Vinted Paypal: can you use Paypal on Vinted to buy or sell?

If you are interested in knowing what is going on with Paypal nowadays, and why the use of this payment method on Vinted is causing such a stir, then you should read this article where I explain whether or not you can use Paypal to buy or sell on Vinted.

Author of the article: Olalla Mellado Editor and manager of trending digital content.
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Paypal is one of the most secure payment systems currently available on the Internet. But in addition to this fact of its security, which more than one electronic payment tool has, we realise that it is a lure for customers, attracting them with its reliability and security, and its fame and recognition. Although other payment tools do not have such a reputation, Paypal has earned it for being a pioneer and for its ease of handling payments.

But in the last month, Vinted has made many changes when it comes to integrating Vinted into its platform, changes that will significantly affect how users view the platform, how they interact with it, and the trust placed in the popular second-hand APP.

Can I use Paypal to sell on Vinted?

While it may seem strange, Vinted has not been able to sell with Paypal for a long time. In other words, Vinted does not allow you to transfer your earnings from the platform to your Vinted account and keep them there without transferring them to your bank account. Actually Vinted has never let you use Paypal to sell, although it is a very recurrent doubt among sellers.

And this is not because Vinted is bad, or wants to take tools away from sellers. But for a specific and important reason. And that is that, in the countries of the European Union, or most of them, there are strong legislations on entrepreneurship. And you will say, "yes, I'm not entrepreneurship, I'm just selling second hand". But this activity boils down to selling, and therefore, in most countries it is understood as an economic activity. So by diverting the money to Paypal and not to the bank accounts, as this option is left to the seller's choice. It would divert a lot of money from Vinted that countries would not be able to fiscally control.

And for this reason, Vinted does not want to stand in the middle, between countries and legislation. Because the long-term survival of the platform also depends on complying with legislation.

Can I use Paypal to buy on Vinted?

Paypal has been a very useful tool for all the users who wanted to buy on Vinted. Actually, the fact that Paypal exists on the Vinted platform has made users pay almost without thinking about it.

But in 2023 Vinted decided to no longer have Paypal as a payment option. And now users are really questioning whether the platform is safe to pay with. The fact that Vinted has removed Paypal is most likely due to the fees that Paypal charges the company on every transaction, reducing the company's profit margins.

If you are a Vinted buyer and you used to use Paypal to buy, and now you don't know what to use because you would like to have another secure payment method, then I recommend you to open a prepaid shopping card in your bank. It is a card that you can use to shop in all online shops. It does not exist physically, and will only have money available to you each time you reload it. This will help you to make sure that if your details are lost, your card will never have a balance, and therefore you will have security.