🥉 What is AWS, Advantages and What is it for in your Business [Amazon Web Services]

What is AWS, Advantages and What is it for in your Business [Amazon Web Services]

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Discover the great service of Amazon and the power with which it revolutionizes the landscape of traditional Internet hosting servers. Learn about its advantages and how to get the most out of it.

If there is one thing that the giant Amazon marketplace, known internationally for its sales of reliable products at good prices, has been able to do well, it is to diversify its business to capture a greater variety of services that provide more benefits for your company.

Amazon Web Services is a cloud support for many companies that are already using their system some of them are Dropbox, Netflix, Pinterest, or Hootsuite. AWS is on the rise and is currently competing with Microsoft Azure or Google Cloud.

Learn more about what is AWS how Amazon Web Services is impacting on today's technology, how it can help you in your company or business from the advantages of AWS and what are its main risks.

What is AWS (Amazon Web Services)?

Amazon Web Services, called AWS, is the Amazon platform that provides users with 50 services and tools for hosting digital infrastructure that are hosted in the cloud. These services provided by Amazon were published in 2007 and are currently available in 18 geographical areas such as the United States, Asia, Canada, China, Europe and South America.

Its services are adapted to both small and large companies and are extensive and varied.

What is AWS lambda?

Within Amazon Web Services is AWS Lambda born in 2014 which is the tool with the greatest potential and most interesting of AWS since thanks to it you can regulate the use made of other services AWS adapting our consumption and payment of services depending on the demand for their use by our customers, users or system. It is the tool that will allow us to save more.

Advantages of AWS

The advantages and benefits of AWS are remarkable. Specifically in the case that you are a medium to large company:

- AWS has the main advantage of being a safe and risk-free system because it needs certifications to be managed.
- It is profitable as it adapts to the demands of the services used at each moment avoiding having to invest in numerous expensive systems.
- It is a scalable service that allows us to extend or reduce the use of services at any time adapting to the way our project evolves.

Disadvantages of AWS

Before starting to use AWS you should know its disadvantages:

- It is not recommended for people without technical knowledge.
- If you want to make a simple web this service will be much more expensive than a traditional server.
- Despite its low expenditure with respect to other services, it requires investment.
- Wide learning curve to understand the system.

Where to take AWS training?

Due to the difficulty of the Amazon Web Services system I am sure which test of interest to take in a training course on AWS.

You can find official courses and certifications from AWS however if you are looking for a FREE COURSE from AWS you can find information in Youtube that will help you to solve some doubts being most of this content in English language.

You can also find free training through the Amazon Web services with explanatory courses on the platform tools. Other courses that you can have are in the platform of Coursera or edX. You can get officially certified by including yourself in the platform AWS Academy.

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