How to sell at Zalando [Guide for Fashion Brands] EASY AND QUICK

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Give your business a boost by learning how to sell at Zalando. It's simple and has great potential to open up new sales channels for your fashion brand. Give your business a boost by learning how to sell at Zalando. It's simple and has great potential to open up new sales channels for your fashion brand. Today I'll explain how to do it.Today I'll explain how to do it.

It is true that nowadays having a fashion brand is an arduous task, although not difficult. It is a lot of work. And that's why it's very important to find the slightest loophole to boost yourself. The case of Zalando as a sales bridge between our fashion brand and customers will expose us to thousands of users.

In this article I want to show you how to sell at Zalando, because the truth is that the information on the net about this subject is not very wide, and it is time to know more about it.

What is Zalando?

Zalando is a marketplace, or in Spanish a mega online shop where various products of different types are sold, in the case of Zalando fashion and accessories, both its own and external brands.

how to sell on zalando

How to sell on Zalando?

It is time to understand how to sell at Zalando. In July 2020, Connected Retail was finally inaugurated, the programme to connect Spain's physical fashion shops with Zalando.

Selling at Zalando is a real way of marketing our brand of clothing or accessories. It is also free during the first three months. A very positive service for those physical shops in Spain. Through its Connected Retail system, Zalando connects with the brands to form an alliance.

Any brand can use its platform and connect to sell its stock of clothes or accessories. A way of selling that helps current businesses a lot, avoiding having to invest in initial marketing to sell their products and speed up their income.

Zalando's objective is to serve as a digital shopping centre and push thousands of Spanish fashion companies to have daily orders coming in from the Internet and join the new era.

Advantages of Selling in Zalando

Before starting to sell at Zalando you should know the advantages of this:

- Solve your digital problems. Your own site where you can sell without any marketing or web costs.
- Payment security. Payments are secured by Zalando without you having to worry about it.
- Controlled platform. The web platform is controlled and maintained daily by Zalando, you can forget about this work.
- Stock control. You can choose how much you want to sell so as not to overload yourself.
- Free returns. Zalando does not charge commission on those products that are returned.

The commissions for selling at Zalando, although not described on its website, vary depending on the product sold. And it also charges a monthly fee for selling at Zalando except for the first 3 months.

Steps to start selling at Zalando

Learning how to sell on Zalando is very simple, just follow these steps

  1. Sign up for their programme

    Access the website of Connected Retail and join the programme with the details of your venue or fashion company.

    how to sell on zalando
  2. Connect your stock to the Zalando website

    To connect your stock you have to export an excel file that must contain the data they ask for. Such as article name, description, sizes, colours, etc.

  3. Receive orders

    Start receiving orders with the notices you will get from the Zalando platform. A convenient and simple way to send orders from your shop.

  4. Send your package

    From their platform you can print the corresponding labels and documents to create your package and send it.

  5. Receive your monthly income

    Zalando keeps a commission on each product you sell. But every month you will receive your profits by transfer to your account.