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How to Earn a Monthly Salary with Vinted in Spain Is it Profitable? [2022]

Do you want to know how to earn a monthly salary with Vinted? Making fashion your livelihood is possible and in this article I will tell you the reality of selling on Vinted.

Author of the article: Olalla Mellado Editor and manager of trending digital content.

As always, from time to time I come up with a theme about Vinted to share with you that worries me because it crosses my mind. The best way to get around the topic is to write it down. That is why today I am going to tell you how to earn a monthly salary with Vinted.

First of all, you should know that to earn a salary at Vinted per month with all the taxes that it entails in Spain and in any country of the European Union, it will not be achieved by selling the clothes in our closet, but other strategies are needed. more "exciting", to call them somehow.

I know that you want to advance Vinted, basically because it is an option to earn money given the current situation and earn it by selling clothes that most women like. What I mean is that if you want to advance then you have the potential to carry out any strategy that I tell you in this article to earn a monthly salary with Vinted.

If you're lazy, I can tell you that you can do this little by little, and if you're not lazy then go all out and work 24 hours a day.

As you can already guess, what I am going to explain to you does not mean earning money by snapping your fingers, but it is not that you have to do a master's degree either. It is about testing based on a strategy to earn a monthly salary.

The first thing you have to know to earn a monthly salary at Vinted is: hold on to Vinted as much as you can until you have made a name for yourself as things are very delicate and they tend to block many accounts and end up without it.

I have never had my Vinted account blocked, however, there are many people whose accounts have been removed, so you must use Vinted as a lever towards the future, because there are many people who sell clothes that do not they use Vinted and earn a salary. Please read the previous sentence carefully.

I repeat it: you can make a living selling clothes outside of Vinted. But since Vinted is in fashion, everyone is buying there and it's time to take the plunge. Much better now than later. I encourage you to do it now that in the future there will be more competition.

You have to carve out a future to be able to be independent and new platforms like Vinted are unicorns that give us the potential to make ourselves visible without hardly investing.

Can you really earn a salary on Vinted?

Let's go with the question that is going through your mind. Earning a salary at Vinted or, in general, earning a monthly salary in a country of the European Union symbolizes that you earn 1,500 euros per month and another 1,500 euros (Self-employed + income tax + other promotion fees, etc.) to pay taxes as a self-employed person.

This is that you must earn 3000 euros a month to be able to survive on your own living alone. If you live accompanied we can reduce this figure to 2000, 1000 your salary and 1000 euros for taxes.

The question is that if there are freelancers and companies that support themselves, why can't you do it? YES you can earn a salary selling on Vinted.

But... there's always a but! If you have an employee's job, you can start and when you channel more continuous sales, leave it to be 100% selling clothes because if you don't, you won't pay enough attention to it and you won't be able to grow the business because you don't have as much time.

Because in the end earning a monthly salary on Vinted will take you quite a few hours, as a businesswoman around 10 hours a day, but at least you don't have a boss and you can go for a walk in the park or sleep at any time of the day!

In short, the answer is YES you can earn a salary on Vinted speaking generally. The reality is that you will first start on Vinted and you will open up to other platforms to end up getting those 3,000 euros per month.

Strategies to Earn a Monthly Salary at Vinted

Strategy is important and although this word sounds like weird marketing, I just want to say that you are clear about what you are going to do to earn the salary and follow the plan.

Discard the strategy of selling clothes from your closet and earn a salary, because even if you sell them all, you won't have any more to sell, you have to do other things.

Some strategies or plans to follow to sell on Vinted and earn a salary at the end of the month are:

Always remember to sell clothes or shoes, because Vinted has its greatest value proposition in clothing, other items are more complex that can be used to earn a salary since they are less sought after.

  • Buy to resell: in this strategy there are two options, the first is to buy first hand at a discount and sell something that Vinted does not like, and the second option is to buy used clothes and sell, it can be clothing on pallets and select the best to put it on sale. Do not indicate that it has been purchased (keep reading the steps to sell as this is a sensitive topic).

  • Buy used clothing and customize it: this is my preferred strategy. By buying used clothes (in Vinted or any other store) and customizing them you are giving them more value than they had. But you should never put anything handmade, or made by hand, you can do that to promote yourself outside of Vinted.

Steps to Earn a Monthly Salary at Vinted

There are certain steps to Earn a Monthly Salary at Vinted that in my opinion are the most realistic:

  1. First you must choose your strategy from the previous two that I have given you.

  2. Choose which product or products you will sell. I suggest a maximum of 2 types of products.

  3. Choose a name and register it on all social networks, even if you only use one social network to promote yourself. (Make sure it is free on Intagram, Facebook, Tiktok, web domain and TMVIEW web brand registration)

  4. Get two or three units of the product you want to sell and put them up for sale on Vinted (obviously put nothing that is new or customized to avoid losing your account).

  5. Start promoting yourself on social networks.

  6. Get 30 to 40 sales per month. You will have achieved 600 euros per month. You can help yourself by promoting your items on Vinted.

  7. Once you reach 600 euros, I do not recommend that you increase your earnings because Vinted is not for starting a business (at least for now in Spain, if you are from France you would have to be a business first, in which case you would already have money and you don't need this tutorial).

  8. Start uploading other products to other means of sale, the one you choose, is where your store will be: Shopify, Ebay, Etsy, etc.

  9. If you get to this point it's a success. This is when you should start increasing your sales by posting more on social media.

In the end, it is a path that you must travel until you become independent. You will achieve this thanks to people identifying you and saying, look at larosacreaciones, it's the one with those personalized t-shirts that I liked! (as an example).

It's making room for yourself in people's minds. Yes, it is true that you need to somehow show yourself and be more extroverted and show yourself, but this really happens in 90% of companies. If you don't like showing off, you can always appear on networks to a lesser extent by collaborating with friends or relatives who are willing to show off the clothes, and even use mannequins if the clothes are very showy.

I hope this article has given you an overview of earning a salary on Vinted. I will be sharing more interesting information on the blog, so don't miss it.