How to sell SHEIN Clothes? - Step by Step Guide Super easy !!

Make extra money by selling with SHEIN today. Take advantage of the SHEIN fashion store and learn how to sell SHEIN clothes easily and simply.

Author of the article: Olalla Mellado Editor and manager of trending digital content.
how to sell shein clothes

SHEIN is a company of Chinese origin that sells modern clothes at a really good price. If you want to get started in the fashion business and learn how to sell clothes on SHEIN in this article you have the step by step of how to do it very easily.

How to sell SHEIN Clothes

Selling SHEIN clothing is simply about selling the clothing that we buy to other people for their price plus an extra cost that is our profit or at the page price. It is a procedure to earn money that has become popular in Latin American countries. It can really be done anywhere in the world, including Spain, due to the international shipping of this store.

How much do you earn from selling SHEIN Clothes?

Surely you are interested in knowing how much is earned by selling SHEIN clothing . What you earn from reselling SHEIN clothing will depend on how you sell the clothing:

- Sell SHEIN at page price : which means that you sell clothes at the same price on the web simply by showing people the SHEIN catalog to choose from. It is a sale more similar to the catalog sale. To Sell SHEIN at page price you must apply coupons, points, gift cards, cashback applications, reduce shipping costs, use offers and all those tricks that you can think of to get discounts on SHEIN and that will be your benefit, and not an extra cost that you raise to the client above the price.

- Sell SHEIN with an extra cost : in this case when selling SHEIN clothes with an extra profit for you, you also apply all the tricks to save and also take the benefit of the sale. Although it seems unfair, this is your profit for managing the order even for taking it to the customer.

Remember that all SHEIN tricks to sell cheap SHEIN, save by selling, earn points, coupons, use cashback and gift cards you will find on this page, just scroll to the bottom of the page to go to the next article.

Steps to sell SHEIN clothing at page price

Learn How to sell SHEIN Clothing at page price. It is a more personal one-to-one and less automated way of selling where you simply buy from SHEIN the clothes that other people ask for since many people do not want to make their purchases because they only want one or two garments and do not want to pay the expense of Shipping and buying from you that you will make a joint order is the simplest:

By the way! The other day I found this page where they let you sell their earrings, necklaces and bracelets without you having to spend any money, if you like the idea here is the article where I explain it to you.

You may be interested to know ...! That this way of selling SHEIN clothes is only being carried out in the Latin American countries and if you are reading this article it is likely that you are from these countries, in my case, from Spain it is not seen that people sell SHEIN clothes in this way, here there is more resale from Aliexpress, Dropshipping, and other similar activities, although these are just trends.

  1. Find clients : the first thing is that you look for clients. Start by asking your family what new clothes they need, if they like something from SHEIN. Do the same with your friends. You can open social networks as a Facebook user and add users from your nearby area and publish that you make these requests.

  2. Collect points and coupons : you need points, coupons, gift cards, cashback applications and everything that can make your SHEIN order cheaper to have a greater profit to be made reselling.

  3. Place the order : After you have gathered a few buyers, place your order applying all the ways to save in SHEIN.

  4. Distribute your order : when your order arrives you have two options and it is to ask people to come to your house or to a specific point to pick up their clothes or take them but you will have to pay for the fuel and it may no longer be economical for you so you can always put a small cost to take it home.

Steps to sell SHEIN clothing like a true professional

SHEIN clothing can also be sold as a professional with these steps that I will indicate now:

  1. Know your budget

    How much money can you invest in your first purchase? How many clothes will you buy? I recommend you buy between 12 and 20 pieces of clothing and spend around 80 euros. Take advantage of the discounts on the web to get cheaper clothes, you will also have free shipping for being a large purchase.

  2. Define your style

    The great thing about SHEIN is that it is a store that sells a multitude of fashion products. You can choose to sell dresses, or even bags, shoes or sweatshirt, perhaps swimsuits, it is in your hand. But you should know that when you choose what to sell it is interesting that you opt for a line that matches a woman's style, for example: blouses are worn by women who work in the office, maxi dresses by women who love the boho style, bodysuits with bold neckline for young women, etc.

    You know this is important because when you create an advertisement on the Internet to promote your clothes, you must indicate parameters such as age, city where you live, tastes or work of the people who are the ones who can buy you the most.

  3. Open your profile and Instagram

    Instagram is the social network of choice to sell fashion. Choose an interesting name that is catchy with what you should sell, a short name and easy to pronounce. Prepare your profile with a description that defines you.

  4. Get points

    As we have discussed previously, points are exchangeable for discounts on your purchase. Get points from the different existing ways to obtain a greater discount when making your purchase.

  5. Make your purchase

    Use the platform to register as a normal user. Go adding the clothes you want to buy to the cart. Have your discounts on hand to use when you buy the clothes. Buy neutral sizes that will fit most women like M, L, or XL. Write down in a spreadsheet each garment you buy, initial price, size, color, description, add your extra cost and you will get the price for that garment.

  6. Photograph your garments

    The first items you buy are the ones that will last the longest in your stock. Photograph them in an interesting way by putting them on so that users can see how they look and that they combine with each other by their tones and way of arranging them. Edit them professionally.

  7. Start uploading content to Instagram

    Start uploading your photos to Instagram and ask for private prices in the description. Upload a daily photo and a storie. Interact with other potential users who may buy from you to get followers. You can buy a few initial followers so that more people will be encouraged to follow you. Run advertising campaigns if you have a budget, if you do not continue to attract people daily with your photographs and good work.

  8. Charge your clothes

    You can collect your garments, if you do not have an online store (for example, Shopify or Wordpress Woocommerce) through Paypal or even upload them to Ebay to sell them although this platform has a 10% commission on sale plus the payment per ad of 30 cents (although the first 50 are free) and the transfer of the money to Paypal with a commission of around 4% of earnings.

  9. Send the garment to the customer

    You should choose a shipping company whose shipping costs are cheap but also do a good job. In Spain you can work with Correos or Mondial Relay. Pack your garment with sturdy bags. You can find beautiful colored and very professional bags on Aliexpress, you can even stamp your logo with an ink stamp on them.

  10. Register as an entrepreneur

    When you have managed to sell 5 garments, it is recommended that you register as an entrepreneur so that you can declare your earnings legally. You can choose to have an advisor or do your calculations yourself depending on the country you are in.

As you can see, you know how to sell clothes on SHEIN is really simple and you can start today. What matters is that you start and be consistent. Keep reading the rest of the blog articles where you will learn even more about how to make money in fashion.