How to Work at Uber as Ridder or Driver [2021 QUICK GUIDE]

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Do you want to be a delivery man or a driver for Uber? Start working at Uber in either of its two modalities and get paid for what you like doing best: driving.

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Pay attention because in this article I tell you what is Uber and the two ways of working in this company: How to be a Uber driver and How to be a Uber delivery.

What is Uber?

Before I tell you how to work at Uber, you need to know a little about Uber and its background so that you have the information you need to work with them.

You are a somewhat controversial company that was born in 2016 in some regions of the United States starting with the use of automatic cars to transport people from one point to another of the cities but due to a mishap this service was cancelled.

Finally, Uber took over two services: the transport of people through self-employed drivers who join its programme and the transport service for hotel and catering orders through Uber Eats.

Uber has many other business lines besides passenger transport and home delivery with Uber Eats, although these two are the most well known. Uber is currently available in many countries in the United States, the European Union and Latin America.

In most countries Uber can carry out the transport of passengers within cities and outside them however in Spain currently only has a license to transport passengers outside cities.

How to work in Uber?

As we have seen you have exactly two modalities in Spain to work in Uber: being a conductor of Uber and being a distributor of Uber Eats. Each one of these ways of working in Uber we are going to see them more detailed so that you choose which one of them will be your option of work.

You must remember that in both options the workers are self-employed, so you must be registered or sign up to start working with them. But don't be afraid, if the job is insured there is no reason to be.

How to become an Uber driver?

An Uber driver is a self-employed person with a driving licence and his own car as a vehicle (it is not possible to use any other type of vehicle than a car, unlike Uber Eats deliverers) who lends himself professionally to take people from point A to point B in exchange for money. They are the equivalent of the taxis in our cities.

The salary of a driver from Uber is to be paid for each journey he makes. Therefore it will depend a lot on how many clients request a trip through the Uber app.

When a driver has a request for transport he must quickly pick up his passengers and take them to the destination they request.

Requirements to become a driver of Uber

In each country the requirements to be a driver of Uber are different. In the case of Spain to be able to be a driver of Uber you must have the VTC license that is the one that the taxis have by which they can transport people from one place to another.

If you don't have a VTC license you can join to drive one of the cars of some of the fleets in your city. These are other people's cars that lend themselves out to be driven. You can find out more about how to register with Uber to become a driver without a VTC license in Spain here.

Of course you must also meet the following requirements:

- To have the driving licence.
- Have passed the car's MOT or Technical Inspection.
- Have insurance on the vehicle.
- For taxis you need to have also the urban taxi license and the annual taxi magazine.
- Vehicles must be a maximum of 6 years old and less than 350,000 kilometres travelled. They must have a minimum of 5 doors, a capacity of 4 passengers and be in perfect condition.
- Your car must be among the cars of this list.

If you already have these requirements you just have to go through the steps to join Uber's team and be his driver.

Steps for working at Uber as a driver

To become a driver of Uber you just have to make some very simple steps, let's go there!

- Register. Start by registering on their website on your website.
- Upload your documents. You will have to add all the documents requested on the web about the car and your personal and business documents.
- Activate your account and that's it!

There is also the possibility that people owners of fleets of vehicles with VTC license can include their cars in Uber so that they are chosen by drivers without VTC license and can drive for Uber although currently there is not much information about it and it is known that this option is suspended for the moment.

How to become a Uber ridder Eats?

As well as being an Uber driver you can also be an Uber Eats delivery man, which can be useful if you don't have a car and still want to work with Uber, delivering orders with your bike, motorbike or scooter.

What is Uber Eats?

Uber Eats is a food ordering platform where local restaurants publish their dishes so that users can place their orders from home. Finally, it is the Uber Eats delivery staff who must take the orders from the restaurant to the customer's home.

Steps to becoming an Uber Eats dealer

To become an Uber Eats delivery boy and start receiving weekly payments by delivering orders in your city at the hours you wish, you must follow the following steps:

- Sign up for on the Uber Eats website indicating all your details and the transport you will use.
- With the "Uber Driver" app installed on your mobile you should start receiving requests.
- Go to the establishments and collect the orders to take them to the customers as indicated in the app.
- Follow your income through the web

I hope that the option of working in Uber as a driver or as a delivery man has been for you an idea that consolidates itself in your working life or that it has opened your mind to new ideas of making money like all those that I give you in my blog and that you can continue reading below.

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