PatPat shipping, How do they work? Is there shipping to my country? [Updated 2023]

All about PatPat shipping! What you need to know to be able to place a low cost fashion order for boys, girls, baby and maternity. Reveal all your doubts.

Author of the article: Olalla Mellado Editor and manager of trending digital content.
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PatPat is a store of Chinese origin with a web and APP available to buy their products. Her fashion is based on clothes for boys, girls and babies, in addition to maternity clothes and things for the home. It is characterized by its really cheap prices.

We may even find that it is being sold on Aliexpress just like SHEIN does.

Discover all the details about PatPat shipping to place your order simply and easily.

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How PatPat submissions work

You must bear in mind when you place an order in PatPat that there is the preparation time of the order and the shipping time and both are different. Therefore, the order preparation time is added to the shipping time.

The shipping methods, that is, the companies that send PatPat packages to your country will depend on the specific country from which you place the order.

Prices of PatPat shipping

The price of shipping in PatPat is Free for standard shipping as long as your order is the minimum specified by PatPat. In the case of express shipping, it will also be free shipping if the minimum specified order value is met.

Types of PatPat shipping

PatPat shipping have two types:

- Express Shipping : it is a faster type of shipping. You will get this type of shipping by placing an order with a minimum cost that will depend on your country, being in Spain 84 dollars in its equivalent to euros. If this value is not reached, you will have to pay the shipping payment with 24 dollars or opt for free standard shipping. Reduce shipping time to approximately half a month.

- Standard Shipping : Standard shipping is slower but cheaper. To have free standard shipping you have to place a minimum order of $ 47 in Spain, each country being different. If your order is smaller in Spain you will have to pay around 12 dollars. The shipping time is approximately one month.

When making the purchase, you must choose the type of shipment that best suits the price and needs of time on arrival that you have.

If you do not want to make a mistake when choosing your size from Patpat learn to how to choose them in this article.

Track PatPat shipping

To track your order and know where it is at all times, you must:

- Access your uruio on the PatPat website or APP.
- Go to your orders.
- See the order you made.
- Observe where your order is with the information that the application gives you.

How long do PatPat shipping last?

PatPat's shipping time will depend on the country you are in, however the shipping times are really similar to those of SHEIN or Aliexpress.

For express shipping the shipping times are around 10 to 20 days, while for standard delivery we have a delivery time of 15 to 30 days.

You will find the table with the updated details of PatPat shipping by country here.

At the end of this article you will find the link to the table of shipping times by country and shipping costs in case it had been updated by PatPat.

Which countries does Patpat ship to?

Patpat is an online store of origin in China, that is why it makes international shipping. That is why Patpat DOES shipping to Spain, Mexico, Ecuador, Peru, Colombia, Chile, Argentina, the United States, the European Union, and all other countries. ..

If you visit the website of Patpat You will see that you can choose the language you want and it will redirect you to the website of the country in which you are in the language and with the offers for that country.

Therefore, if you want to buy in your country, it is really necessary that you first choose the country from which you buy to avoid problems.

Remember that you have 30 days to make the return or exchange of your order up to 30 days after your order arrives at your home to get the exchange or refund.

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