Where to sell my hair? How much do you pay to sell hair?

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It is possible to sell your hair. If you want to earn some extra money thanks to the great hair you have here you will find the requirements and sites both physical and online where you can exchange your hair for money.

A quick way to make money that little is known is to sell your own hair. You only need a pair of scissors to cut your hair and be able to sell it among the options of buyers that you will see in this article.

Where can I sell my hair?

Hair is an asset that not all of us really have, which is why hair is bought for the purpose of making wigs, extensions or fabrics. Hair has been bought and sold for many years so it is not a trend.

Natural hair is preferred to artificial hair as it has an original finish and is easier to comb, as well as lasting longer.

Before knowing where to sell your hair you should know the requirements and some tips that will help you sell your hair successfully.

But... How much do they pay to sell hair?

Each person's head has between 100 and 150 grams of hair. For 100 grams of hair you will be paid between 15 and 70 euros (or 100 to 150 pesos). With a minimum length requirement of 40 centimetres. It will also depend on the circumstances in which your hair is, its colour and quality.

Requirements for selling hair

But before you know where you can sell your hair you need to know if you meet the requirements that stand in the way of selling your hair:

- Your hair must not have been treated with dyes.
- Your hair should be free of treatments such as perms or other techniques.
- The hair to be sold must only be the hair on the head, beard hair is not allowed.
- Both women and men can sell their hair.
- You must keep it in good condition.
- You can sell your hair even if it is straight, curly or wavy.

Tips for selling hair

Before you dive into the pool you should prepare to sell your hair, because not everything goes. These tips will help you a lot:

- Convince yourself to sell your filmo: you should know that seeing yourself with short or very short hair can be traumatic. You must first convince yourself of the idea of having short hair and that there will be no going back until after several months of growing out.

- You propose to take care of it: if your hair is not cared for, out of chemicals and of uniform length Then care for it with sulphate-free shampoos and keep it free of layers, totally one length long.

- Find a buyer before you cut it: A prerequisite if you don't want to be left with your hair in your hand and no money is that you know who is going to buy it for you and its conditions. There are buyers who will only want to buy it freshly cut.

- Cut your hair evenly: you need to know how to cut your hair so that it is really well cut. You can cut it yourself and go to a hairdresser.
- Flee from colour: avoid heat when drying your hair so as not to damage it. Dry it with the hairdryer in its airless option.

- Tie your hair up correctly after cutting it: Tying and packing it correctly is an essential step for the shipment to arrive in good condition.

- Use sunscreens: the sun will damage your hair, especially in summer, so make sure you take care of it by protecting it with specific sun sprays.

Places to sell hair

It is complex to find places to sell your hair. Take note of these sites where you can sell your hair successfully:

  1. Milanuncios (España): For Spanish people in Milanuncios there are also people who are publishing "I buy hair" type adverts. You can look for a buyer in the whole territory without much difficulty or publish yourself an ad for the sale of your hair.

  2. Justino Delgado (España): is a warehouse in Spain that creates hair extensions from hair in good condition. At the time of writing this article they have suspended the purchase of hair, but you should keep an eye on their website to find out when they will reopen their demand.

  3. Ebay (Internacional): on Ebay you can put your hair ponytail for sale at a specified price from any geographical location. It is a marketplace where everyone can sell online. Just take a picture of your ponytail and publish a new ad with the description of your length and colour.

  4. Sell your hair (Buenos Aires): if you are in Buenos Aires you could sell your hair on this website. These are manufacturers of wigs that buy long hair of at least 45 centimetres that is not dry or grey. Depending on their quality and quantity they will pay you.

  5. Olx (Colombia): Olx will serve you if you want to sell your hair in Bogotá, Colombia. Some people publish an ad with the hair they sell on this website dedicated to the sale of all kinds of products. They will be contacted by those interested in buying it.

  6. Hairs and Pints (Chile): in Chile you can sell your hair at Pelos y Pintas a hair extension salon. You only have to contact them to know how much they will pay you for it.

  7. Buy hair (Argentina): the web Compro Pelo of Adrián Arias also indicates that in Capital Federal of Argentina. Your hair will be paid in cash. They will cost you the hair that must have at least 40 centimeters and have good quality.

  8. Buy hair (Argentina): the web Compro Pelo of Adrián Arias also indicates that in Capital Federal of Argentina. Your hair will be paid in cash. They will cost you the hair that must have at least 40 centimeters and have good quality.

  9. Online Hair Affair: this is the first online site to sell hair. It was launched in 2008. Simply post your ad to sell your hair if someone is interested in it on this website.

  10. HairSellon: This is a website very similar to the previous one. You can also put your hair online for sale simply by creating an advertisement.

  11. Where can i sell my hair near me?: if you are wondering where you can sell your hair near you, you should know that as a rule hair is sold to companies that aim to create extensions or wigs for sale. These can usually be found on the Internet and are not very numerous.