Collab With SHEIN [2+1 Ways to Do It and MAKE MONEY]

Learn how to make money with SHEIN! Starting today with all these interesting options I'm giving you so that you can collaborate with SHEIN both with little investment and with investment. Discover all the ways you can in this article!

Author of the article: Olalla Mellado Editor and manager of trending digital content.
shein collab

If you're reading this article you're probably a woman and you're looking for a way to collaborate with SHEIN because you like fashion, you like their clothes and you probably need extra money or you want to start a fashion brand. This feeling is known to me because I'm like you and that's why I write this blog in which I recommend you to investigate to find even more information of this kind.

Collab with SHEIN may seem a little strange at first, as it is an online fashion shop and collaboration is not possible with most shops. However, SHEIN is a very different concept from other digital fashion shops, as there are many benefits to this shop when it comes to shopping that make us interested in getting the most out of your fashion.

SHEIN's fashion appeals to women in general and we love it, its prices are cheap and very attractive. In this article I want to explain the four ways of working with SHEIN and you can choose the one that best suits your financial possibilities. This article will be short in length as each of the ways of working with SHEIN are developed in longer articles that I have written previously.

How to work with SHEIN

SHEIN is a shop of Chinese origin with very economical women's clothing and great discounts. You should know that when you collaborate with SHEIN it is you independently who are looking for sales. SHEIN in its own way except with its discounts and programmes does not ensure that we have sales in any way: we are the material and the social media/web marketing. Therefore more than 'working with SHEIN' should be said, 'working with SHEIN's clothes'.

We can collab with SHEIN in the following four ways which have a lot of potential:

  1. Become a SHEIN blogger

    An interesting option that SHEIN gives us to collaborate with them is to be a SHEIN blogger. This means that you can comment on their clothes and even get free clothes worth between $40 and $220. To do this your blog must have more than 1000 followers. You have to choose the looks you want to comment on their website and take pictures with them between 7 and 15 days after receiving the clothes to put them on your blog or social networks with a link to the clothes on the SHEIN website. When you have published you should send an email to SHEIN saying that you have published your photos and comments on the clothes on the SHEIN website.

    To join you must send an email requesting it to [email protected].

  2. SHEIN Affiliates

    The SHEIN affiliate program is a way to earn money with SHEIN that we don't need to invest in. All we have to do is join their program and by sharing the links of each garment we get 10-20% of the value of each garment.

    This way of earning money with SHEIN will come in handy if we have a blog and share articles on fashion, or also with Instagram doing SHEIN looks.

    Joining the SHEIN Affiliate Program is easy.Learn more about SHEIN's affiliate programme.

  3. Selling SHEIN clothes

    Selling SHEIN clothes is the most money-saving way of collaborating with SHEIN. The idea is that we buy clothes from SHEIN and put a surcharge on them and sell them through social networks, both on our website, such as Instagram, and as marketplaces for selling products.

    It's a more complicated way but if you succeed you can always go from this option to creating your own fashion brand. It's a way of training yourself to sell fashion little by little.

    You can always learn more about how to sell the clothes from this shop in the article I wrote. Learn more about selling SHEIN clothes.

  4. Transforming clothes

    Last but not least I would like to tell you about an option that nobody talks about for 'SHEIN'. This option involves you buying garments and any SHEIN accessories and customising them in some way, either by painting or sewing them to give them your own stamp, which makes the garment you've bought different from the one you've got.

    The most interesting thing about this option is that you treat SHEIN as a shop to buy your raw material, for example a T-shirt, and transform it to create something new. What encourages us to buy SHEIN clothes is their lower price and higher quality than on other platforms.

    As the new garment will be totally different from the original one we can un-stitch the label and sew our own brand labels which we can order from Aliexpress and start selling at a higher price to make a profit.

    You will get your own Handmade brand!

You should always choose your preferred option for working with SHEIN depending on your resources and your career goals in the fashion industry, which can range from making money to creating your own clothing brand.

Did you find this article interesting? If so, you should know that there are many ways to earn money in fashion that you can access and read in this blog.