Vinted Returns How to make an EASY RETURN?

Easily learn how to make a return on Vinted. Whether you are a buyer or a seller, you will understand how Vinted returns are made and in which cases they can and cannot be made.

Author of the article: Olalla Mellado Editor and manager of trending digital content.
vinted returns

Arguably the most difficult thing about the online world and digital sales is handling returns. This is a somewhat odious task for both buyers and sellers. If you are a buyer who wants to make a return it is because the product does not meet the conditions of the product description and for the seller it is an added chore that is tedious, plus the seller is losing money on the packaging of the product..

Making returns on Vinted is very simple if we know exactly how to do it. The Vinted website describes how to do it, but in my opinion this information is a bit messy and I want to put the ideas in your mind in a clear way, let's go with it!

How to make returns on Vinted

When making a return at Vinted we must achieve the following:

Cuando hacemos una devolución en Vinted debemos conseguir lo siguiente:

- The customer keeps his money (but loses the shipping costs).
- The seller keeps his product and pays the return shipping costs.

When can I make a return at Vinted?

I am going to explain in which cases you can and cannot make a return at Vinted, which are different from the cases in which you can make a return in a normal shop. In a normal shop you have a minimum return period of 14 days or more in which you can return your product, unless there are hygiene problems such as earrings or underwear.

In the case of Vinted you can only make a return when the product does not match the description that was made in the product sheet but not only if you do not like the product or the size does not fit you, if this size was described in the product sheet. If the product does not fit you, you can always resell it.

For sellers it is always recommended to give a detailed description of the garment, with exact colours, measurements, markings, even if it is one size but actually fits another size. This is very important, as we can then argue why we do not allow the return as sellers.

It is true that the customer may or may not return the product if he wants to. Equally he can get his money back without returning the product.

Ways to make returns on Vinted

If you have made a purchase on vinted and the item has arrived in poor condition, this means that the item may be broken or stained or does not at all resemble the description that the seller had described, you can make a return.

If the product is a counterfeit you do not have to return it to the seller as Vinted is not allowed to sell imitation products. Basically a return is like asking for a refund because the product does not match the description, but being a good customer and agreeing to return the product to the seller.

If you are the customer, in order to return the product to the seller, you must carry out these actions within 48 hours after you have collected the product:

- click on "I have a problem" in the seller's conversation.
- send you images of the product details that are not right.
- tell him that you want to return the product to him.
- and talk to him to choose one of these two ways to return the product:

  1. Product return product buy-back: the customer puts the product on sale in his wardrobe and the seller buys it back.

  2. Return shipment by the customer to the seller: in this case you will have to go to the Mondial Relay website and make the shipment requesting the shipping label, in which case you, the customer, will pay the shipping costs.

    You must then take your package with the label attached to it (the one you have downloaded from the Mondial Relay website where you have paid the shipping costs, adding the seller's address) to a Pack Point and take the product to any Pack Point to be sent to the customer. When you have made the shipment you must notify the seller by sending a photo of the shipping label, the packed product and the tracking number to the chat. You have 5 days to return the product.

If the seller does not want to return the goods, please contact Vinted and explain your case to Vinted and if they say YES you can return the product, go through the procedure via the Mondial Relay website to send the product back and send them the pictures of the packed product, the tracking number and the picture of the shipping label. If everything is correct Vinted will refund the customer.

It is a bit complicated to make a return on Vinted. We can say that in conclusion it is easier to keep the product and ask for a refund, or to put it on sale for the seller to buy it. But above all we must be very sure before making a purchase, and that is why it is so important to look at the photographs before making a purchase or ask the necessary questions about those features that the seller has omitted in the description.

Many sellers claim not to do returns, but this is due to Vinted's policies, if the product does not match the description it will not be feasible, i.e. returns are allowed on Vinted even if the seller does not want returns.

I hope this article has been useful for you and that you can easily manage and enjoy safe shopping on this successful app for selling second-hand items and clothes as Vinted. I recommend you to continue reading all the articles about second hand sales that you will find in this blog to get the most out of your sales and earn more money.