How Vinted Works to sell? Step by Step!

Earn money Selling your clothes without commission online. If you also want to earn money using Vinted I explain how to do it step by step.

Author of the article: Olalla Mellado Editor and manager of trending digital content.
how vinted works

Do you want to know how Vinted works to sell ? You are in the right place!

Vinted is a website with a free app in which you can sell your second-hand clothes without commissions and internationally in the simplest way possible and thus earn extra money and remove from your wardrobe those clothes that you no longer use.

In this article I tell you step by step how Vinted works so that you too can launch yourself to sell in this second-hand clothing store application.

What is Vinted?

Vinted is currently the best second-hand clothing website and mobile app on the Internet.

Before explaining how to use Vinted in Spanish to sell, let's start at the beginning of time. And is that knowing how Vinted was created will help you know how to get around this magnificent app for selling second-hand clothes.

The idea of Vinted was born in Lithuania in 2008 from Milda Mitkute and Justas Janauskas. It started as a website where Mitkute aimed to get rid of clothes that they no longer wore from your closet until they became a startup.

It was gradually spread through diverse countries such as France, Germany, Belgium and Spain until it became available in 12 countries, areas Vinted provides service.

The application for selling second-hand clothes Vinted has spent a large amount of money on television advertising campaigns for different countries. I get to invest so much money that I lost. However, currently he is tracing his numbers.

Vinted's most successful predecessor was Chicfy.

Everyone sold on this application and web, until Vinted appeared and was eating the market of sellers and buyers, expanding it making it international. Until the end of 2019 Vinted bought Chicfy and the small Pequefy of second-hand children's clothing.

But what is the best application to sell used clothing?

There are other applications and websites to sell used clothing. In this article we will only talk about Vinted. But we are going to focus on the best applications to sell used clothes, the other websites, applications and ways to sell used clothes.

After having used enough applications and websites to sell second-hand clothes, I can say that in my opinion, the most recommended are Vinted and Wallapop, due to the number of daily users that are active, as they are the platforms that have had the most advertising on television.

The rest of the apps have a small community and still don't have much movement.

Surely you wonder if Vinted or Wallapop is better to opt for one of the two applications.

The truth is that although Wallapop allows you to sell second-hand clothes, it is not an application where fashion is sold par excellence. The sale of technology is usually more successful since Wallapop is an application with more male audiences. However, Vinted is specialized in second-hand fashion .

In addition, Wallapop in Spain is more focused on local sales, so our sales will be reduced even if we have the option of selling by shipment. So currently I decide on Vinted to make my sales of used clothes.

Advantages of Vinted

Before learning how to use Vinted, let's talk about the beautiful things about Vinted and the advantages of this application to better understand how Vinted works :

- There are no sales commissions, all the money is for you! Perhaps you will know this, but it is a mega advantage, and that is that in the rest of the websites and applications to sell second-hand clothes, most commission you.

- Shipments are ultra easy and are paid by the buyer.

- Do not pay to upload articles, you can upload articles infinitely!

- International sale without increasing the cost of shipping costs just

- Efficient customer service. They respond quickly and help you in whatever you need.

- No perverts. In other websites where we can sell second-hand clothes, there is a male audience that has other intentions. At Vinted saving some people posing as women, we have no problem because we sell to each other.

Disadvantages of Vinted

We are going to know the disadvantages of Vinted, because it also has them although in reality they are not so serious but if the audience wants to know them, I will bring them to you, here we go!

- You cannot resell product. In other words, you can't buy on the spot to sell later because Vinted finds out (I have a trick at the end of the article so that if you want to resell you know how to do it without anyone knowing).

- You cannot sell imitations. No imitation colonies. Although it is totally logical.

- You can't sell makeup. But it almost better be so, because sometimes what is good for some of us is not so good for others and it itches us for example.

- There are more and more vendors, more competition. But the good thing is that there are also more and more buyers! The interaction is fully active.

- Sell by streaks. Maybe in two weeks they will almost buy you even the Ikea closet in your room, and the other two weeks you will not sell anything, but you will still earn money, take advantage of the push!

Vinted dangers

- Fetishists and some perverts. Vinte keeps them at bay, but if someone asks you for many photos and meaningless in addition to having to show a lot of skin, you better avoid them. However, usually not much happens.

- Luxury products. I encourage you not to sell them. Just because that way you avoid problems. Since if you do not have the sales ticket, the buyer can get the brand garment and point out that it is false because you have not sent the ticket and will keep your garment. This doesn't happen much either. But whoever removes the situation avoids danger.

- Broken product. The client can say that the garment was torn or damaged to keep it without paying. Here I recommend that you take photos of the garment while you wrap it and that your photos of the product are clear with all the details and lighting to give them as proof when you contact Vinted to claim.

How Vinted works step by step

  • Open the web or download the application

    You can use Vinted from its website ( access the Vinted website here ) or from its application both free. Your app can be downloaded on your mobile through the Play Store or if your mobile is not compatible with the app because it is old, you can download the app by apk instead of by the Google Play Store.

  • Create your Vinted profile

    You must enter the Vinted website you can register with Vinted from Facebook, Google or with the normal registration. Start filling in your details to create your account . Think about the name you will use, you will not be able to change it later , it must be one that has not been previously registered. Think about whether you want it to be your name or an impersonal nickname.

    how vinted works

    Verify your email with the email that will arrive in your inbox.

  • Fill in the rest of your profile data

    Access "Settings" and then "Profile data" and start by adding a photo of your face with good lighting to convey confidence to customers.

    how vinted works

    Add the other information they ask for, and above all, focus on writing a nice description about yourself. You can also include it in French for French clients to understand.

    Then in "Settings" AND "Shipping" add your shipping address for possible purchases you make, and for possible returns from your customers.

    You can also disable DHL or Mondial Relay as a shipping company. Mail will not be able to deactivate it.

    how vinted works

    In the payments section, you have to add a card number to make purchases and pay for the promotions of your items and wardrobe, and a bank account number for Vinted to enter your earnings.

    how vinted works

    In the batch discounts part, we can activate it so that if users decide to buy several garments from us, we can offer them a discount every 2, 3 or 5 items purchased.

    how vinted works

    In the Notifications section it is very important that we have active notifications of new messages and new followers.

    how vinted works

    In Privacy Settings we can control that the sellers do not have a notification from us when we like their clothes, and that the Vinted platform does not use your photos in the execution of the marketing of your company.

    how vinted works

    Finally and to finish personalizing your profile in this guide on how Vinted works step by step, you have to decide if you want to see advertising on the Vinted website or not. and end!

  • Photograph your product and measure it

    Photograph your product in good light. Take photos of the front, back and profile. He also photographs their flaws. If possible, take the photos put on you so that users see how the clothes look and it is easier for them to imagine how they would fit them.

    Measuring the garments, their lengths and their dimensions is important, since users will ask you for it by private chat as well.

    Focus on measuring the length and width of the garments and write it down in the product description when you upload it. For example, in the field of shoes measure them from end to heel, or in the case of the coats from the shoulder to the end.

  • Upload your product

    The product title should be written as the user would look for, for example: Black boots without heels.

    how vinted works

    On the other hand, the description must include all the details:

    - Damage.
    - Size and brand.
    - Measurements.
    - Colour.
    - Number of times the garment has been worn.
    - Tags: #jacket #blue.

    On the other hand, the language, I usually put the title in French, which I leave to your choice, I do it that way because there are more French public and they are more used to buying.

    The description is written in Spanish and French.

  • Put the price

    The price of your product should be less than the price it cost you for being a second-hand item. It must also be a price higher than the price you want to sell it at as the user will haggle privately for you.

    On the other hand, the marketing laws tell us that it is useful to end the price figures at 99, for example instead of putting € 10 putting € 9.99 to make it look cheaper.

  • Choose package size for shipping

    Finally it is time to choose the size of the parquet. For this it is necessary that you weigh the garment in a kitchen weight, for example. Up to 0.5 kg the package will be small, up to 1 kg the package will be medium, and henceforth large. You must be careful as the shipping companies will weigh the package. Very extrictos be Correos , and more flexible with weights is Mondial Relay , both shipping companies working with vinted .

    Shipping Types in Vinted

    There comes one of the most controversial sections such as how to send by Vinted , and that is when you start using this platform you like to know all the information in a clear and transparent way to know whether to embark on the adventure.

    Shipping on Vinted is very easy. They do not involve any complications as in other sales networks. Shipping charges are standardized and are never free unless you choose custom shipping .

    The shipping costs in Vinted are always paid by the buyer with the exception of personalized shipping, where you pay for them yourself, but this option is hardly used on the platform since it forces you to search for a shipping company and the costs will be much more expensive than Vinted's dealings with shipping companies.

    Shipping companies Vinted works with

    The companies that work with Vinted to ship are external companies. These are two: Mondial Relay (Punto Pack) and Correos. Normally being Mondial Relay chosen by clients from France, since it is cheaper and Correos by clients from Spain, since it is more familiar.

    Vinted Package Sizes

    Sending packages in Vinted is very simple . When you fill in an item's data to upload to the retail gallery, Vinted lets you choose different package sizes: small, medium, large, and the alternative “customize” option.

    Before explaining more about the sizes of the packages in Vinted and how to package your products, take a look at this photo that will clarify the different types of package sizes:

    how vinted works

    package Package of up to 500 grams for € 3.95 according to the official website of Vinted..

    package Package of up to 1 kg for € 4.55 according to the official Vinted website.

    package Package of up to 2 kg for € 4.55 according to the official website of Vinted.

    Personalized shipping
    It is not highly recommended, since in this option you should look for your own shipping company and this cost will be much higher than choosing Vinted's shipping companies.

  • Upload the product

    When you upload your article it will be displayed on the wall to all countries, regardless of your location. Those moments are the most important in about half an hour it will have disappeared and that is when you have to promote the products.

  • Promote your product

    You can choose between a three-day or a week promotion or to promote your entire collection.

    What does favorite mean in vinted

    If you give the product a favorite, they will give a like so a possible comparer has decided that you like your garment and adds it to favorites, that wish list that he will keep to buy it now or in the future.

    At this moment you can take the opportunity to make an offer to the potential buyer by clicking on the notification bell that you will find in the menu, and by clicking on this notification you can click on the "Make offer" button and offer a new price to encourage you to buy.

  • And if they buy it from you .... Pack the product

    How to wrap packages in Vinted

    Wrapping packages in Vinted is an art. Since in addition to being protected, the package must be visually beautiful to please the client and really cheap so as not to decrease our profit as much.

    It may sound not very elegant, but I am going to explain how I wrap them: good, beautiful, cheap and resistant.

    What I do is buy a roll of garbage bags. You have at your disposal bags of different colors such as black, gray, yellow, green and blue. I opt for black, never gray because then it does show that it is a garbage bag.

    I cut it at the request of the garment and fold it as if it were a gift gluing it with transparent packing tape. You can buy this in Chinese for just over a euro and it will supply you to wrap many packages for Vinted.

    Once this is done, for even more resistance, I wrap the package in packaging film that is like kitchen film but to pack pallets. In my case I choose the color black, so you cannot see what is inside and I wrap and glue again with the transparent tape.

    You may wonder how to stick the Vinted tag . Well, it's very easy. On top of the package already closed with the pallet packaging roll, I stick this Vinted point label (Mondial Relay - since the Post tag you don't have to stick it because they print it and they stick it in Post) with transparent packing tape. And ready!

    You can also put the garment in a box for more resistance.

    Add bubble wrap for fragile items and don't forget that the delivery people throw the packages in a not very delicate way, although not all, just in case we make the resistant package!

  • Take it to the shipping office

    Wait for a notification sent in the private chat with the client.

  • The client receives it

    When the package has arrived, the buyer will receive a message to pick it up and you will automatically receive a message advising you of this. The buyer must confirm that the package is correct so that you receive your money. Or this confirmation will be done automatically by Vinted if several days have passed.

  • Collect your money How do you get paid at Vinted?

    As soon as the client has given the go-ahead on the Vinted platform, you will receive your money in your profile and you can click on Transfer to your account. If the client does not come in to give the go-ahead and after a few days the money will be transferred automatically.

    Withdrawing money from Vinted is quick and easy. When you create your Vinted profile it asks you to add a card number and a bank account number. The card is used to pay for your purchases and product promotions and the bank account is how Vinted pays you.

If you have been inspired by this article about how Vinted works to start earning extra money selling your used clothes, it's time for you to start creating your profile and uploading your first products, a great adventure awaits you at Vinted!