🥉 How does Vinted make money? Why APP is profitable without commissions

How does Vinted make money? Why APP is profitable without commissions

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Find out why Vinted makes money today and how in recent years it has become the most popular mobile application for selling second-hand clothes within the European Union without charging sales commissions for every product its users sell from their wardrobes.

Currently there are millions of users that are in Vinted selling their second hand clothes without any commission, that is, without the Vinted application itself is charging absolutely nothing of those sales as other applications or platforms for selling second hand clothes that obtain their benefits from a part of the sale of the active users in their platforms.

So many people ask themselves how do you make money vined? Well, from the ability to be profitable of Vinted we will know how long this mobile application will last in the market and if it is profitable for us to start or continue selling in it.

The reality is that Vinted is advertised with the benefit of not having commissions, and this is really the attraction of its application. However, looking closely we can see that Vinted has other possible 'business sources' within its platform such as:

- Advertising: your platform has ads in which if we click Vinted you will get a percentage of profit. These ads are optional and each user can activate and deactivate them in their options panel.

- Promotions: There are progressively more users on the Vinted platform. More and more vendors are joining the app. This is not only positive to continue giving life to your company, on the other hand more users and more products there is more competition so it is necessary and mandatory that these promote their products to advertise on the platform ahead of other products. Users can promote items by paying between 2 and 3 euros and also promote their cabinets for 8 euros.

- Shipping: Another dubious option but one that might be true is that Vinted is making a profit on part of the shipping costs paid by buyers. This is because in contracts with shipping companies the more packages sent, the lower the costs. Therefore, the more packages Vinted has in circulation, the lower the shipping costs, but in the eyes of the sellers, these shipping costs do not vary and therefore possibly contribute a profit margin to the Vinted app.

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