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Where can I find a SHEIN physical store to shop? (2022)

In SHEIN you can buy physically and if you want to know which sites will offer you the possibility of buying clothes in person and being able to try on the clothes, in this article I will tell you how to find physical SHEIN stores.

Author of the article: Olalla Mellado Editor and manager of trending digital content.

When it comes to shopping at fashion stores like SHEIN, we always like to do it in person. Surely you already know the SHEIN online store, but is there a SHEIN physical store?

Type of SHEIN physical stores

There are two types of physical stores that SHEIN can make available for users to shop:

  • Physical stores: There are physical stores that SHEIN can open and sell its products. To date we cannot find any such store in the world.

  • Allied stores: there are some stores that make deals with SHEIN to sell some type of their clothing, such as collections or returns, for example.

  • Ephemeral stores: Ephemeral stores are temporary stores called Pop Up Stores that SHEIN officially opens for a limited time of days to promote a collection or hold special events.

Why buy from a SHEIN physical store

The fact that online stores make it difficult for us to buy fashion without making mistakes in sizes or colors, physical stores help us to see the product and know how it will fit us.

Despite the fact that SHEIN gives us all the measurements of each size of each product on its website, it is always easy to make a mistake and end up buying something that we will not be able to use later, since many of its discounted products do not have the possibility of being returned.

Having the opportunity to visit and shop at a physical SHEIN store is an advantage for successful shopping.

Where are there SHEIN physical stores

In general, there are no SHEIN physical stores, but there are exceptions, such as Pop Up stores, or temporary stores that SHEIN opens frequently in the United States, and could be understood as the only SHEIN physical stores except for the one that currently exists in Spain.

However, in Latin American countries such as Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, Peru or Colombia there are no physical SHEIN stores, but this is not something exclusive to Latin America, since in the countries of the European Union, such as Spain, France, Italy, or Sweden, there are also no stores. Just like the UK.

The only exception to a physical store that exists in the world is the Shana store located in Barcelona (Spain), a brand that decided to make a deal with SHEIN to keep people's returns and sell them in their store, but not It is a SHEIN store that they have opened, if not a place where we can browse some garments, see their quality physically as well as try them on and buy them at the same price as in the online store.

Why aren't there SHEIN physical stores?

SHEIN is the world's most successful online fashion retailer. In the beginning, they opted for online sales internationally, reaching all parts of the world with their products.

Not having physical stores has helped them to lower the cost of garments to have greater profit. and that is why opening physical stores is not in SHEIN's plans.

Where to find SHEIN physical stores?

Normally to know the locations of the new SHEIN stores we will have to go to the SHEIN website just to know the new Pop Up Stores. On the other hand, non-ephemeral stores can be found in digital news that are published daily.

However, since it is not SHEIN's main strategy, the fact of physically selling is not information that changes much.

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