SHEIN Customs, how do they work and how to avoid paying them? [What you need to know]

SHEIN order held up in customs! A very annoying problem that can be avoided or minimised is the fact that your order gets stuck in your country's customs service. Learn how to avoid it with the information you will find in this article.

Author of the article: Olalla Mellado Editor and manager of trending digital content.
shein customs

When ordering from SHEIN, being an online shop of Chinese origin and most likely you as a customer are from outside of China, your order must pass through customs.

If your SHEIN order is stopped at customs you have the problem of having to pay extra for your order, so ordering from SHEIN will no longer be as cheap as we thought it would be in the first place.

In this article I wanted to compile information so that you know how SHEIN customs work and how to avoid paying them, as well as all the useful information to finally solve this problem.

What are customs?

Customs is a service provided at international terminals at borders between countries whose purpose is to control foreign trade entering their country, collecting taxes, also called tariffs, on goods whose price exceeds the established limit or which do not comply with their regulations such as not having a content that matches your invoice.

When will I have to pay customs SHEIN on an order?

You may have to pay SHEIN customs on your order in two circumstances:

  1. If the content does not match the invoice: if your order is stopped by chance at customs and its content does not match your delivery note, you may be penalised with an extra payment to be paid by the customer. For example, if the weight does not match the weight stated on your label. It may be that SHEIN has had an oversight and it does not match and in this case it is the customer's responsibility to pay this price as well.

  2. If your order price exceeds the limit: depending on the country you are in, the minimum order price figure for which you will have to pay customs will be different.

    This is a problem as SHEIN's minimum order for free shipping is 29 euros.

    You should find out what is the value for which you will have to pay customs in your country. You can easily find this limit by searching the Internet. Free shipping is 29 euros.

If you have to pay customs, you will receive a message on your mobile phone that tells you that if you wish to receive your order you will have to pay customs.

How to avoid customs on your SHEIN order

SHEIN does not have control of customs in individual countries and is subject to the conditions of each country.

If you still don't know how to get free shipping at SHEIN read here to know.

You can track your order in your SHEIN order tracking and it will mark you when a customs inspector is checking your order, although this does not always mean that you will be made to pay customs duty.

However, if you place an order with SHEIN and want to avoid paying customs you can find a number of solutions:

  1. Pay this tax: if you do not want to waste time you can choose to pay the customs tax. This tax is a percentage of the order price that varies depending on the price of the product and the country from which we buy.

    Make your SHEIN purchases cheaper by earning points here.

  2. Making small purchases: making small purchases of a lower price than the customs limit whereby if this limit is less than 29 euros we will have to pay shipping costs at SHEIN.

  3. Make SHEIN pay us the customs duty: SHEIN can pay us from 50 to 100 percent of the duty that the customs services are charging us. By keeping the proof of the customs payment you have been asked to make for the order, you can contact SHEIN support and send them this photograph requesting a refund of the customs charge.

    You can contact SHEIN from your profile under "Support". This customs money can be refunded to your bank account or to your SHEIN wallet, with your SHEIN wallet being the fastest refund option.

It is true that sometimes SHEIN will split your orders into several bags so that the orders are not checked by customs.

You can still choose the option that best suits you in order to solve the SHEIN customs problem and buy clothes economically.