Sell Used Makeup [9 Websites and APPs to sell and OPTIONS to DONATE used makeup]

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Make extra money by selling used makeup! Find out what no one has told you about the market for selling second-hand makeup and start earning extra income or a bonus, and above all get a return on that makeup you never put on or that is used but almost never started.

Do you want to know how to sell used makeup? Buying and selling cosmetics is very common on the Internet today. In this article we will see the APPs and web sites where to sell used makeup but also the sites to give used makeup.

There are many of us who buy makeup and then don't use it for a while, right? well, actually I hardly ever use makeup or buy makeup beyond the typical concealers, eyeliner and other creams so as not to get dehydrated.

However, I know that many girls love makeup and at a certain point they buy makeup that later for some reason either we discover that the shade is not for us, or it does not give us room to put it on we end up thinking what do we do with this makeup? Have we spent the money for nothing?

Requirements to sell used makeupFor this reason, the modernity of the online world and digital sales have made available to us webs and apps where sell used makeup and other women can get this at lower prices while you recover part of the investment.o

Requirements for selling used makeup

Before you start selling makeup you should know that some websites or apps ask you to leave your makeup unopened, although in others not as long as it is not used in excess.

The state of the makeup must be detailed to be legal with the client.

For all these reasons I give you this general advice for when you make sale of used makeup by Internet:

- Have patience while selling until the time comes to be bought.

- Store your makeup in a place without humidity and keep it correctly until you buy it.

- Take care of the wrappings and packaging when you bring the product to avoid breakage.

- Describes the state of the product in a complete way including until its expiration date.

- Never sell expired makeup.

- Never leave the sales platform when you make a payment or give your personal data even if the customer asks for it.

- Sell on as many platforms as possible to increase your opportunities.

- Take good pictures.

Webs and Apps Where to sell used makeup

You have to know that there are specialized websites where we can sell used makeup. Currently the websites and apps to sell exclusive used makeup are few but the fact of their specialization on the makeup market makes them stand out for their interesting sales potential.

So in addition to the specific pages to sell used makeup we will only see those more generalist sale of second-hand fashion and in each of the options you can see where in the world you can use that APP or web sale of used products:

  • Vinted

    If you want to sell used makeup in Spain, Luxembourg, France, Belgium, United Kingdom or United States, Vinted is your app. The best option to sell used makeup on the Internet because it has no sales commissions and shipping costs are economic and paid by the buyer.

    The downside of selling at Vinted is that because of hygiene requirements you cannot sell makeup that has been used, if not bought and unused. This is the only requirement of the app.

    You have all the information you need to start selling at Vinted in this article of my blog.

  • Poshmark

    In case you live in the United States or Canada Poshmark is ideal as it is the most famous second hand fashion application. It is also a place to sell used makeup. In this app we have a $2.95 commission for sales under $15 and 20% when the product is priced over $15.

    In my article on how to sell in Poshmark you will find all the information you need to start selling in this app.

  • Beautiers

    Hidden in the darkest corners of the Internet we find Beautiers a website for selling used makeup in Spain.

    As Beautiers explains it is a marketplace where we can upload our own ad with our makeup for sale, and have our gallery of free products ready for you to buy from us. It has a section of Bloggers and Youtubers so you can quickly find your references selling their makeup.

    It was created by Marta Frutos, Professional Makeup Artist and YouTuber. This website is the method by which you can pay us with Visa, Paypal, American Express or Mastercard. And they will pay us by Paypal. We are going to go with the bad news, although if we sell enough the same is not so bad.

    The commission that the platform gets for each of your sales is 12% of the amount of the product! The shipping is done by the seller, so if you use the post office the shipping can be around 3 or 4 euros. On the other hand, the shipping costs can never be inflated and can be much higher than the price of the product.

  • Beautify

    Now we have to analyze your community to sell and buy makeup between individuals within Spain. Where to create your store profile is free. Like the previous platform you just have to add your ad with your used makeup.

    Customers pay the shipping costs that are predefined by the platform and you must select them. They work with the shipping company Correos. Each product added by the buyer will increase the shipping cost.

    When you have sent the order by mail you must add the tracking number to the platform.

    We are happy because this web has no sales commission.

  • Glambot

    This website only works for United States, although they open the possibility for other countries to be included in the sale by contacting.

    Glambot is not an advertising website but a company to which you send your makeup and they sell it for you.

    The brands of makeup that you can sell are limited to a list that you can find on the web. The makeup case must be in perfect or very good condition.

    The earnings per product are between 50 cents and two euros approximately. On their website you have a profit estimator.

    You must send at least 15 items of makeup, fill out the form and download the label that your package must have when UPS comes to pick up your products. Remember to pack them in a box, and with bubble wrap individually for each product.

  • Mercari

    Mercari works especially for Latin American countries like Colombia and Argentina, as well as for the United States and Japan. It is the most famous generalist PPP in these countries.

    You can sell used makeup in this PPP. Shipments are made through Fedex, UPS and the US Postal Service. Your shipping costs are $2.99. The sales commission is only 10% so it's a great option for selling used makeup.


    MUABS or Makeup addict is a website where you can sell used makeup in the United States. Each sale we make on this website will have a 10% commission which is equivalent to a rather low commission compared to Poshmark where the commission is 20%.

Where to donate used makeup

Another answer to the question "What do I do with used makeup?" is to donate used makeup. A wonderful option to help others. Since this make-up is used when it is collected by associations for people who need community support because they have lived through illness or have been victims of violence.

Requirements for Donate used makeup

We can donate used makeup varied as it can be:

- Masks, soap, shampoo, brushes, creams, glazes or sunscreen.

But you cannot donate those makeup or cosmetic products such as lipstick, shadows, powder and highlighters, mascara or eyeliner unless they are new and unopened.

In addition your products must be new or have little use and less than 6 months from purchase.

There are associations that currently collect second-hand cosmetics and makeup. You will recognize these associations by the following names:

- BeautyBus Foundation: it is a foundation in support of those who have degenerative diseases. They currently accept donations of makeup.

- Project Beauty Share: This initiative donates personal hygiene products and cosmetics to women in need and their families. Another great option to donate used makeup.

- Family to Family: from family to family, if you want to donate your cosmetics this association wants to donate to the most needy useful products to fight poverty.

- Madrid for Regugees: in Spain you can also donate used makeup to refugees.

I hope that these sites have been useful to know how to sell used makeup on the Internet. You can continue reading the rest of the articles to know more about how to make money on the Internet.

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