Lookiero Personal Shopper Online How does it work? [Step by Step Guide]

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No time or way to choose clothes? A helping hand for your style is Lookiero, your online fashion Personal Shopper that helps you to choose clothes in an easy and simple way as you will discover in this article.

Lookiero has revolutionised the styling market and the way women choose fashion today.

Expensive personal shoppers are now becoming much more accessible and economical thanks to Lookiero. For women who are not used to choosing clothes or do not like them and who cannot follow trends or get clothes that suit their features, there is finally a solution on the net.

How Lookiero works?

In this article I will tell you what Lookiero is, how it works, its price, what are the opinions about Lookiero found on the net, and the steps to place an order on this website and get fabulous clothes that really fit you.

What is Lookiero?

Lookiero was born as a revolutionary concept within the fashion sector, which seeks to economize the service of a traditional personal shopper and make it accessible through the digital world.

It is a website where, through a digital test that compiles our tastes and characteristics, determines which garments are best for us, and the Lookiero team will take care of finding these garments to deliver them to our home.

And although there is still no Lookiero for men, we can already enjoy Lookiero for women with all body types and sizes from 34 to 48 including for pregnant women, who must indicate it during the clothing test that is done on the website.

Lookiero is active not only in Spain but also in many countries of the European Union such as France, United Kingdom, Italy, Portugal, Belgium and Luxembourg. Currently Lookiero does not have an APP but we can use it from the same website in a quick and easy way.

What is the price of Lookiero?

For all those people who are wondering: Is Lookiero expensive? We are going to solve this question.

Lookiero's consultancy price is very cheap. Since the fact that Lookiero chooses clothes for you only costs 10 euros that are discounted when you place your order at Lookiero. The price of the order that will arrive at your home will vary because some garments have a price and others another. But we are told that on average a garment has a value of 40 euros approximately, this means that it can be worth more than 40 euros or less.

Assuming that the garments that arrive at your home have a price of 40 euros and you receive 5 garments, your order will have a value of 200 euros, the price may be higher or even lower. If you keep the 5 garments you will get a 25% discount.

Lookiero for free How to try Lookiero?

Sometimes Lookiero offers us a coupon on their website to try Lookiero for free. You must be attentive to be able to hunt this coupon on their website and redeem it when you make your purchase. This coupon is usually found on the home page, stay tuned!

How do you give Lookiero as a gift?

Luckily Lookiero also offers us the possibility of giving the service as a gift to other people. Do you know a woman who shopping or choosing clothes is not her strong point? With Lookiero you can solve her problem.

Lookiero presents us with three options, a card that you can print at home, a digital card that will be sent to the email of the person you want to give or a physical gift card to hand deliver it to that special person.

This card must be purchased on Lookiero's website and loaded with a balance of between 50, 100, 200, 250 or 400 euros. You choose the amount.

The person to whom you give the gift will be able to access Lookiero and take the test to get their clothes sent to their home.

Steps to use Lookiero

If you want to order your Lookiero box of garments you must follow these simple steps:

1) Start the Lookiero test: Go to the web and start by clicking on "Create Profile". You will see how the website moves to a test where we must first choose the style of clothing that most resembles ours or the one we would like to have.

2) Continue with the questions: Click on complete profile to continue with the next question of the test and the following ones. Lookiero wants to know how you dress at every moment of your life to get an idea of what clothes you might like to wear. It will also ask you if you like to wear wider or tighter clothes, as well as if you like clothes with or without cleavage. And what your body shape is, as well as your hair and eye colour.

3) Add photos: Near the end of the test you will be asked for some photos that you can or cannot add so that the Lookiero personal shopper can get to know more about you. Remember that it is good to send photos of your face, half body and full body in front and in profile so that they can better match the clothes they choose for you.

4) Make your payment for advice: Finally you must register and make the payment of 10 euros, which is the price of the personal shoppers for choosing the garments that will be sent to your home.

5) Try on the garments: You will receive at home 5 garments from which you can choose from 0 garments to as many garments as you wish. To do so, try on all the garments, and choose which ones you want to keep. Log in to your Lookiero user and indicate which garments you would like to keep and which you would not so that the price of the garments you would like to keep will be charged to your account. If you choose to keep all the garments you will get a 25% discount.

6) Make your return: Inside the Lookiero box you have received you will have the bag with the return label printed where you must include the garments to return them. When you have finished the procedure on the website you will receive an email with the steps to follow to return the garments.

Opinions about Lookiero

Of Lookiero there are very varied opinions among them we find that it is an economical service in terms of personal shopper as on the network there are services of this type but they are much more expensive on the other hand the price of what I want may seem a bit expensive for some pockets by the fact that the garments revolve around a price of 40 € which are not bargain prices.

Another problem that we found in what I want is that people who use this service must have a good command of technology or know someone who can perform these steps for them, perhaps a family member or a friend.

Yes it is true that you must be very clear about your style of clothing to do well in the test and not make a mistake that they send you clothes that you do not like because you do not really know what suits you because in the TS they already ask you the answers about your style but they are not advising you or resolving your doubts about what may or may not suit you.

But in general the opinions of Lookiero are very positive as it is an easy to use website where we can get a result in a few seconds without having to go shopping if this process is not tedious.

As you have seen Lookiero is very close to a virtual fitting room and this website with digital personal shopper is not just an automated and robotic tool that chooses the clothes for you but in addition to a digital test behind it there is a great team of professionals in the fashion industry that will decide which garment is really good for you.

If you want to discover even more interesting tools and tips to make your life much easier I recommend you to keep reading all the articles you will find in this blog.