How to share Netflix between two or more people [2 Options]

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Eager to share Netflix with others? Watch out for these two interesting options that you will find in this article and with which you will be able to share your Netflix account with two or more people.

If you have an account and want to know how to share Netflix with others you should know this first:

You cannot share your Netflix account with other users outside your home.

Because Netflix will block your account. But you can share your Netflix account if it is Standard (2 users) and Premium (4 users). In the basic mode other users inside your house will not be able to see Netflix at the same time as you, so how do you share Netflix between 2 or more people?

Let's get to it! Today I bring you two options to choose the one that best suits you and share your Netflix account. One of them I found online and the other one I took out of my sleeve because the first one seemed a bit modest.

How to share your Netflix account?

These two ways of sharing your Netflix account will make you fall in love and inspire you to share always following the Netflix rules. Starting from the fact that you need to have a Premium Netflix account of 15.99 euros per month, we will see what we can do to make it profitable:

  1. Use Together Price

    how to share a netflix account

    Logether Price is a platform for sharing subscriptions. Besides Netflix we can share other subscriptions such as Spotify, Office 365, Google Play or Apple Music among others.

    This app allows you to share your Netflix Preium account with other users for a price of 3.99 euros plus 0.99 euros that the platform will get. Each month you will be credited with your share. You only need to create a user on the platform and create your offer. You must share with the user your username and password that you create in Netflix so that they can access.

    When you have a premium account, it only differs from the basic one in that 3 more users besides you will be able to have their separate accounts with username and password. And with the premium account we can have HD and Ultra HD when watching the series.

    So really with Together Price what does the person who is "renting out" the other Netflix accounts to other users gain? Knowing that 0.99 euros will go to the Together Price platform it is only the platform that earns money, and the renter that wins with a cheaper Netflix, but... Why are we buying a premium subscription if it's to share the account with users outside our home? What motivates us? We are not earning anything, but the Together Price platform is!

    Why take the risk and trouble of paying for a multi-account when you can buy the basic one? just to save 4 euros? Well... Together Price in the end it is useful if you want to share a multi-account with your relatives and be good to them, right?

    If this option works for you, great, but as an alternative to share Netflix, I came up with the following option.

  2. Use Paypal subscriptions

    how to share a netflix account

    What less than earning some return that since we carry the responsibility of paying 15.99 euros a premium account per month of Netflix to share it per month.

    That's why Papypal is an alternative option to charge the other three users on your Netflix account and get some return. Just create an account at Paypal and create a recurring payment link.

    To do this, when you are registered, go to:

    >> Paying and receiving payments
    >> Create Paypal button
    >> Subscribe
    >> We fill in with the customer's price
    >> We put the name of the client (Example (Jose - Netflix payment)
    >> Click on create button
    >> Click on Email and we will see the payment URL to give to the person we want to charge

    how to share a netflix account

    The price must be less than 7.99 which is the price of the basic subscription of one person to Netflix, so we leave the subscription of our users with whom we will share the account at 6 euros per month of which 3% is kept by Paypal, we would get 1.83 euros per user (5.49 euros per month for the 3 users if we are using a user for us), taking into account 15.99 euros which is worth the account of 4 users per month on Netflix equals 3.99 euros per user.

    It's certainly not a lot of money, but at least we don't get 0 euros from this account sharing responsibility.

    Find users to share the account

    Good! If now the doubt that comes to your mind is with whom you are going to share your NetFlix account, you can turn to family, friends, even look for people on social networks or publish an ad on digital advertising platforms, sell or undertake and achieve all your financial goals.

If you found this article interesting, you will find many more similar ones in this blog that will help you make money, sell or undertake and achieve all your financial goals.

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