived in Spain, so I use it on a tripod with a remote control with which I shoot the camera. In addition, I use two light bulbs from Aliexpress that in an offer cost me 30 euros both, and a background frame for photography also from Aliexpress, very light and in the background a roll of two-meter white plastic tablecloth that I bought in the Chinese near my house.

    In this article you have more detailed information on how to take pictures for Vinted in a simple and cheap way.

  • Write reviews of your own clothes on your blog

    Facebook has an interesting large number of groups for bloggers and especially fashion. Take advantage of writing a review on your own blog describing your clothes with the links to Vinted and publish these articles in the Facebook groups that you have joined with your Facebook user in this way you can attract users to buy from you, and although not They buy you if they read your articles you can always position yourself in Google for terms by which people search to buy, for example "Vinted dresses" (this is a little more advanced, but if you have understood it better, if not I will explain it soon).

  • Use the magic Instagram Hashtag

    Prepare your Instagram. Make it very nice with your profile photo because on Instagram the hashtag #Vinted is already used, and people use it to publish their clothes, also use the hashtags of #segundamano and their French namesakes since we live with French sellers and buyers # secondemain. I recommend uploading a photo a day using these hashtags and giving some likes to the people who publish in that hashtag who will be attracted to your profile where they will find your link to your Vinted gallery.

  • Get the most out of Pinterest by sharing pins

    Pinterest is a wonderful digital opportunity to call more people to our Vinted profile.

    When you share a "Pin" I mean a photo on the social network of images Pinterest where there is usually a great fashion community, we attract public to that photo that being striking (it will be if you have done the photographic duties, we will talk about it in another post ) in which we can add a link to each one that leads to that garment in Vinted or to our Vinted profile in general.

  • Youtube is in fashion

    YouTube, the most popular video and search engine in this format, can also give us the ability to have more clients.

    It is that you create a YouTube channel where you have a very simple job to do, and that is that when you take your photos of the clothes to upload to Vinted you also make some small videos of the clothes in motion, wearing them.

    When you have this video assembled with very simple programs that you will find on the network, you just have to upload it and in the description add your Vinted link. Remember in the video that they can buy your clothes at Vinted and that they will find them in the description link. Yet another source of potential customers!

I hope this article helps you, and above all that you do not make decisions without having tried it before. Vinted is not a dangerous platform, nor is its activity. Actually the problems you may have are very ephemeral, so go ahead!