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Zalando Pre Owned: How to sell Second Hand clothes? [2021]

Get to sell your used clothes in Zalando Pre Owned, a platform where you can sell all those clothes that you no longer use at once.

Author of the article: Olalla Mellado Editor and manager of trending digital content.

Although the topic Zalando Pre Owned is relatively new and not very developed, I wanted to write so that you can quickly know how to sell your used clothes in Zalando, which previously allowed the sale of clothes to independent brands .

Zalando is a totally reliable marketplace. A website that has been serving many people for many years to make their fashion purchases. In 2019 it already launched the system by which in its mobile application you could sell your used clothes successfully!

zalando second hand

How does Zalando Pre Owned work?

First of all, explain that in Zalando Pre Owned they call "Exchange boxes of clothes" the way we send boxes of our used clothes to Zalando and they return us in exchange balance in our Zalando account to buy other clothes , there is no other way, that is, there is currently no way to exchange clothes for money directly. The only alternative option is to donate the garments to be donated to the Red Cross or WeForest by marking it in the app.

Each box to be exchanged will have a maximum of 20 women's or men's or children's garments. Garments must be free of wear, stains, or holes. They also do not accept basics or underwear, unlabeled items or accessories, or children's clothing. What you can sell is Zalando clothes.

How to sell on Zalando Second hand?

We are going to see what steps are necessary to carry out and fulfill to be able to sell our second-hand clothes in Zalando Pre Owned :

  1. Sign up for Zalando

    As a normal user, you simply access your web or download its application on your mobile and register.

    zalando second hand
  2. Start your exchange box

    By clicking on the section "Items to exchange" in your profile you will see a button "Create your exchange box" in which you must click to start adding your items.

    zalando pre owned second hand
  3. Add up to 20 articles

    Upload photos of both women's and men's clothing used. This clothing must meet all the requirements of Zalando Pre Owned .

    zalando pre owned second hand
  4. You receive an email with the accepted garments

    In your email you will get an email with those garments that Zalando does want based on their acceptance requirements. The email will take between one or two days.

  5. Pack and paste the tag

    Download the label they provide and paste it on your package that you must then take to a Celeritas Point, the one you want.

  6. Receive your balance

    In a maximum of 14 days they will have reviewed your clothes and they will have entered your account in your Zalando account.

I hope this article has helped you. You will find more ways to sell used clothing that are sure to interest you. See you in the next article!