Vinted How to easily send your packages? Step by Step - [GUIDE 2023]

Get the money sending easy on Vinted! Learn how to send in Vinted and how to manage your packages so that you do not have problems when you make the shipment.

Author of the article: Olalla Mellado Editor and manager of trending digital content.
vinted how to ship

Shipments on Vinted bring us many headaches due to the possible returns that may arise. First of all you have to properly package the product so that it does not arrive broken and then the customer will have an incident and you will run out of money.

It is also true that it depends on what country you are in because the available shipping companies vary. If you are selling in Spain, it is not the same as if you are selling in France or the United Kingdom, a country in which you cannot sell outside of it.

How to send in Vinted

Before starting to understand shipments in Vinted, you should know that shipping costs are always borne by the buyer , that is, they are the ones who have to pay this cost.

Configure shipments for each product

The shipping price that will appear to the customer can be configured in the characteristics of the shipments of your ad for each product, since it lets you choose depending on the size of your product you can put a different shipping cost.

You must choose the shipping price that corresponds to the size of your product, therefore you must weigh your garment and add a few more grams of approximate packaging before choosing a shipping price.

There are also some techniques to reduce shipping costs and make orders more economical, such as which you will find here.

In the case of Correos or Mondial Relay ... It is true that many times the smallest shipping cost is used with larger objects of the size that shipping cost corresponds to, although it is true, and what is approved in Mondial Relay and in Correos shipments in which a label with a lower weight than that of the real product is delivered are not observing problems or opposition to it (for now).

Steps to submit in Vinted

The shipping method in vinted is super simple, you just have to follow the following steps:

  1. Print the label or ask the buyer for the shipping details

    When a customer has bought a product from us with the shipping company Mondial Relay, Correos (Address /Office), Chronopost, Colissimo, Relais Colis, Hommer, DPD, DHL, SEUR or UPS A message will arrive to a conversation that is opened with that client, we only have to access that message by clicking on "Download label", which will reach our email in PDF format, then 7 days will begin to be counted for us to place the order or will be canceled.

    Print that PDF that has come to your email at home or on a printed page and cut out the upper part to stick it on top of the package. The bottom strip should be put inside the package in case it breaks. If the order is sent with Correos, take the PDF on your mobile and there they will read the barcode, print a label to stick it on top of the package.

    If your order has been made by the customer using La Poste, PostNL, BPost, or Paq24 as a shipping company you will not have a prepaid shipping label the shipping is complicated and it's more manual. In this case, the buyer must give the name and shipping address to the buyer and the seller has to pay in advance for the shipment at the shipping office of the company chosen by the buyer, and subsequently the Seller will be reimbursed for shipping payment when purchase is complete.

  2. Pack your product carefully so that it is well insulated and protected

    It is important that you pack your product correctly because otherwise if you do not do it well and that your product is fragile and breaks or the packaging breaks and the garment comes off and is lost, Vinted will put the blame on the seller and This will lose the money (which will return to the customer), the product and their time.

    You can learn how to pack step by step to send in vinted without breaking the package in this post of my blog.

    Vinted assumes that the seller knows that packages can be accidentally hit at shipping companies. Protect your packages as if you accept that they are going to break to guarantee your survival and not have problems in shipping with Vinted.

  3. Paste the tag in the package

    Later, if you are using Mondial Relay or any other company with a prepaid label, you must print the label that you will download in the chat with the client and stick it with transparent tape on top of the package.

    If you are using La Poste, PostNL, BPost, or Paq24 as a shipping company, you will not have a prepaid label and you must go to deliver your package with the customer's data written on a piece of paper or on your mobile to give them in the office.

  4. Deliver your package for shipping

    Then take the package to the shipping company within seven days:

    Take it to the collection point or office you want, with which you will receive a receipt in your email that the package has been sent and you just have to wait for it to reach its destination.

    If you do not have a prepaid label, you have to send your package by taking it to the shipping office indicated by the customer and pay for the shipping. In this way, the shipping company will stick the label on top of the package with the address information and shipping name that the buyer has delivered.

    You should be careful when shipping on Vinted and be aware that there are scams on this second-hand platform Find out about the most common Vinted scams here and stay safe.

  5. Wait for the order to arrive

    When the package has arrived, the customer will have 15 days to pick it up. I recommend that if 5 days pass, you send a message to the customer to remind him that he only has 10 days left to pick it up before the package returns to your home. If the package returns to your house, the client will not have her product and you will not have any reward money, just the product back.

    When the customer has collected the order, they will have 3 days to confirm that it is in good condition or open an incident to claim their money in the event that the product does not meet the characteristics mentioned by the seller in the description of the advertisement.

I hope this article has been useful to you and I will continue to write many more articles where more is explained about Vinted so see you in the next article.