How to be an event hostess and WORK to MAKE MONEY [My REAL Experience]

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Have fun while making money! Become an event hostess and work in events by helping to organize and control events in a protocol way.

Today I want to tell you about my experience as an event hostess and also explain how to become an event hostess and how I started working so that you can do it too. I tell you everything. From the positive to the negative points, their advantages and disadvantages as well as my opinion, so that you can choose if you want to join this world.

I'm glad you're reading this article because when I started the doubts about how to be an event hostess were paramount and you find yourself shaking with nerves. It is worth being an event hostess but you also have to take into account some small points.

Almost everyone has a time in their life as a hostess or similar in which they are interested in this profession, so keep an eye on this article where I give you my opinion about how to be an event hostess in a very real way.

What is an event hostess?

An event hostess are those people, can be both girls and boys, although usually in greater numbers are women, who are dedicated to helping the organization of events (conferences, festivals, dinners, galas, and other types of events) to follow the script of the event and the protocol by performing the necessary tasks in it.

The protocol of the event and the tasks of the event are different. The protocol of an event is nothing more than rules established for most events, such as where you should place the bottle and the glass on the table, where the moderator should be located, among other rules of protocol.

If you want to work as an event hostess, you must know the protocol. It's as simple as looking up the protocol of events in general on the Internet (if your hostess agency doesn't give it to you), printing it out and studying it so that when the time comes to be a hostess you act like one and put things in the right place.

The normal thing is that the agencies leave you with the organizing team just like that and if you do not know the protocol the event agencies will inform the hostess agency and they will not take you as a hostess again.

As for the organization of the event, you must know the program of the event, you must learn it since the users will ask you, and always have a watch at hand to control the times.

Advantages of being an event hostess

The advantages of being an event hostess are remarkable and I always encourage you to take a step forward and start working as a hostess even if you are a shy person or are experienced:

- The comparison between work and pay is quite positive.

- You will learn what it is like to work in a team.

- You will meet new colleagues and people from whom you will learn a lot.

- Your responsibility will be increased and you will lose your shame.

- You will get to know very beautiful places and open your mind.

- Good pay compared to other jobs.

Disadvantages of working as an event hostess

However, there are some disadvantages of working as an event hostess that you have to take into account as they will save you in many moments:

- There are colleagues who may want to make you look bad so that you are not hired again.

- It is not safe for you to work on other events after working on one, it is an unstable job.

- You must not stand out too much, because they will think you take too much interest.

- Your feet will hurt as they are many hours in high heels.

- You must always be present in some way in the minds of the hostess agencies so that they remember to call you and hire you for other events.

How to work as an event hostess

Now you will know everything you need to be an event hostess and start in this world that is really exciting and fun:

How to get a job as an event hostess?

To get a job as a hostess, it is normal to apply for job offers that you find online and send your CV to hostess agencies. You mean, how easy is that? Well, normally you won't get caught if you don't have previous experience, although it may be possible if the hostess agency can't find anyone else.

I am being as transparent as possible with you on this issue. I started out as an event hostess because I was recommended to a hostess agency, from which I gained experience and was caught up in other events.

If you have a friend who can recommend you much better. If not, you can wait for a stroke of luck and not get hostesses for an event and enter yourself. Another option is to be a promotion hostess, which are those people who promote a food in the supermarkets, a job that they like less and therefore are more open to new people, and hence as you will have experience with the customer will be interesting to hire to be an event agency.

If you have experience in customer service it will be easier for you to be hired to work as an event hostess - there are many paths that will lead you to being able to be a hostess!

How to work as an event hostess?

Working as an event hostess will normally be done in a group. Especially if you are starting for the first time it is much more useful to start with other hostesses, and if you know them much better because it will help you get through the first event, after which almost everything will be a piece of cake.

But you can also work on your own, and there's nothing wrong with that, because it will help you to take responsibility and to get a grip on yourself, by giving you the experience you need to get through life and get out of trouble.

Tasks of an event hostess

The tasks of an event hostess are varied but they are quite easy. Most of the tasks of an event hostess are the following:

- Notify users for changes in activity.

- Accompany users without wasting too much time accompanying them to the rooms.

- Passing the microphone during the question rounds of the talks.

- Attend to the needs of the speakers.

- Reorganise the elements of the presentation tables between talks.

- Welcome to the event.

- Packing the merchandising.

- Helping to arrange the chairs in the rooms.

- Give warnings through loudspeakers.

- Resolving questions from the audience.

Dressing up as an event hostess

For working as an event hostess clothes are very important. The clothes of an event hostess can be given to you by the hostess agency or you can bring them from home. If you bring it from home you will be asked for neutral clothes, that is a classic black blazer, a classic white shirt and a black tube skirt up to the knees with socks underneath in flesh colour and classic black stilettos with a medium heel.

This is the classic protocol hostess uniform, and one that every girl can have in her wardrobe. When the hostess agencies provide you with the uniform it will usually be an elastic black dress that most women wear.

The contract of an event hostess

The event hostesses are hired by the event agencies with a temporary contract that can be extended or contracted as desired, so if they make you do overtime that is usually normal due to delays in events, especially those that occur in the congresses, do not worry because finally days later you will be paid your salary accordingly.

Salary of an event hostess

In these times for the work environment you will surely be interested to know what is the salary of an event hostess. Well, I must tell you that of all the jobs in which I have had the pleasure of participating, this is one of the jobs in which the hour invested is most rewarding, as the hour is paid at around 8 euros net. So in a day of 8 hours you can earn 70 to 90 euros depending on the hostess agency.

It is a very good salary if we compare it with other salaries such as that of a shop assistant in the clothing trade where you are paid around 5 or 6 euros net per hour.

Where an event hostess works?

An event hostess can work in a congress hall, in hotels with event halls, in pavilions where parties are held, and even in university lecture halls.

There is a wide variety of places where an event hostess can work. Most of them are usually very nice and the professionals in those places are very respectful and responsible.

How to be a good event hostess?

As a hostess you have to take into account many obligations to be a good hostess:

- Have a car (this is not obligatory, but if not you will not be able to go to the event rooms that are normally outside).

- Be from the city where the event is organised (many hostess agencies do not look kindly on you coming from the city next door).

- Having a watch on hand that is too discreet. You can tie one around your neck and hide it under your dress.

- Take care and keep your dress clean. - Always have a black tube skirt up to the knee, a classic black blazer, a white shirt and a red neckerchief in your dressing room for those moments when the clothes are not provided by the hostess agency.

- Always be cordial with the assistants, but never talk too much or get distracted.

- Have classic black lounge shoes, comfortable if possible because you will be on your feet for many hours.
> - To be always in the right place, to walk with elegance and to be actively involved in the event.
>br/> - Always smile but don't laugh too much.

- Do all the work they ask of you.

- Knowing English. Although not entirely necessary, many events are in English or have non-Spanish speaking attendees. You must be able to give directions in this language.

- Know where the emergency exits, toilets and doors of the events are to answer users correctly.
>br/> - Take responsibility for those tasks you are given.

- Not to be talking too much with other hostesses.

- Don't make a sore face because of the heels. It is advisable to make heel toe movements to move your feet and encourage circulation, reducing pain.

What is the maximum and minimum age for an event hostess?

We enter a complex terrain. For an event hostess, age is a very important factor. The minimum age to become an event hostess is approximately 20 years old. The aim is for the hostesses to be mature enough to perform the tasks involved in the job.

On the other hand, from the age of 27 onwards, hostesses are already perceived as being too old for their jobs. But this depends very much on the requirements of the contracting hostess agency and the type of event at which they are to be hired.

My opinion about working as an event hostess

I also want to give you my opinion about being an event hostess and whether or not it pays to work in this position.

In my opinion I have to tell you, I have always been a shy person, and being an event hostess was one of the jobs that helped me to be more confident. On the other hand, if you are a serious person it will always be good for this type of work with protocol where more firmness is required but always with a smile.

You get to know extraordinary places and see people develop and you experience circumstances that make you change your mind and open your mind to new reflections.

On the other hand, it's not a "forever" job, it's a job for those moments when you want to make money and you don't have a main job since the schedules are very variable, and on the other hand, you may have many events in a period (April, May, June) and then you don't have any.

In my case I did between 15 and 20 events and was later determined to be "very old" because of my age, and also my height as I stood out too much because I was tall. This is what they told me when I went to one of the agencies in person since they had not seen me before.

The issue of age is not a fair one, but in the end I don't regret having worked on it, as they were unforgettable moments of great fun even if you are working.

In my case, I must say that the fact that I didn't have a car and that other colleagues had to take me along was also a handicap for me. It's very hard to have to say yes to an event and then have to find a way to get to the site without spending your whole salary.

I certainly recommend you working as an event hostess, I encourage you to go for it.

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