🥉 How Vinted shipments work [Deadlines and characteristics]

How Vinted shipments work [Deadlines and characteristics]

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Do you have to send an order? Learn how easy it is to ship your order at Vinted. Find out which companies work with the popular mobile application for selling used clothes and from which cities you can send or not send your order so that you can be one hundred percent clear about this obligatory task in your sales.

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Today I'm going to talk to you about the shipments in Vinted and how they work. Previously I have talked about how Vinted works from how to register to how to start charging. I also wrote about 30 tips that will help you sell more and another article where I explain how the vinted algorithm works and how your products will be shown to the customers.

I am a fan of Vinted and this is because I have never known such an effective application where anyone can sell without a marketing campaign at most you just need to promote your product invest 1 euro with little and start selling.

That's why I like it so much and why I have so many articles written about this international, commission-free mobile application.

The shipments in Vinted brings us many headaches, first of all I can say that first of all you have to pack but for them I have another article that I'm going to leave you at the bottom of this post where I explain what materials are the best when packaging and that your package does not arrive broken and then the customer will have an incident and you run out of money.

Vinted shipments work very easily indeed. It is also true that it depends on what country you are in because they are selling in Spain, it is not the same as if you are selling in France or in the UK where you cannot sell outside.

How Vinted Shipping works

Here are all the details about how the shipments work in Vinted:

Do you ship to the Canary Islands?

In addition we have the problem in Spain of the Canary Islands since in the Iberian Peninsula in the Balearic Islands the shipments are normal can be carried out with all comfort.

However, in the Canary Islands do not make shipments of any kind, and can not receive products this is because in the Canary Islands transport costs due to almost always be in the air and a long distance are more expensive, is not profitable but neither is that only is Vinted but is that many of the e-commerce companies in Spain and that is why the online shops now have no shipments to the Canary Islands.

Shipping costs

Shipping costs are always borne by the buyer, i.e. they have to pay this cost.

The shipping costs can be found in the characteristics of the shipments when you are going to load a product, since it lets you choose depending on the size of your product you can put a shipping cost other.

It is true that many times the smallest shipping cost is used with larger objects of the size that corresponds to that shipping cost although it is true, and it is approved that in Mondial Relay and the Post Office shipments in which a label with a lower weight than the real product is delivered are not observing any problems or opposition to it (at the moment).

As far as shipping costs are concerned, we currently observe the following prices:

- Mondial Relay Punto Pack — 2.50€ // Max. 1kg, lar. + an. + alt. ≤ 150cm
- Correos Oficina — 2.60€ // Max. 1 kg, Largo + Alto + Ancho ≤ 210 cm
- Correos CityPaq — 2.60€ // Max. 1 kg, 60 x 49 x 40 cm
- Correos Domicilio — 3.60€ // Max. 1 kg, Largo + Alto + Ancho ≤ 210 cm

How to send in Vinted: shipping companies

The vinted shipping method is super easy, just pack your product carefully so that it is well insulated and protected. If you are using mondial relay you should print the label that you downloaded in the chat with the customer and stick it with transparent tape on top of the package, then take the package to the carrier within seven days:

- With Mondial Relay, take it to the point pack that you want, with which you will receive a receipt in your email that the package has been sent and you only have to wait until it reaches its destination.

- With Correos you don't need to print the label and you can take the package to the office of your choice. They will print the label after scanning the barcode that comes with the PDF document that you open printed in your conversation with the client.

When the package has arrived the client will have 15 days to collect it I recommend that if 5 days go by you send a message to the client to remind them that they only have 10 days left to collect it before the package returns to your house. If the package returns to your house the client will not have their product and you will not have any reward money just the product back.

Other shipping companies used in the rest of Europe are La Poste, Bpost, PostNL, Colissimo, PostLU o Correos International.

Shipping Sizes

As you can see there are three types of small, medium and large package size. You should choose this depending on the weight of the item and the sum of its dimensions height width and length.

You can also choose to personalise the delivery, for which you will have to pay a delivery charge since you choose the delivery company and will have to manage the delivery, but this is not recommended due to the difficulty of a private individual in managing a delivery company.

I hope this article has been useful to you and I will continue to write many more articles explaining more about Vinted so see you in the next article.

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