Job delivering for Amazon. How do I do it? How much do I earn?

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Become an Amazon dealer! And work with the largest digital marketplace on the web today and make your career a reality.

Have you considered working as an Amazon delivery man? You have seen all those people who daily deliver their packages, you have even seen how a package arrives at your house delivered by one of these Amazon delivery people who do the work exclusively for them because it is time to know the details of these professionals who have now become their profession to deliver packages with the great and prestigious company Amazon.

What is Amazon Flex?

Amazon Flex is an initiative that Amazon has created through which it wants to help self-employed people in Spain to generate new income by delivering their packages which are those that come from the Amazon Prime system an annual subscription by which customers can buy products and receive them without shipping costs by paying a fee per year.

It is a very good opportunity if you want to generate extra income or even devote yourself entirely to being an Amazon deliverer without having to submit a resume or be judged by a company's human resource recruiter. This mechanism is much simpler, just look at the openings on their Amazon Flex website and see if you can apply or not.

How to Job delivering for Amazon?

The first thing! Without a doubt, the first step to becoming an Amazon dealer is to download their application on the Amazon Flex website and choose which location to work in.

If the city where you want to work does not appear, there are probably no vacancies at this time. But you can have the notice sent to you when there are openings in your Autonomous Community.

You will then be shown the requirements to become an Amazon dealer which you will have to fulfill strictly if you want to be included in this system:

Be of legal age, have a valid driver's license, a four door car, and know the operating system that your mobile uses, you also need Internet to manage the app while you go in your car.

All these data must be verified. Then you will be able to download the app in an easy and simple way. You will be contacted when you have been accepted as a dealer giving you further instructions.

How does an Amazon Flex dealer work?

You will be able to choose your work schedule freely with the available packages delivered for each period of time. The mobile app will show you the place where you have to pick up the package and the destination where you have to deliver it. It also suggests the best routes and you can scan all the packages with the Amazon Flex mobile app is really easy.

How much does an Amazon Flex dealer earn?

An Amazon Flex dealer charges between 10 and 12 euros an hour which would be 56 euros for each 4 hour block so if you make two blocks you will earn 112 euros.

Recommendations for becoming an Amazon Flex dealer

Before you become an Amazon Flex dealer you should take into account a few recommendations to make your work as easy as possible:

- You must know that you must be registered as a self-employed person and pay taxes like any other self-employed person to carry out this work.

- You should know that you have to have a relatively large car to store the packages and that you will have to pay for fuel and all those arrangements derived from the breakage of the car.

- It is advisable to arrive on time at your destination to see that the orders have been placed in the correct time frame and that you have been paid.

- It is good that you have a manager to help you keep up to date with all the invoices derived from your work with Amazon Flex.

- Consider whether you will be able to combine this work with your other freelance jobs to see if you will actually be able to work with them.

I hope that with all the information in this article you were able to decide whether to join the Amazon Flex submission mechanism and start working with them. If not in my blog I also have many other articles that can help you generate more income keep reading the to discover other alternatives.